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Wait what?!!! by T-Timtired
Wait what?!!!by Shrey14
[I can't access my previous account (@pooja15shreya14) so I'm moving to this new one. This book only exists on that account as well as this one.] An orphan girl gets a c...
Naruto Uzamaki  by dragonslayer200418
Naruto Uzamaki by Lanjrion アルキン
Naruto meets Kuruma at the age of 3 when the villagers almost kill him. So he disuse to leave the hidden leaf to go to the hidden cloud and meet Yugito. I do a new chapt...
Is Home really Safe? (Grammar Editing Slowly) by K-Roz15
Is Home really Safe? (Grammar K-Roz15
This is a Naruro fanfiction about a young boy name Tsukiko Tora Uchiha or Kiko that's what his friends call him. This takes 2 years after the Fourth Great War, Naruto ha...
Kakashi x reader. by Sistersepticeye
Kakashi x San Uzumaki
Kakashi Hatake is a farmer of the demon village. He is half Uchiha and half Hatake. Kakashi has 2 siblings, Kaneki Hatake and Kashi Hatake both died of an disease. Kakas...
Isolation gaara x reader  by hshshhshhdh
Isolation gaara x reader by hshshhshhdh
You are a ninja from the hidden cloud village, but unlike normal ninjas you are the jinchuriki of the two tales.....but that won't stop you, from achieving your goal to...
The Story Of Two Tails by Spirit_The_Wolf_1
The Story Of Two Tailsby Spirit
What happens when a new kid comes to school and has a secret.. he makes a couple of friends... and ends up having a heck of a time with it
Two Tails by Mermaid_Girl_97
Two Tailsby #Selfie
Kourtney Miller and Lindsey Moore are two best friends who don't know what to do this summer. They are starting high school next year and they need to make this summer u...
Collecting the Jinchuuriki. by Izaya_shizu-chan
Collecting the Izaya_shizu-chan
This fic has a Naruto hiding behind a mask of stupidity when he is actually smarter than a Nara. this also has Gaara a lot more sad and just hiding that sadness behind h...
Reborn as a Senju by porcelain_china_
Reborn as a Senjuby ⇢Pør$hé⇠
Misa Bam. Just your normal teenage weeb that reads and draws hentai, makes commentary and animation on YouTube and, of course, watches anime. One day, she goes to a birt...
The  Kids Of Prophecy by kakashiuchiha123
The Kids Of Prophecyby kakashiuchiha123
About the next generation of christopher uchiha
Akari (Uchiha,Hyuuga) Mitarashi. (Anko Mitarashi's daughter) Naruto fanfiction  by Kitsune643
Akari (Uchiha,Hyuuga) Mitarashi. ( Kitsune643
Akari Mitarashi daughter of Anko Mitarashi,unknown holder of the two tails cat demon Matatabi she seems as crazy or crazier than her mother and that's saying something b...
The Village Hidden In The Shadows by Hanime1
The Village Hidden In The Shadowsby Hanime1
Naruto is the oldest child of Minato and Kushina. Naruto has two younger siblings. Nasumi is Naruto's younger twin sister and she is the leaf's golden child. Then we hav...