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Midnight conversations in a bathtub // Simon Snow fanfic by IndelibleInk88
Midnight conversations in a bathtu...by IndelibleInk88
Wayward son spoilers !! // they're only halfway through the disastrous trip to America, and already Simon Snow is doubting himself again. Baz can't let him slip away.
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Watford's Secret Songwriters - Snowbaz by NovuhStryder
Watford's Secret Songwriters - Sno...by NovuhStryder
Baz and Simon are always fighting. They both seem to be hiding what they're writing from each other, and Simon won't even let Penny see what he's writing. All rights go...
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Seventh Year Love Letters - Snowbaz One-Shot by NovuhStryder
Seventh Year Love Letters - Snowba...by NovuhStryder
Simon and Baz are in the same class and need to write love letters. All rights for characters go to the author of Carry On, Wayward Son, and Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell. Cov...
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i see the light ; snowbaz!tangled by endinflames
i see the light ; snowbaz!tangledby ˗ˏˋ 𝚐𝚠𝚎𝚗 ˎˊ˗
All Simon has ever known is his life in the tower. He's told it's for his own good, but he feels like he's slowly going crazy. Until one day, he meets a boy. The first p...
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What's Left Behind  by starlight_scorpio
What's Left Behind by ✨Lune✨
Another Simon Snow Story. Starts after the last chapter of Carry On (not the epilogue).
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Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fic) by Avidwriter114
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fi...by Avidwriter114
A Collection of Simon and Baz arguments and kissing, and hopelessly wondering whether or not they are in love
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Burn Bright by orgasmic_moss
Burn Brightby A Stranger
It's their sixth year at Watford and Simon has no idea what's happening to him. Everything is about Baz. And that's very bad because they're stuck in a room together aft...
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Baz-ically I'm Gay by FlamingIceFlowers
Baz-ically I'm Gayby Lucifers Seventh Sin
I decided to write a fic about Baz and Simon reacting to Dan's Basically I'm Gay video.
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I'm A Wreck // SnowBaz by crescentpml
I'm A Wreck // SnowBazby Asher he/him
Baz dropped his head onto the edge of Simon's bed, next to Simon's limp hand. "I'd take all of your stupidity if it meant I could have you back." ~ Or, when G...
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Snowbaz One-Shots by googlemenot
Snowbaz One-Shotsby Rosy
A collection of Snowbaz One-shots: fluff, gore, heartbreak, happiness I take requests
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Here by SNOWBAZlife123
Hereby SNOWBAZlife123
This is basically an elaboration on the amazing SnowBaz conversation from Fangirl: "Shhh." "I just-" "Hush." "I worry-" &quo...
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Because You'll Never Carry On by prophylactic_
Because You'll Never Carry Onby prophylactic
I was having writers block with my other book, so enjoy this crossover between Carry On and Because You'll Never Meet Me/Nowhere Near You. *Characters owned by Rainbow R...
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Don't Stop. by hi-its-lefty
Don't Stop.by •Lefty•
A Snowbaz story. There's a first time for everything, and Simon is terrified of this first time. Baz is just so pretty, so perfect-- what if he's disappointed? Just a...
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Snowbaz Short Stories and Oneshots by MissGigi23
Snowbaz Short Stories and Oneshotsby Gigi Garcia
This is a series of Snowbaz oneshots, short stories and more. Enjoy! ;) *Also! I will take requests!*
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Snowbaz Oneshots by bazkaban
Snowbaz Oneshotsby hyperion
Random oneshots/au's with Simon Snow and Baz Pitch I'm really bad at descriptions I promise the actual writing is slightly better (cover not my art)
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crowley: a snowbaz fanfiction by pseudonym00
crowley: a snowbaz fanfictionby pseudonym00
simonxbaz - - - requests are appreciated - - - i do not own these characters and...you know the drill
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i don't have a title for this yet by waterfallwords
i don't have a title for this yetby 🌼 azeztulite 🌼
ayo so this is gonna be a snowbaz fic and i have like 1 plan for it so far but I spontaneously wrote 1 short af unedited chapter and am now impulse-uploading it so I'll...
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Snow-One But You by bookoutbelow
Snow-One But Youby bookoutbelow
Baz needs to get his father off his case about settling down with a girlfriend. Simon needs a job that can keep him off the streets. Baz goes looking online for a fake b...
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Regrets by mayismynom
Regretsby mayismynom
Warning!!! Carry On spoilers!!!! Simon is a mess after Watford and when things get really bad, Penelope and Baz resort to drastic measures to help Simone No wings or tai...
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Questions and Answers- Snowbaz by starsnscones
Questions and Answers- Snowbazby Snowbazzzz
It's the last week at Watford, and Simon has a question for Baz... short fluffy Snowbaz.
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