The Dream by Flowerygirl07
The Dreamby Flowerygirl07
Chloe dreams that her whole estate and the town nearby collapses and she can't find her parents but what will happen if it's true?
  • apocalypse
  • dream
  • flowerygirl07
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The Graveyard by 2bbyhorns
The Graveyardby Tusi Ioane
Elizabeth is being forced into a marriage of which she has no interest in. She is stuck between the decision of going along with the marriage making her parents proud an...
  • abuse
  • love
  • sexual
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From Number 17 to Number 17 by HVora26
From Number 17 to Number 17by Het Vora
...17...17...17. All over my life. Part of a Series. Book1. NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE 10. Some violence.
  • adventure
  • vora
  • wxciting
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Dark Places by IWasHere516
Dark Placesby I Was Here
That was the last time I saw my mom alive. She was the only thing I had, I had no family left. My dad died when I was younger, my grandparents died before I was born and...
  • adopted
  • bts
  • twists
Rewrite the Stars by _ShaneAishi_
Rewrite the Starsby Mangle-Chan
" Love and happiness is the only thing i wanted, I wanna felt love by someone. " " I don't care what they say about, I'm here for you, I'm always here be...
  • stars
  • twists
  • conflicts
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The Bad Boy's Best Friend  by Imagine_Pilots
The Bad Boy's Best Friend by Cace Rivest
...Was not me. Anyways, imagine being strangled by a girl who seemed to be five times taller than you, five times bigger than you, and a hell of a lot stronger than you...
  • goodgirl
  • badboy
  • twists
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STAR WARS: Flying Solo by wolf-lover-26
STAR WARS: Flying Soloby wolf-lover-26
THIS IS FAN FIC!!!! "Sorry, but I fly solo," Abandoned on the remote planet of Tatooine, Beatriz has grown up believing she is alone in the world. T...
  • shocking
  • intergalactic
  • thrilling
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Sweet Monster // ( Teacher x Student ) by bensjayz
Sweet Monster // ( Teacher x Broken Soul
" It doesn't matter how much you love a person, they will eventually leave and will replace you " said Ishan with a heavy heart. " Not if you love the rig...
  • love
  • agegap
  • college
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Switchers by HGrassia
Switchersby Haley
Piper Mason, who suffers from Right-Sided Spastic Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy, must find a way to live in peace with her father and get her fiancé back to his human state...
  • horror
  • zombiehorror
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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Burger And Fries  by Petrichor_forever
Burger And Fries by Petrichor_forever
"Why do you let them do this?" "Like I said before, I don't really have a choice" I shrug. "Like I said before, you always have choice." Sh...
  • independent
  • bestfriends
  • boyfriend
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Short Stories With Ranging Varieties  by RandomOverload
Short Stories With Ranging Randi
Some of these are partly true. Most are pulled from my brain . Enjoy some random Stories. I hope you enjoy
  • randomoverload
  • weird
  • halloween
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Key to my Heart (Bill Cipher x Reader x Will Cipher) by LunerPhoenix
Key to my Heart (Bill Cipher x Luner pheonix
Y/n heads to Gravity Falls. Not knowing she would find the love of her life along the way. While this is happening her ex is trying to get her back.
  • action
  • billcipher
  • romance
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Pretend by NovaStar336
Pretendby Nova
(Unfinished) __________ "If this works, there'll be no reason to pretend anymore!" I grinned. "Serenety would be defeated." "And if that fails...
  • popular
  • highschool
  • twists
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Tainted Hearts by kaykayeaton2
Tainted Heartsby Raven
" Do you have a gun on you?" I spoke and realized that it was a dumb question to ask, but it sounded better in my head. I could literally see the little person...
  • action-romance
  • twists
  • danger
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Lights Out by Wo1fymoon
Lights Outby Melissa Vogel
Melissa's birthday is here and she is thrilled to invite all her friends to one of her favorite places. The Aquarium. Melissa wants to become a Marine Biologist when she...
  • adventure
  • fighting
  • beef
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Dear First Love by YoshiCrackers
Dear First Loveby Ayesha Hoque
A touching story about a 17 year old boy named Omar who is in love with a girl named Briana whom he thinks he has no chance with. Wait is that it? Oh no no no trust me...
  • fairytail
  • action
  • cute
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The Edge of Insanity by PeanutBrittle1212
The Edge of Insanityby PeanutBrittle1212
After attending his first year of college Henry killed again but this time he wasn't alone. (a sequel to Over the Edge).
  • anger
  • twists
  • backstabbing
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Bandit Of Freedom by AuthenticIntrovert
Bandit Of Freedomby AuthenticIntrovert
Rowen has survived on her own for three years, since the end of the world. She is stubborn but smart when it comes to survival. She hasn't had too many problems with hid...
  • surivival
  • action
  • fiction
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