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𝟮𝟭 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀, beomgyu ✓ by -jamjoon
𝟮𝟭 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀, beomgyu ✓by #𝐀.
━━ three weeks to make her fall in love. au. 21 天.
CROWN ━ yeonbin  by BANHALIX
CROWN ━ yeonbin by "𝐒𝐊𝐘𝐄."
[ONGOING] "you were stalking my feed-" "investigating." in which choi soobin falls into an infatuated state with an instagram model hes never met, an...
At The End Of The World Together Forever // TOMORROW X TOGETHER [BeomJun] by flowerminnie553
At The End Of The World Together F...by minnie
"Why did you ask me to come with you?" Beomgyu asked him again with a low voice. It was still questionable for him, they weren't friends. Yeonjun had to hold b...
TXT ZODIACS by vheartskookie
TXT ZODIACSby 𝓋𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓈𝓀𝑜𝑜𝓀𝒾𝑒
this is a txt zodiac book that isn't really accurate since it's randomised but it's fun!
blue and red | yeonbin  by honeybeoms
blue and red | yeonbin by moon.
where soobin and yeonjun are in a car accident, and yeonjun ends up in a coma.
Baby Bear 🐻🦋 _ Beomjun by SUNWOOPALACE
Baby Bear 🐻🦋 _ Beomjunby Kiara♡
Yeonjun + Beomgyu Yeonjun messed up. Beomgyu is pissed.
TxT Oneshots | TxT X Reader by Armylover_0
TxT Oneshots | TxT X Readerby Hopenyoon
Love makes you do funny things. . . . n. 1 - txtkpop July 2022
RUN AWAY= TXT added member by M_l_i_s_a_n
RUN AWAY= TXT added memberby mUlTiStAn
"Run away, run away, run away with me"
txt threads and reactions. by puffbinz
txt threads and reactions.by ☺︎
a collection of txt threads and reactions and sometimes a bit more.
Love Triangle|TXT Yeonjun, Soobin and Reader  by MOA12347
Love Triangle|TXT Yeonjun, Soobin...by ♡ Midzy, MOA ♡
2 Boys Fall In Love With 1 Girl At The SAME Time! Find Out if The Girl Will Choose Yeonjun, Soobin or Both?
Jealous Devil~👿 by TsukumoChan05
Jealous Devil~👿by CuteBookNerd05
A kpop oneshot full of Jealousy. You decide to spend the day with Soobin. He teaches you the dance cover to LO$ER=LO♡ER, but someone gets really jealous when you hang o...
"𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭, 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐰𝐞 𝐫𝐮𝐧 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲?" in which Soobin finds himself at a party with his best friend when he runs into his ex...
Growing Up Just To Fall Apart  by Maritza338
Growing Up Just To Fall Apart by Jisunnie
Growing up with a friend group, but suddenly friendship starts drifting away because of love, work, plans, and many more. Credit to the person who helped me with my cove...
ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ ᴛʀᴇᴇ ↫⎦ ᴛxᴛ ғғ by yeonjunsdeadhair
ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ ᴛʀᴇᴇ ↫⎦ ᴛxᴛ ғғby ᴅᴏɴɢғᴜᴄᴋ = ᴅᴏɴɢʜʏᴜᴄᴋ
ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ ᴛʀᴇᴇ ᴛxᴛ ғғ ↫⎦ ғɪᴠᴇ ʙᴏʏs ᴀʟʟ ɢᴏ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ʙʟᴏssᴏᴍ ᴛʀᴇᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍs ᴛᴏ ɢᴏ ᴀᴡᴀʏ ʙᴜᴛ ᴡʜʏ ᴅɪᴅɴᴛ ɪᴛ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ⎦ ᴛʀɪɢɢᴇʀ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ ↫ ᴛʜɪ...
𝙜𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 | hueningkai by mingugoo
𝙜𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 | hueningkaiby ☽kei
❝ you disappeared in an instant, like a faint ghost ❞ ❴aeri and heuningkai were the perfect match, constantly together and never seen without one another..until he left...
Empire of Lies by castlebinnie
Empire of Liesby castlebinnie
Like most first times, it all started with a greeting and a innocent question: "Hi, what's your name?" And that's all it took for all this empire of lies to un...
× Destined to be with You. ♡︎ ×  [ Kang Taehyun FF ]  by terry_kook
× Destined to be with You. ♡︎ × [...by 𝑇 𝑦 𝑢 𝑛 𝑘 𝑜 𝑜 𝑘
- y/n goes to her new school, which is MOA University. - she is starting with her new journey, on this school. Meeting other people. Who knows who is she meeting? Let's...
Run Away | Yeonbin by SUNWOOPALACE
Run Away | Yeonbinby Kiara♡
Two 19-year-old boys looking to escape, spontaneously decided to run away together.
I might be your dream but you are my reality!! by SahanaKhatun3
I might be your dream but you are...by Sahana Khatun
One day World famous band member Soobin of TXT meets an ordinary fangirl on the streets when he was on vacation to "city of Joy".They end up falling for each o...