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You belong with me-#KOOKMIN by noe12su06
You belong with me-#KOOKMINby Noelani💜
"Siempre pensó que lo importante era el interior, los sentimientos dulces y un buen corazón, pero cuando te das cuenta que a veces la apariencia lo es todo...un cam...
Meant For Me [Yandere Twins x Reader] by EhAccount
Meant For Me [Yandere Twins x ❤ ↜ • • • ↝❤
Meant for me... more like us~ Warning - bad writer -incorrect grammar -confusing??? -comment anything that might need correcting
Halves(The Twin (S)mutt Series) ~COMPLETED~ by YourSecreetAuthor
Halves(The Twin (S)mutt Series) YourSecreetAuthor
Georgia discovers her vampiric side, both her sides are in a fight with each other her Vampire side has her mates but what happens when she comes into contact with Jake...
Two Boys Learning by texaschild19
Two Boys Learningby The Love Child of all the Fan...
"Hey, Ash?" "Yeah?" "Shut up." "Mmm-kay." Will and Ash are best friends, except they aren't exactly "friends." Will is...
lollipops (DISCONTINUED) by bigoldkabookie
lollipops (DISCONTINUED)by funky bongo
"josh." "yes, ty?" "your hair matches your eyes." "it does." "and your eyes match your lips." who knew a lollipop could...
Intoxicated  by nesx24
Intoxicated by Nesx24 <3
There were so many balconies and lights everywhere. This place lit up the entire night sky. Damn. It almost looked... royal. Luca held out his arm and I put my hand in...
Opposites attract: book II by luann16
Opposites attract: book IIby luann16
Barriers tend to intensify romance. It's called the 'Romeo and Juliet effect'. I call it 'frustration attraction'- Helen Fisher. "I AM aware that he left over three...
The Girl In Between  by Kaajal99
The Girl In Between by Kaajal99
" Charity Service Group " yep that's a real thing in Elmhurst High School . What do you think will happen when a girl enters through that group? Yep! you g...
"Love Trio" [PJM+KTH] by epxphvnyy
"Love Trio" [PJM+KTH]by we are only 7~
"i love you.." Jimin started. "Bae Y/N." Taehyung finished. @_peachymin 's birthday special,, 16 Jan
Beauty And The Beasts by KathrynBell2
Beauty And The Beastsby Kathryn Bell
Ally was 17 years old still attending highschool along with the loves her life, complete rebels. Ranger and Diablo always had their eye on her, but they didn't move on w...
꧁ᴘᴏʟʏᴀᴍᴏʀʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ꧂ by weeb_tamakii
꧁ᴘᴏʟʏᴀᴍᴏʀʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ꧂by Ash ☪
pol·y·am·o·ry /ˌpälēˈamərē/ the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved. BokuAka ༝ Reader Contain's : - Sweari...
ကြင်နာ ကစားကွက် (ၾကင္နာ ကစားကြက္)   [친절한 플레이] by RainbowIris7
ကြင်နာ ကစားကွက် (ၾကင္နာ ကစားကြက္) Sakurs Babe
နှလုံးသားမှာ နစ်ဝင်နေတဲ့ အချစ်ဆူး ဆွဲထုတ်ဖို့ခက်လှချည်ရဲ့။ မျက်ဝန်းမှာမြင်ယောင်နေတဲ့ မြင်ကွင်း ဖယ်ထုတ်ဖို့ခက်လှချည်ရဲ့။ ဦးနှောက်မှာ မှတ်သားထားတဲ့ အသိတစ်ခု မေ့ပစ်ဖို့ခ...
Journaling Helps by that_hp_fangirl
Journaling Helpsby that_hp_fangirl
Allie Wright is just a regualar fifteen year old who's having an identity crisis. When gifted a diary by her mom, Allie soon finds that journaling helps.
Two boys,one move(tony Lopez and Bryce hall) by Unix_loppe
Two boys,one move(tony Lopez and Rainbow Sugar
Your the new girl, you meet a boy but his friend too and remember that you know one of them but you think the other one is hot too so who will you choose 1st:#notgay on...
LOOK by Rabbichiii
"I only ran forward So when I clash against reality You become my path" Jihyo was being bullied at school by Bambam. She doesn't know why? What did she ever...
Know You Better by littlemissDashti
Know You Betterby Dashti
A new girl has moved to a new school in a new town, where she tries to fit in, but uncontrollably becomes enemies with the bad boy. Then why does he still help her when...
The Daughter of Angel and Devil (FINISHED) by munabyge
The Daughter of Angel and Devil ( Noa
An ordinary girl... pfft delete this shit please. I am the daughter of an angel and a devil, But got sent to the Earth with humans.. I got two guardians from my mother a...
✨ High School Magic  ✨ by Cat1Lover
✨ High School Magic ✨by Cat1Lover
So this story has POV of Emma and Maddison. They both go to the same high school. Emma is nice and sweet meanwhile Maddison is the popular girl who is mean to Emma. This...
Son Of The Hulk And Superwoman(op Male Reader+oc x Rwby Harem) by thedeathofgod21
Son Of The Hulk And Superwoman( the death of God
two brothers are Son's Of The Hulk And Superwoman that's people are Love and hate to the brothers became them parents footsteps of hero with them op power than becoming...