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Rubenzel by yo_fave_slimmy
Rubenzelby Slimm❤👑
In this modern and untold version of Rapunzel's fairy tale, we met Ruben. Like Rapunzel, he's stuck in a tower, and he may or may not be royalty. That's about where the...
The Side Character by GaileLin
The Side Characterby GaileLin
[Word count: 1,000] ------- "Let's say you got burned, will you still stay and play with fire?" Weirded out by his question, I played along. "Uhm, no. Who...
Masked by MarCafeWrites
Maskedby Mar Café
Meanwhile, back in the Batcave... "Masked" is an ongoing collection of short stories featuring my own satirical vigilante heroes and villains! PAINT THE TOWN R...
The Perfect Guy ✔ by MonicaNguon
The Perfect Guy ✔by Monica Nguon
Still mending her heart after a toxic relationship, Makayla isn't in the mood for love. Her sister doesn't agree and sends Makayla to a matchmaking agency, whose algorit...
Ritual Sacrifice(COMPLETED)  by GayFireTruck
Ritual Sacrifice(COMPLETED) by Gee
#TwistTheCliches Kora has always been a quiet girl of immeasurable beauty, basking in the love people showed her. Matt has always been a loud boy of immeasurable popul...
A Million Little Pieces by 0jamajo
A Million Little Piecesby Avery-Jay
A series of unrelated, prompt-driven short stories, written for the purpose of honing my "short story skills".
The Witch And The Wolf   by Lukinglass
The Witch And The Wolf by Lu king lass
Red's grandmother is missing; but she knows where she is, she just can't get there on her own. Her only hope is mere legends of a book with a way to another relm home to...
Water Moccasin by MicheleSoux
Water Moccasinby Michele Soux
1,000 word max short story for Twist the Clichés Contest - - - A college night out with friends turns into an unconventional love story.
The One Who Knows by Hellion42
The One Who Knowsby Hellion42
The Wise Old Man Knows Everything... Or Does He? Written as an entry for the "Twist the Clichés" Contest Prompt, for "Love is All We Need" by @NARoma...
Reverse cards by exhale07
Reverse cardsby exhale07
A twisted version of a worn-out cliché. ------ Twist the clichés (wattpad contest.) Completed: Aug 29, 2020.
The Bad Boy's Secret by simruns
The Bad Boy's Secretby simran
- The Bad Boy's Secret | TwistTheCliches Winner | 25th August 2020
New Carinthian Dream by golfballshifter
New Carinthian Dreamby E. Paule
One shots and contest entries.
The Flawless Crime | ✔️ by EvelynHail
The Flawless Crime | ✔️by Evelyn Hail
A wealthy lawyer, Mr Hans Ridgey, has been poisoned. There are three main suspects, one of whom might be the culprit for his death. Mrs Otilia Ridgey (his wife), Miss El...