Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson|| by livymichelle
Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson||by Liv
One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want he...
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The Immortals by alonely-dreamer
The Immortalsby Pandora
Julie knows nothing about the supernatural until, one night, she gets kidnapped with Elena and learn that she lives in a world where vampires and witches exist. Her life...
  • originals
  • mikaelson
  • klaus
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scream queen || klaus mikaelson by upsidedowneggo
scream queen || klaus mikaelsonby coraline
"once upon a time an angel and devil fell in love." [under major editing] [also english isn't my first language so full of mistakes]
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Bella And Klaus by book__loveerr
Bella And Klausby book__loveerr
Set After New Moon~ Bella's in deep depression once the Cullens leave and Charlie has no idea what to do about it,but then an idea comes to mind. What happens when Bella...
  • klaus
  • bella
  • romance
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The Psychopath by a0random0girl
The Psychopathby Random Person
"Stay away from me you psychopath!" "I prefer sociopath but psychopath has a nice ring to it." "Please just leave me." "I'm never lea...
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Pureblood | Elijah Mikaelson [1] by opslea
Pureblood | Elijah Mikaelson [1]by mari
[NOW UNDERGOING EDITING] Time makes the heart grow fonder, that was certain. #1 in "TO" - 20/10/18 #10 in "THEORIGINALS" - 10/10/18
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WildFire - Paul Lahote ✔ by SweetPunky
WildFire - Paul Lahote ✔by SweetPunky
"She's a Wildfire, untamed" ''What makes you think that I can tame her?!'' ....."You're her mate, of course you can tame her'' Everly Cullen, or possibly...
  • bellacullen
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Amber Eyes » TVD by slimmikaelson
Amber Eyes » TVDby ⁘ nicolle ⁘
❝If you can't get someone out of your head, maybe they're supposed to be there.❞ [ TVD SEASON TWO]
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The Hybrids Mate (Twilight/TVD) by Emzy2002
The Hybrids Mate (Twilight/TVD)by Emzy2002
What would happen if Bella and Edward had twins? What if they loved Renesmee but not her twin? The day Bella woke up Carlisle called his old and powerful friend, Niklau...
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  • vampire
  • breakingdawn
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The Forgotten Gilbert by thatmediocrewriter
The Forgotten Gilbertby thatmediocrewriter
Elena wasn't the only one that needed to be rescued from the accident at Wickery Bridge, her sister did too.
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TVD Damon's Daughter by AshleyNapoles14
TVD Damon's Daughterby AshleyNapoles14
Amelia Grace Salvatore is the offspring of the sexy badass Salvatore brother, Damon. This is her life growing up with Damon and Stefan, how will cope with the Petrova gi...
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black hearts; kai parker by hewnandstone
black hearts; kai parkerby nermallionaire
Previously known as 'Diabolical' Warning; sexual content ahead! A troubled man burdened by his family's neglect seeks his revenge for the abundance of pain they had affl...
  • prison
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Humanity | Damon Salvatore [1] by PsychedelicSins
Humanity | Damon Salvatore [1]by j♡
"You're my humanity, Riley. I don't need to learn how to be good, I just need you." [BOOK ONE IN THE RILEY EVANS SERIES] [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SERIES 2&3] START...
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An Elemental Difference (Stefan Salvatore) by BlondeBecca28
An Elemental Difference (Stefan Becca
Aella Bennett is known to the residents of Mystic Falls as the fun, sarcastic, bubbly girl that has a spot in everyone's heart. Can Aella's presence in Mystic Falls alo...
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Pack mom, Derek's mate.  by ilove_TVD_TO_TW
Pack mom, Derek's mate. by ilove_TVD_TO_TW
Lauren Mikaelson, yes I said Mikaelson, she is apart of the famous Mikaelson family, she's a hybrid, and she wants a break. All her siblings, well the ones alive, agreed...
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The Gilbert twins - Damon Salvatore by thegirlinallwhite
The Gilbert twins - Damon Salvatoreby Harry Styles Wife
Kylie Gilbert and Elena Gilbert. On the outside these twins look identical but don't let them fool you. Elena is the do-good, responsible twin where her sister Kylie is...
  • katherine
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Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest brother by LivingTheDeadLife
Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest Jamzino
Book 1 Rio Salvatore. The eldest Salvatore brother, turned at 25 years of age. He, unlike his brothers, never fell for Katherine's mind games. She resented him for this...
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Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries) by sincerely-louis
Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries)by pink
"You really gonna do this Alexa?" Elena snarls at her, and she chuckles, "You started this Elena. Don't try and act like the victim." Alexa snaps bac...
  • elena
  • mystic
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Elena's Twin Sister [1] by thesupernaturalTeen
Elena's Twin Sister [1]by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Elena is not the only Gilbert doppelgänger. Elena has a sister twin. Jennifer. "I'm scared to live but I'm scared to die" "Ha I always loved that song see...
  • love
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Mated | Klaus Mikealson  by Lsmith05
Mated | Klaus Mikealson by Lsmith05
[Highest Rank: #1 in Vampire Diaries] [Next: #1 in TVD] Makenna Lockwood is Tyler Lockwood's twin sister. She is a pretty special girl and isn't as dickish as her twin b...
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