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The Power of Touch//Tyrus AU by belovedfics
The Power of Touch//Tyrus AUby jules
What if whenever you touched your soulmate you glow? Well that's what happens to Cyrus when he touches his soulmate...but it's the most unexpected person. Tj Kippen.
Don't Stand So Close To Me-Tyrus by fqggct
Don't Stand So Close To Me-Tyrusby josh
"Fuck, what happened?" Tj asked running up to his bestfriend on the way home. Cyrus walked with a bloody towel to his nose, "I'm fine." Tj sighed as...
glitter; tyrus by tjkippens
glitter; tyrusby jaden
andi mack highschool & instagram au
Tyrus Oneshots by gayboy150
Tyrus Oneshotsby GBoy15
A series of smutty oneshots with TJ and Cyrus
THË ẞÂẞY PRÕJÉÇT by Goat_Writer3000
This a Tyrus story. As well an omegaverse So basically in this story two opposite people where assign to be partners for a baby project. A jock and nerd, a Alpha and om...
The life of Tyrus after Season 3 by Nachtaron
The life of Tyrus after Season 3by Nachtaron
Season 3 of Andi Mack has ended. Since none of us wanted the show to end, I came up with an idea. Why don't you write yourself what could've happened after S3? The gang...
Picture Perfect ;Tyrus by AndPeggy_pageturners
Picture Perfect ;Tyrusby AndPeggy_pageturners
(Complete) Cyrus through his phone across the floor. There was no way he was reading it correctly. Slowly Cyrus picked up his phone again and looked at the picture. &quo...
Tyrus One Shots by DAhnaaaaaaisawesome
Tyrus One Shotsby D J M W
TJ Kippen: Tough on the outside but sweet on the inside Cyrus Goodman: Sweet on the outside and inside Tyrus: When in sync, two people simply bringing out the best in ea...
Fluff and Cute Moments -Tyrus One Shots-  by iwasdreamingonenight
Fluff and Cute Moments -Tyrus One...by Keira
A collection of one-shots about TJ and Cyrus (Andi Mack) that I've been wanting to write. They'll be about all different kinds of things, most of them will be my ideas a...
swingsets and dance routines ; tyrus  by shipsandglitter
swingsets and dance routines ; tyr...by ♡ tyrus + ambi ♡
"The rivalry between Jefferson High and Salt Lake Academy was infamous, and every year it only seemed to grow more heated. Cyrus couldn't help but think it had offi...
He's With Me-Tyrus [completed] by fqggct
He's With Me-Tyrus [completed]by josh
Cyrus decided to tell Tj his biggest secret.
Fresh Start (Tyrus) || Andi Mack by disneyswiftie
Fresh Start (Tyrus) || Andi Mackby Amber🌸
Soulmate AU In this universe, the very first nickname your soulmate gives you is engraved on your ankle exactly 30 minutes after they first say it to you. Cyrus starts g...
Being There For HIM by inferior123
Being There For HIMby Inferior123 ✰
While the show is going on, troubles are happening in TJ's life....and the only person he trusts is Cyrus. When Cyrus learns about TJ's family problems, he bonds with th...
Andi Mack One Shots by Umaslight
Andi Mack One Shotsby Umaslight
"I love you, too, Teej.." "No you don't.. how could you ever love me?" I asked softly with a sigh Hello hello! So this is a Andi Mack one-shot book...
in his eyes: a tyrus fan fiction by juliamichelexx
in his eyes: a tyrus fan fictionby Julia :)
In his eyes is based on the Andi Mack ship tyrus. When Cyrus Goodman meets TJ Kippen, the new kid, his whole world changes. TJ is the cocky basketball player, or so ever...
Andi Mack One-Shots by honeybylers
Andi Mack One-Shotsby Bee🐝
I fell down an Andi Mack rabbit hole and I don't plan on climbing out any time soon. I have seen a ton of amazing one-shots on here and on tumblr, so I wanted to create...
Tyrus Oneshots || Andi Mack by disneyswiftie
Tyrus Oneshots || Andi Mackby Amber🌸
Little short stories that I come up with, of Tyrus from Andi Mack. Clean. Always with happy endings because they deserve it. ♡
cutie • tyrus [complete] by adydoesfanfic
cutie • tyrus [complete]by ady
tj's always been the guy magnet at school. openly gay, but not a stereotype, and has been through and handful of guys. but what if a newer gay guy comes to the school, s...
Bitter-Sweet by Rro110
Bitter-Sweetby The summer of 1899
*Complete* TJ Kippen, Jefferson middle school's boys basketball captain. His intimidating approach causes instant fear in most, earning the upmost respect from about ev...
TYRUS STUFF. by lemontyrus
TYRUS STUFF.by — mel (dumb) ass.
new acc, new book, same energy cause if tj and cyrus don't marry each other, i'm gonna sue.