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My Bestfriends Brother by UnfaithfullyYours
My Bestfriends Brotherby UnfaithfullyYours
"Rosie" she said with a grim smirk on her face. I sighed rolling my eyes at her choice. "Truth" I bluntly replied. "Hmmm, do you have a crush on...
Auradon Saved (Twist Fate Challenge) by percyjacksonfan9261
Auradon Saved (Twist Fate Emma
Sequel to Auradon Reversed Mal has willingly gone back to Maleficent to save the AKs and her friends. Carlos is the only one who knows that she's gone, and Ben is gettin...
Twist of Flames // Leo Valdez AU #TwistFateChallenge #TwistOfFateChallenge by Kyle_Is_A_Koala
Twist of Flames // Leo Valdez AU Kyle The Koala
"Because that was when the flames went dark." An entry for the Twist of Fate Challenge. All characters go to Rick Riordan, and we do not own any of them. This...
Mortal Bones (#twistfatechallenge) [ W I N N E R ] by wldstrs
Mortal Bones (#twistfatechallenge) Esque Marani
MORTAL IS THE NEW OBSESSION. He was supposed to be the good, hot and sexy fallen archangel. He was supposed to chose her. He was supposed to be her guardian angel. But w...
Death Eaters and Polyjuice potion by ishajm
Death Eaters and Polyjuice potionby ishajm
Hermione Granger is used to the taunts of the Slytherin's. She's adapted to them and learned to keep her head high and walk on. But even she has a tipping point. And tha...
Twist Fate: Cruella De Vil by livthekitten
Twist Fate: Cruella De Vilby Octavia Valentine
This is my entry for the Twist Fate challenge! Read, but please don't steal! Many have heard the story about the one hundred and one dalmatians, and how they escaped the...
What if...(Twist Fate Challenge/ FFVII) by MoonlightEpiphany
What if...(Twist Fate Challenge/ MoonlightEpiphany
What if Jenova really spoke? What if Lucrecia heard her and came out of her crystal prison to stop her son? What if every one forgave Sephiroth? How would Cloud react? I...
Hail To The Prime by Nitrobotic
Hail To The Primeby Nitrobotic
#TwistFateChallenge entry: following a decisive battle with the Autobots, Megatron is finally defeated and brought before Optimus to face justice for his war crimes. But...
the End (Rapunzel with a twist) #twistfatechallenge by Asmita1404
the End (Rapunzel with a twist) Asmita Kiran
Originally by Brothers Grimm in 1812 the END (Rapunzel with a twist) Every story does not have a happily ever after. Everybody knows the story of Rapunzel; girl ge...
Last of Link by rachaelward124
Last of Linkby rachaelward124
I'm not gonna give a description because it will give the story away but I will say there is death involved and self-harm so you are warned btw plz comment and like, myt...
Why Did You Go Seaweed Brain? by percyjacksonfan9261
Why Did You Go Seaweed Brain?by Emma
Percy left Annabeth during the Titan War, but what if he joined Kronos? Would Percy find the light, or would he remain dark? Find out here!
Reversed: A Different Winx Club Story (#twistfatechallenge) by AllyFaralda
Reversed: A Different Winx Club 🌹 Ally 🌹
You know about Bloom and the know about the Trix and the deadly Valtor...but what if everything was really different starting with Valtor's awakening? What i...
Elle by aprilkirk
Elleby April Kirk
A Twist Fate Challenge Finalist "Cinderella" never did housework. She never cleaned the fireplace or helped her stepsisters. In fact, she was never even called...
Family Ties #twistfatechallenge by windowacrossall
Family Ties #twistfatechallengeby Maggie
When Kara came to Earth, she had a positive attitude towards her new life and became the great hero that she is today. What if she had not acted that way? What if she ha...
The Fall of Olympus by HPTimeTurner
The Fall of Olympusby Time Turner
What if the ending of The Blood of Olympus was different, tweaked by a single choice? What would have happened if the gods hadn't come to the rescue? In this turn, a her...
Unless--But It Never Happened [The Lorax] by NutsAndBees
Unless--But It Never Happened [ i'll update LASM someday i pr...
It literally took me about 2 hours mulling over what I would do for this contest's theme. If I were to be quite honest with you all, I REALLY didn't want to do a Lorax...
The Queer Quill - #twistfatechallenge by Knilesly
The Queer Quill - Knilesly
What if Lord Voldemort had never become Lord Voldemort. What if he found the love of his life before everything started.
Not About a Stone -- twistfatechallenge WINNER (1 of 35) by uponthenightsky
Not About a Stone -- Lexa C.
Today is the day. This morning, the people of Camelot are gathered to see young Arthur remove the sword from the stone. But today, Arthur doubts himself. ~~~ What if Ar...
Tom #Twistfatechallenge by EmilyKiddle
Tom #Twistfatechallengeby Emily Kiddle
Tom Riddle is one of the most crucial characters that aid to the Harry Potter storyline. But, how would that story change if Tom never became Voldemort? What if only one...
Descendants 2 (Twist Fate Challange) by percyjacksonfan9261
Descendants 2 (Twist Fate Emma
*Twist Fate Challenge* Ever since I learned that a script for Descendants 2 was in development, I thought about how the movie and what would happen in it. So, I'm making...