NEVER TAP OUT by alexandria820
NEVER TAP OUTby Alexandria Langley
When Emerson Kendall decides she wants to trade in her ballet shoes for the fighting ring, she finds herself happier then she's ever been.
  • dance
  • ballet
  • wattys2017
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Entwined Demon by krysta_dx02
Entwined Demonby Krysta Marie
Lucille Bevis, Paige's older sister, she is coming to WWE after being in Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, NXT, CZW, MMA, and UFC. She has raven black hair with brigh...
  • ambrose
  • bevis
  • ufc
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Ronda Rousey's Sister by tomboyish75
Ronda Rousey's Sisterby tomboyish75
what happens when Ronda rouseys sister returns to the WWE? read to find out
  • wwe
  • romanreigns
  • sethrollins
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Back to You » Braun Strowman & Khloe Kardashian by ThelovelyAngels
Back to You » Braun Strowman & Khl...by YSL
×BOOK 4× Khloe Kardashian × Braun Strowman
  • fanfiction
  • basketball
  • kanyewest
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The Fighter by EmjVfrost
The Fighterby Emj Vfrost
Not everything was winning, not everything was going to that fight club and let them know I was the best... the biggest fight was outside those walls... ...after that d...
  • fighter
  • fighting
  • violence
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❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Supreme Trilogy} #Wattys2015 by -thornsamongroses
❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Supr...by Reaper Wilde?
Voted for: 🌟Best Original Character🌟 🌟Best Wrestlemania Moment🌟 🌟Highest Rank in Fanfiction: #247🌟 (I'M SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THOSE WHO VOTED! YOU GUYS WON!) *** &quo...
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Two Fighters by ColdBastilleMusic
Two Fightersby Taylor
She was something out of this world, well out of his world at least. He was a fighter, Bantamweight champion. She was a fighter, above the Navy Seals. Both fighters just...
  • love
  • conor
  • fighting
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The Beauty & The Beast by BIGRAVEN
The Beauty & The Beastby BIGRAVEN
Ethan Miller just got signed to the UFC after putting in 10 years of hard training but after he catches feelings for his best friends sister his life will change forever...
  • ufc
  • diazbrothers
  • kevinlee
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Elevation  by creepy_girl16
Elevation by Teal bby
Electricity. Storm. Water. We're The Elements Ashley White adopted daughter of Dana White. Her bestie Mia Garcia. She was formally in CZW but was requested by fellow fig...
  • tripleh
  • wwe
  • ajlee
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Sparta ~ Tommy Riordan by highlighterrobarge
Sparta ~ Tommy Riordanby Ireland
Tommy was my best friend when we lived in Pittsburgh, we had been friends our whole life. But at age 15 he and his mother were going to leave and move across the country...
  • ufc
  • paddyconlon
  • tessconlon
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Chasing the Butterfly |Conor McGregor| by -thornsamongroses
Chasing the Butterfly |Conor McGre...by Reaper Wilde?
"You're back" "I am, but not for you" --- Danella and a UFC Fighter named Conor McGregor were very close, why wouldn't they if Danella's sister, Dee...
  • nickdiaz
  • mma
  • urijahfaber
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Tequila Sunrise -N.H- by shicaraj_
Tequila Sunrise -N.H-by Shic
Rory is broken, she hides it well but shes seen the bottom of the hole she's put herself in. She's a medical graduate working in a high class martial arts gym as the chi...
  • onedirection
  • niallhoran
  • louistomlinson
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Victoria (Book 2) by TheColoredGirl17
Victoria (Book 2)by Elsa_Petite
How far would you go to meet your real parents? Would you become a runaway bride, become a world famous jewel thief, or seduce a powerful people to get one step closer t...
  • spy
  • bio-parents
  • ufc
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Rotten With Attitude [Blog] by RottenOmegamanX
Rotten With Attitude [Blog]by RǾTTЭИ
"Sometimes it's what you don't do that makes you who you are."
  • ufc
  • mma
  • wwe
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That Forbidden love (boyxboy) by FranciscaRomero7
That Forbidden love (boyxboy)by Xica
Guilherme Lafayette is your typical college dude. Getting laid with over three girls in one night, leaving all his studying for last minute. His only lasting girlfriend...
  • love
  • wattpride
  • brother
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The Bosses Daughter.. H.S by FetchMeMyPearls
The Bosses Daughter.. H.Sby FetchMeMyPearls
Meet Harry Styles, 23 and and a very famous boxer in the UFC. He's known worldwide for his charm, confidence and way with the ladies. Now, meet Cassandra Andrews, 19 and...
  • boxing
  • ufc
  • onedirection
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Body Party by RavishingMack
Body Partyby Queen🌈
I'm doing this little dance for you You got me so excited Now it's just me on you Your body's my party, let's get it started
  • wwe
  • ufc
  • usos
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Wonderboy//Stephen Thompson// by XXAlex1129XX
Wonderboy//Stephen Thompson//by XXAlex1129XX
After an unsuccessful attempt at getting the UFC Welterweight title for a second time, Stephen turns to his best friend for comfort. Slowly, Stephen start's to develop f...
  • mma
  • love
  • ufc
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Abomination [ Shane McMahon Fanfiction] -Temporarily Discontinued- by Ambrophobia
Abomination [ Shane McMahon Fanfic...by ✨❝Fearful❞✨
a·bom·i·na·tion /əˌbäməˈnāSH(ə)n/ a thing that causes disgust or hatred She was called an abomination. For she had brought the Wretched destructi...
  • smackdown
  • shane
  • shortstory
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UFC (BoyxBoy) (Interracial) by Willow_Kellander
UFC (BoyxBoy) (Interracial)by Kellander
Yuri is a UFC fighter headed to the top. An accomplishment as big as winning the UFC Featherweight championship could knock out his depression for good. Then again... th...
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
  • fighters
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