YouNow GroupChat (Book one❤️) by KenzieBooOOoo
YouNow GroupChat (Book one❤️)by Aurora Ariel Adee❤️
You're Cameron Dallas' little sister, who Cam wants to keep a secret to keep you away from all the drama that comes along with fame. When Cameron gives you his old phone...
  • babyariel
  • shawnmendes
  • brycehall
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Living As One by JosieBug101
Living As Oneby JosieBug101
TRIGGER WARNING RAPE POSSIBLE SELF HARM Jyler. Justin and Tyler learn to operate a one through many hardships and tragedies.
  • selfharm
  • jyler
  • tylerbrown
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𝙰 𝚈𝙾𝚄𝙽𝙾𝚆 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝚈 *** #120 #46
  • babyariel
  • maddiewelbourn
  • wattys2017
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Imagines || Internet Boys by retrojoon
Imagines || Internet Boysby 클로이 ❥
Imagines of your favorite internet boys :)
  • joeybirlem
  • blakegray
  • tylerbrown
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The perfect picture. by L_i_v_yyyyyyy
The perfect picture.by L_i_v_yyyyyyy
tyler is just a small town boy moving to a big city to follow his dream to be a photographer. one day tylers finds the boy of his dreams justin. Will Justin and Tyler fi...
  • tylerbrown
  • jyler
  • romance
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How It All Happend - A Jyler Fan Fic ✔(Completed) by gohstt
How It All Happend - A Jyler Fan F...by gohstt
Tyler brown and Justin Blake (May contain smut) ? Stared 2.11.17 Finished on 8.19.18
  • digigoodtimes
  • mpreg
  • jyler
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Jyler Smut  by swirly_jay
Jyler Smut by swirly_jay
exactly what the tittle says. Mature content - requests are completely welcome(;
  • tylerbrown
  • jyler
  • gay
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Jyler  by blissfulloser
Jyler by blissfulloser
Mature and in the process of being made. Bunch of drama. Also my fav chapter is 5 ????????
  • drama
  • maya
  • justinblake
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Fool For You - Jyler [mpreg] by vintagejyler
Fool For You - Jyler [mpreg]by baby boy
best friends with benefits is what everyone knew them as. they had an underlining set of rules in which this was simply for fun and pleasure. no feelings and no strings...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • lgbt
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Silence || Brikey [COMPLETED] by softbbyhobi
Silence || Brikey [COMPLETED]by ❁ bangtan ❁
[IN EDITING] Mikey Barone is a different type of different. No one understands him, no one wants to talk to him, no one wants to even sit beside him in class. Mikey was...
  • kalegarrah
  • ryanstalvey
  • justinblake
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A long wild ride!- ( A jyler story) by justinblake09
A long wild ride!- ( A jyler story)by Justins.infinity
Hi, this story is mostly going to be about a high school experience with Justin Blake and Tyler brown also other characters along the way. I will always try to update as...
  • tylerbrown
  • justinblake
  • firststory
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Jyler One shots  by gohstt
Jyler One shots by gohstt
Just a bunch of smut and fluff ?
  • tylerbrown
  • fluff
  • justinblake
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Are We Meant To Be? (Jyler fanfic) ✔️ by DreamMeAway
Are We Meant To Be? (Jyler fanfic)...by Dysfunctional
It's gay | Smut\Fluff | Homophobic ppl get tf away (sass included)| My smuts get nasty so don't read if you plan to report | (A smut is when ppl have sex)
  • lgbtq
  • justinblake
  • bisexual
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Unexpected  by tylersmood
Unexpected by kylar
Justin's straight?
  • teenfiction
  • tylerbrown
  • justinblake
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Vanish // Jacob Sartorius ♡  by Jennifersartorius23
Vanish // Jacob Sartorius ♡ by Jennifersartorius23
"Who knew love could vanish so easily" Jennifer is a 13 year old girl who is part of a group of 5/7 friends. There all internet famous. Jennifer's loves and ad...
  • love
  • duhitzmark
  • 5squad
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JYLER SMUT⚠ by MutexStories
JYLER SMUT⚠by L e x i :))
It's just SMUT.... Jyler Smuttt?⚠ *They both have bottom and top*
  • sexual
  • justinblake
  • jyler
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Voices by JosieBug101
Voicesby JosieBug101
Justin has a voice inside of his head that tells him to hurt Tyler. Can he resist the voice?
  • justinblake
  • jyler
  • omegaverse
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Jyler Smut  by daddydrewblake
Jyler Smut by burgin
for all you jyler shippers ; )
  • justinblake
  • jyler
  • tylerbrown
His Happiness Before Mine - Jyler √ by vintagejyler
His Happiness Before Mine - Jyler √by baby boy
"I love him so much that I'm willing to let go." © 2018, all rights reserved vintagejyler
  • justinblake
  • tylerbrown
  • boyxboy
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Love is not a choice//Jylan by joons-angel
Love is not a choice//Jylanby ***
Jackson Krecioch and Dylan Geick were two teenagers who happened to fall in love. There have been heartbreaks and tears but it was worth itin the end. Ranked #16 in #jac...
  • mikeybarone
  • jacksonkrecioch
  • dylangeick
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