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Twice X Male Reader (The Bodyguard) by StarZero135
Twice X Male Reader (The Bodyguard)by Tyto Razzaaq
Where you have an amazing skill for everything. From fight, cleaning, to shoot a gun. But you don't know where you came from, your parents, and your past. Then you meet...
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The Art of the Con (??? X M Reader (it's a surprise)) by kofpoponce
The Art of the Con (??? X M kofpoponce
Meet Kim Y/N, a con artist, a rising star on the street. With partner-in-crime Jeongyeon, Y/N forms a 6-person crew set on the ultimate heist where everyone can walk awa...
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'Despair' Mina X Male Reader by jamiee3804
'Despair' Mina X Male Readerby Baby Eagle
Y/n a new therapist and his first patient will they become friends or lovers or end in 'despair' and heartache A big thank you to @KaiSayle Start Date:03/11/19 Finish Da...
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Shot Thru The Heart | Twice X Male Reader by ONCEmode_ON
Shot Thru The Heart | Twice X Michael
(Y/N) is a 20 year old college student who is generally quite average. One thing that does set him apart from the usual crowd at his school is his adamant love for kpop...
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'FATE' Dahyun X Male Reader (Part 1) by jamiee3804
'FATE' Dahyun X Male Reader ( Baby Eagle
Having been presented with a great opportunity, (y/n) becomes a kpop idol with the company JYPe, meeting an incredible girl in the process. Read more to find out... Slow...
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Unexpected Encounter by mindyoursugarlevels
Unexpected Encounterby mindyoursugarlevels
[Jeongyeon X Male Reader] You never really believed in fate until you had an unexpected encounter with that "unexpected" someone which may have changed your li...
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untitled [TWICE ? X MALE READER] by mymomoring
untitled [TWICE ? X MALE READER]by momoring
"i feel so lonely" "alone in this dark room" "darkness slowly taking me" "everyday" "why do i even live" . . . . . . . ...
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Our Manager (TwiceSmutStory) by PeanutJamButters
Our Manager (TwiceSmutStory)by JiminsJams
This is a story but it's also smut plus it's a Male reader but his name is Y/N she basically a Male reader fucking twice so enjoy
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Mafia's Game by TheWritingPikachu
Mafia's Gameby TheWritingPikachu
In this universe, Marcus is the leader of the most feared mafia organization and ranked #1 of all the other mafias out in the world. The members of Twice are members of...
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The Time Will Come - Son Chaeyoung by ChaeKin
The Time Will Come - Son Chaeyoungby Chaeeee
"I like,I love you even now." "Don't talk to me y/n...not now" "I'm sorry..." "Don't forget me ok?" "I love you&quo...
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An Unexpected Collaboration by K3vin_K3ll
An Unexpected Collaborationby ITZTWICE / MIDONCE
(Based on my imagination) Y/N was a successful Youtuber, Singer, Actor and Movie director and his favorite K-pop group is TWICE. He was planning to film a new movie in K...
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Please Come Back (Sana x Male Reader) by MrParkHanbin
Please Come Back (Sana x Male Brandon Hart
It has been years since Sana and Y/N have last seen each other or talked. Sana has left Osaka, Japan to become a JYP Trainee and became an Idol as part of the group TWIC...
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TWICE Forever (TWICE Fanfic Multiverse 1 of 15) by K3vin_K3ll
[ON GOING] This story tells about the disbandment of the K-Pop Group TWICE. When TWICE agrees to disband after years of entertaining ONCE, ONCE feels so sad about the di...
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Long Ago... by TheWritingPikachu
Long TheWritingPikachu
In this universe, the time is set to the Joseon Dynasty period in Korea. This is when ranks among people still existed as well as kings. The members of Twice are daught...
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Cloudy •kpop x male reader• by OtterYoungjae
Cloudy •kpop x male reader•by -ˋˏ ғᴀɪᴛʜ & ʟɪʟɪᴇ ˎˊ-
- You can be my light
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⎯letters. / minatozaki sana by duvetjae
⎯letters. / minatozaki sanaby jae™
❝ dont leave me.. please. ❞⎯in which a girl sends letters to someone who doesnt exist in her life anymore. - © duvetjae™ / DISCONTINUED BOOK
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LOVE HURTS by Starelawolfy
LOVE HURTSby Starela Phoenix kpop
Kim Y/N is a 22 year old man.He is every girl dream boyfriend.Good at everything.He looks alright.But he does not have a great past with his family and friends.What woul...
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