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Her Destiny by stormy777
Her Destinyby stormy777
Was she meant to stay in Konoha, or was she meant for even greater things. Sakura Haruno has grown up in the shadows of Naruto and Sasuke, and now, even with Sasuke a mi...
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Story by laurenlopes67
Uchiha Saori - Itachi Love Storyby laurenlopes67
Come and get to know Uchiha Saori! She's funny, happy person and gets extremely aggressive when people trash talk the people she cares about. She has no family left, her...
Kakashi's Daughter (Sasuke's Love Story) by animelover0981
Kakashi's Daughter (Sasuke's Love...by Gaara'sBae
Kakashi Hatake has a daughter named Aika Hatake. She has white hair and black coal eyes. She got her mothers hair and fathers eyes. Aika goes to the academy with her bes...
Your Love by ILoveBooksBruh
Your Loveby ILoveBooksBruh
I cants really explain this story. I can tell you that it comes right from my wild imagination. Indeed it is a love story, just thinking about it, as the author gives me...
The Pain of a Shattered Heart (Sasuke x Reader)  by Tessypoo30189
The Pain of a Shattered Heart (Sas...by Takasu 🐙
This is my first story and it is about you and your average Naruto lifestyle. Until... a special someone (*cough* Sasuke Uchiha *cough*) came into your life... I update...
Madara's Wife by LawlessFeline
Madara's Wifeby LawlessFeline
This is the explanation of the birth of Shizuka Uchiha.
Arranging the Stars by Anatsu-Hime
Arranging the Starsby Anatsu-Hime
Reina was born a secret from the world, for no one to know the truth of her origins, but her path already chosen for her. It all started with her mother, who had her ori...
shadows《uchiha madara》 by mafiaxqueen
shadows《uchiha madara》by Queenie 👑
"I love you." Love has no limits. But when the two families are at war, how far is love willing to go? "Then run away with me." "But family come...
Last of the Uchihas by NekoNowii
Last of the Uchihasby 🌸 허니 🌸
The Great Uchiha clan known for their Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan. Only descendants of the clan end up with this very special gift, of course with the exception of the...