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Jurassic Park: The Beginning of the End/Life Of Crusher, Feared T-Rex by TyrannosaurKing
Jurassic Park: The Beginning of th...by TyrantKing
This journey will take us throughout the course of the films in the Jurassic Park franchise, leading up to where we are now with the recent installment of Jurassic World...
Twenty Four Seven || Adam Park by pezzbosch
Twenty Four Seven || Adam Parkby Pezz Bosch
Seventeen-year-old Danielle had her world flipped upside down after a sudden tragedy in her family. Being forced to move in with her estranged grandmother on her father'...
Jurassic World Truth or Dare! For some reason! by Raze_723
Jurassic World Truth or Dare! For...by Raze_723
Brute Raptor Love (human Echo x OC) ( a Jurassic Love spin-off) (completed) by Mintyy77
Brute Raptor Love (human Echo x OC...by Mintyy77
Nate was a short, shy and meek boy who was picked on his whole life but all that changed when he gets a Job at Jurassic World and meets Echo a strong, tall and brutish h...
1) The Girl in Orange {PR Dino Charge} ON HOLD by Aspiring-Writer14
1) The Girl in Orange {PR Dino Cha...by Aspiring-Writer14
{Set in Power Rangers Dino Charge} 《I own nothing except for Kiana Griffin》 Kiana Griffin was 18 years old when she went missing on an archaeological dig, looking for th...
Jurassic Park: Altered LOST World: Origins /Rexy And Crusher's Love Story by TyrannosaurKing
Jurassic Park: Altered LOST World:...by TyrantKing
This story is based on my original story I did when I first started on Wattpad, and Crusher's arch nemesis, instead of a Spinosaurus, I made it a T-Rex, naming it Black...
Jurassic Kratts by Loxodonta14
Jurassic Krattsby Loxodonta14
After a traumatic incident that almost cost Chris his life, the Wild Kratts Team are invited to a biological preserve off the coast of Costa Rica. It's an adventure of p...
Jurassic Park: Grant's Daughter by Starblossom16
Jurassic Park: Grant's Daughterby Me, Myself & I
A 14 years old girl is sent to Montana to live with her Dad and his girlfriend. They get invited to a theme park by the famous, John Hammond. Join them as they go throug...
Jurassic Love (human Blue x OC) (completed) by Mintyy77
Jurassic Love (human Blue x OC) (c...by Mintyy77
Blue was a human raptor hybrid along with her 3 sisters. They grew up together usually in captivity. The only human she ever trusted was her kinda dad Owen, but all of t...
Dino Jurassic Squad: Resurgence by Tacidiacon
Dino Jurassic Squad: Resurgenceby Tacidiacon
A month after the incident in BioSyn valley, Maisie's life has gone back to "normal". As normal as it could be when you can transform into a dinosaur. However...
Emily Grant's Tyrannosaurus Rex by partofmultifandoms
Emily Grant's Tyrannosaurus Rexby - emily -
This will be about Jurassic World. However I'm adding things in and I don't know all the dialogue exactly. Emily Grant is the daughter of the famous Alan Grant and Elli...
The Lost World: Jurassic Kratts  by Loxodonta14
The Lost World: Jurassic Kratts by Loxodonta14
It's been four years since the disaster of Jurassic Park, and the Wild Kratts team embark on their most dangerous mission yet: to assist a research team in studying the...
Team RWBY and Y/N L/N the dinosaur hybrid by larko619
Team RWBY and Y/N L/N the dinosaur...by larko619
Y/N L/N is a huge fan of dinosaur king and his favourites are fire dinosaurs especially Terry since he's the king of the dinosaurs and one of the strongest. Y/N's late p...
Jurassic Park/World X Readers! by ImmortalGhidorah
Jurassic Park/World X Readers!by Harmony
[Request are Open!] A story of you and your favorite dinosaur!
The King of Remnant. (Tyrannosaurus male reader x RWBY) by Deergutter824
The King of Remnant. (Tyrannosauru...by Deergutter824
Back in time, when dinosaurs ruled remnant, you were one of the undisputed kings of the world, with a bone crushing bite and a horrifically quick ambush speed, you were...
Dinosaur Train Evolution by Evastarunit73
Dinosaur Train Evolutionby josh
Some heroes fight with strength and power but this team fights with hope in this story buddy and his team have grown up into teenagers and they are going to explore new...
Prehistoric Park Reborn by GhidorahRaptor2000
Prehistoric Park Rebornby Kairyu
There is something missing from our world. The amazing animals that time has left behind. But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be fore...
Indominus Rex: The Unknown by Epicness1000
Indominus Rex: The Unknownby HelenE with an E
The Indominus Rex was a monster. She had known that from the beginning. Always, she had this sensation that she was... different. Everything feared her. But why? What ma...
Dino Jurassic Squad: The Official Dinosaur Guide by Tacidiacon
Dino Jurassic Squad: The Official...by Tacidiacon
In a world were dinosaurs and man now coexist on the mainland, this guide exists to document the many prehistoric creatures that now roam the mainland. This guide is set...
Jurassic World; Camp Cretaceous  by TheNoNamedGamer
Jurassic World; Camp Cretaceous by TheNoNamedGamer
Seven Kids... An island full of dinosaurs... A hybrid dinosaur wrecks through the park... The kids must find a way to survive... Going from strangers, to friends, to fam...