Falling Skies | Marvel | L. Laufeyson by rh27writer
Falling Skies | Marvel | L. R.H.Writer
Kiera Aven is a bounty hunter. She was raised to kill, a half-elf from the realm of Álfheimr. Her life has never been a happy one-- but taking a job from the Chitauri t...
  • retelling
  • captainamerica
  • marvel
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♥️ Ace Of Hearts ♥️ Ace x Reader by TheOGThottie
♥️ Ace Of Hearts ♥️ Ace x Readerby The OG Thot
You'd always had a secret crush on Murdoc... but one day his replacement comes... will you get along well? Or maybe... a little too well?
  • gorillaz
  • acegorillaz
  • romance
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TWISTED by 1me2me3me
TWISTEDby 2muchemojis
My own short horror stories with a bunch of twists...😈😈😈 DO YOU DARE TO READ!!!
  • killer
  • death
  • twisted
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MY LUCY by alimaaaliya
MY LUCYby alimaaaliya
Lucy's POV I was in the terrace. I came to call him for dinner. There he was sitting and there was a soft drink bottle that I loved I went there and drank it. He started...
  • maidsama
  • love
  • bf-gf
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Get on with it  by larry_trash_03
Get on with it by larry_trash_03
*** slow updates until around the 25th *** I understand. You've looked through hundreds of books. Why on earth is this one any different? Well, I'll tell you. Louis is...
  • larry
  • louistomlinson
  • louisandharry
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Dont Let Go... Please by DeanDeanna
Dont Let Go... Pleaseby Deanna
A small little Idea u wanted to try.. Enjoy
  • heartbreak
  • romance
  • twists
Mission Inferno by leeIndie
Mission Infernoby Lee_indie
"Ace, I don't need your help. Don't tell me what I should do" I yelled at him, my eyes red with tears streaming down. Not because I'm sad. It's because I'm bur...
  • twists
  • science
  • deep
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Soulmates  by Gryffindor-65
Soulmates by Abigail
Rachel never knew she was special until last Saturday when she went to the history museum. She just had always thought of herself as a basic white girl. Unnatural obsess...
  • romance
  • powers
  • suprises
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Journey to the Unknown: The Serpents Throne (Vol. 2) by mintymilkshake520
Journey to the Unknown: The Selah :3
Vol. 2: After their "encounter" with Xu, one of Dagra's famous deities, Azari and his newfound friends, Parhtia and I' Sul, are transported to Liasha, a town s...
  • dragons
  • twists
  • magic
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My Story by never_say_never_1224
My Storyby Bell
This is Kacy's story... More will be explained in book.
  • unnamed-mom
  • sisters
  • action
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BTS FanFicton of FriendShip  by Hannah_Rose_Rocks
BTS FanFicton of FriendShip by Skylar_Rocks
This is a story about Jung Hoseok's younger sister and for all you army I know that his sister is older but I just made her younger in this story, Jung Da Won makes frie...
  • bangtan
  • jeonjungjook
  • junghoseok
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The Girl and Her Depression  by Ashwood199
The Girl and Her Depression by Ash
Ok, I suck like ass cancer at writing descriptios but this is basically the story line ok? She has major problems in her life and depression comes along and sees this. H...
  • tears
  • self-harm
  • heavy
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Draco: a different life by divergentmaya05
Draco: a different lifeby divergentmaya05
What if our famous Draco Malfoy had never been Sorted into Slytherin? What if he was Sorted into a different house? This is a story about Draco and how his life got flip...
  • unexpectedlove
  • change
  • gryffindor
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Versus The Rogue by SaylorS0
Versus The Rogueby Storm
"It's not right." "Mack-" "They need to be prepared." "It's not like we can destroy that weirdo. That'll cause major destruction. You...
  • markwalker
  • interesting
  • veracitycampbell
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Rules for Werewolves by FantasyWriter120
Rules for Werewolvesby FantasyWriter120
Rules are Rules. Break them? Chaos is sure to come. Young Alia is 16 years old. She is a rouge going to Wolverine High. Humans are everywhere, Werewolves? Scattered arou...
  • humans
  • werewolves
  • secrets
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Climb by L_DiSalvatore
Climbby Darwinism
a surreal event as one tried to survive the jarring events to survive and learns something absolutely profound and incredible in the end. A twist worth climbing for and...
  • storytelling
  • mindfuck
  • edgeofyourseat
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Bedeviled by ShamarBryce1
Bedeviledby Shamar Bryce
Five friends sojourning to a cabin in the middle of the woods for the summer- what's the worst that can happen? Emmett, Sabine, Odelia, Zander and Jason are all your or...
  • bittersweet
  • woods
  • sacrifice
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Everything Is Right... by TheLovingWriter17
Everything Is Love Will Hurt
Just a Random boy, crushing hardcore on another guy named Nash. He is wonderful, sweet, caring and the one thing that you love the most, is that he's himself around you...
  • funny
  • love
  • twists
The Elements by AlishaPowers
The Elementsby Alisha Powers
Abell is different. His power is different. He is lost and found all at once and when a certain someone comes into his life, it's all but normal. Cassie has always been...
  • loveintrest
  • interesting
  • romance
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