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Back in Time (Naruto Fanfic) by Silverwolf735
Back in Time (Naruto Fanfic)by ~◇ Julia ◇~
Oh great. Now I gotta write a description? What a drag. Anyway, here goes. 《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》 Sarada Uchiha has always wondered what her parents, Sakura an...
  • naruhina
  • timetravel
  • narutotimetravelfanfic
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The Jinchuuriki Alliance by SarcasticKitsune
The Jinchuuriki Allianceby Hayoen
Minato and Kushina are alive, but they have forgotten their oldest, Naruto, in favor of Natsumi. Naruto decides to help those who are suffering the same fate as he, and...
  • funaru
  • minato
  • neglect
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Mikoto Uchiha (New Generation) //BOOK 3\\ by _NarukoUchiha
Mikoto Uchiha (New Generation) //B...by 🌼Naruko Uchiha🌼
Hi guys!!! This is a continuing of my other two books but when they all had kids☺️ Highest Ranks: #1 in Hokage #1 in New Generation #2 in Boruto #7 in Naruko
  • naruto
  • lies
  • hokage
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Naruko Uzumaki  //BOOK 1\\ ~COMPLETE~ by _NarukoUchiha
Naruko Uzumaki //BOOK 1\\ ~COMPLE...by 🌼Naruko Uchiha🌼
Just read the story....what are you waiting for?😯 ✨Highest ranks✨ #1 in Naruko Uzumaki #4 in sasufemnaru #6 in yamato #16 in Sasuke Uchiha
  • konohagakure
  • sasuke
  • sasukelovestory
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Journey of Redemption by SarcasticKitsune
Journey of Redemptionby Hayoen
He didn't deserve their friendship, and he knew it. He vowed to repay their kindness by protecting them. But he couldn't save them, or protect them. Sasuke Uchiha went o...
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • naruto
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3 wives and a husband? (sasunaru) by misania_chan
3 wives and a husband? (sasunaru)by misa_chan
this is a sasunaru story Sasuke has 3 wives because his dad was like "REPRODUCE FOR THE BLOODLINE I DON'T CARE HOW MANY WIVES YOU HAVE,THE UCHIHA BLOODLINE WILL NOT...
  • yukami
  • sasunaru
  • uchihafamily
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14 Days To Love [SasuSaku Fanfiction] by PBPink
14 Days To Love [SasuSaku Fanficti...by Carly
After years of waiting for him, he was finally back; standing before their eyes. He was in Konoha. And he was home - with his wife and daughter. An Uchiha family based...
  • hinata
  • shikadai
  • uchihafamily
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Next Gen Oneshots - FanFiction by Silverchan_Boruto
Next Gen Oneshots - FanFictionby SilverChan_Boruto
So this is a oneshot kinda based book on what the children of the hidden leaf get up to.... Quite self explanatory. Enjoy! //(REQUESTS OPEN)\\ However I'm not ve...
  • sasusaku
  • borusara
  • mitsuki
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▪FALL FOR YOU▪《SASUSAKU》 by TomatoUchiha
♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡▪▪▪♡ Little did HE know that she's the killer... Little did SHE know that he's the one that will change her... Little did THEY know that they are meant...
  • sasusaku
  • lovestory
  • itachiuchiha
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what's missing? || uchiha family fanfic || sasusaku series  by KiaSanee
what's missing? || uchiha family f...by Kia🌻
"Papa? Mama? Can I have a little sister or brother?" Sasusaku series • what's missing? (Published) • who gives birth at a hideout? (Published) • when did raisi...
  • nextgeneration
  • sarada
  • sasusaku
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Ask sasusakusara by animeworld32
Ask sasusakusaraby animeworld32
If you have a question for sasuke or Sakura or sarada you find the right place ? It will stop when boruto anime/manga stops
  • asksasusakusara
  • sarada
  • sakusara
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YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE TRUTH|| Book2...by TomatoUchiha
A/N: Before you read this please be shure to read the book one in titled: "THE UNEXPECTED" How many times you will escape to it, the time will still come... th...
  • sasusakufanfiction
  • sasuke
  • sakura
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Sarada and Itachi Oneshot by 5313128A
Sarada and Itachi Oneshotby 5313128A
Sarada doesn't remember anything but waking up in the village but something's different about it when she walks around she sees a little boy that looks like her father w...
  • uchiha
  • uchihafamily
  • sarada
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The promise you forgot (Sasuke X Naruko fanfic) by gabyfairytail
The promise you forgot (Sasuke X N...by Dank Seijoh
~•~•~•~•~•~ Naruko Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha werefriends since they were kids. He started to grow feelings for her, so did Naruko. When Sasuke left, she broke down and d...
  • naruko
  • uchihafamily
  • sasunaruko
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A New Hero Is Born by Hoping_and_Dreaming
A New Hero Is Bornby Bang Chan
When Naruto Uzumaki, gives half of the nine tailed beast to a villager of Konohagakure. Kimato Uzumaki, a 13 year old boy, possesses half of this power. His journey will...
  • konohagakure
  • uzumakifamily
  • kurama
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Maybe This Time (Oneshot) SasuxSaku by SamanthaCalo
Maybe This Time (Oneshot) SasuxSakuby Samantha Calo
(my theory) (settings The Last Movie)
  • uchihafamily
  • sakura
  • sasuke
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Sarada's Memorable Christmas (Sarada Uchiha Fic slight SasuSaku) by IzumiAsada647
Sarada's Memorable Christmas (Sara...by Izuki Yatou
I made a story during Christmas...it was written in a yellow notebook and I promised to publish it but...got too lazy...but eitherway, here is your late christmas gift...
  • sarada
  • christmas
  • uchihafamily
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Looking after Little Sasuke for a week by AwesomeRose101
Looking after Little Sasuke for a...by AwesomeRose101
Hello All, this is my first time writing an Itachi and Sasuke family story !! This story is based when Sasuke is a 7-year-old kid and Itachi is 13 years old. The brother...
  • sasukeuchiha
  • itachiuchiha
  • naruto
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Sasuke vs Itachi  by konahamarunineth
Sasuke vs Itachi by konahamarunineth
This is going to be about Sasuke and itachi fighting
  • uchiha
  • nauto
  • uchihaitachi
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The Scroll by mayrapatkitty
The Scrollby Mayra Fernanda
All Sarada wanted was to spend more time with her little brother - she just didn't know that a scroll of her father would eventually bring her a headache.
  • canon
  • sasukeuchiha
  • sakura
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