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The Best Short Stories (By L.M.Montgomery) by OttovBismarck
The Best Short Stories (By Project K
Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the beloved Anne series wrote 530 short stories over her lifetime, about humor, love, beauty and justice. This is a collection of the be...
  • montgomery
  • laughter
  • lmm
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Our Way by Purplejeans
Our Wayby Ilana Quinn
Pamela Anne Kelly has always been one to play by the rules. As a wealthy nineteen-year-old girl in post-war America, she has one expected and vital duty: to marry the ma...
  • love
  • historicalfiction
  • organizedcrime
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coccinelle | pjm by MalinPlaisir
coccinelle | pjmby MalinPlaisir
she's just like a ladybug. she takes care of him, making him feel better. and one day, when he won't need her anymore, she'll return to god, disappearing in the sheer d...
  • england
  • bts
  • afternoon
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Shadows of the Lost Child (extract) by EllieStevensonauthor
Shadows of the Lost Child (extract)by EllieStevensonauthor
Shadows of the Lost Child is set in two time periods, the present and the past (early twentieth century). THE PRESENT Aleph Jones is running away but the house he ends u...
  • ghoststory
  • death
  • historicalfiction
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Once Upon A Time: A Spanish Galleon by AnneBreeCaitlin
Once Upon A Time: A Spanish Galleonby Anne B. Caitlin
There is a legend--one among many--about a Pirate treasure hoard. No one has ever found it, of course. Those historians who believe in its existence argue about when the...
  • england
  • twentiethcentury
  • america
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With Him Came Pixie Dust by Zedkay7
With Him Came Pixie Dustby Zoe A K
We know fairies don't exist We know this because of reality Reality shut the gates of Neverland We stopped believing when we were young, or at least that's what we all t...
  • modern
  • twentiethcentury
  • love
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Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful by CyndiHilston
Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Cyndi Hilston
Hannah Rechthart is devoted to her family, but learns at an early age that family dynamics are complicated. Jealousy over losing Amy, her confidant and oldest sister, to...
  • grandma
  • familysaga
  • womenslit
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Minion of Fortune by AntonGolubev1
Minion of Fortuneby Anton Golubev
The young nobleman Victor leads an idle, carefree life, which causes discontent of rich relatives. Witt is sent to him, the servant correct to the stiffness to correct h...
  • fraud
  • russia
  • master
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forbidden lin by Plzleaveamessage
forbidden linby Plzleaveamessage
Alexandra is desperately in love with Lin, she dreams of moving to New York and marrying the girl she loved for years, it's the twentieth century, Alexandra belongs in t...
  • dreamworld
  • newwriter
  • 20thcentury
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Oedipal Complex in Sons and Lovers (D.H. Lawrence) by serenejay
Oedipal Complex in Sons and SereneJay
D.H. Lawrence and the manifestation of his mother fixation in his first major work.
  • psychology
  • realist
  • freudian
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EVE | Taekook by mygtriviaz
EVE | Taekookby ⠀
Every 1000 years the disciples of Adam and Eve are born, they are God's rebirth in the form of two children, a boy and a girl. However unlike previous years something ha...
  • religion
  • boyxboy
  • toptae
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