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I fell in Love with a Pharaoh by Adventure200
I fell in Love with a Pharaohby Sabrina Depp
Cadie is an average tomboy who is interested in cool things. she takes a trip to a Egyptian museum and is dropped in ancient Egypt facing the mighty boy King Tut. what w...
My beautiful queen (tutenstien  love story) by 2019shootingstar
My beautiful queen (tutenstien lo...by Summer Angel 😇
What if Cleo has pen pal who just happens to be Egyptian a descendent to Cleopatra & comes from all the way from Egypt helps Cleo be back tut.befriended a certain Phara...
Turning Sands by Somber_Kitty
Turning Sandsby Somber :)
Laila never really like museums and the Egyptian Museum was no different but when she stumbles upon a hall and tries on some stuff she wakes up and finds herself in Anci...
The 36 questions : an elavan story ♥️ by love4lizgillz
The 36 questions : an elavan story...by love4lizgillz
So what are the 36 questions you ask? For those of you who don't know the 36 questions in the study are broken up into three sets, with each set intended to be more prob...
A Journey to the Past Part 1 of the Timeless Journeys of Alexandria Manor Series by DGRiley
A Journey to the Past Part 1 of th...by Danielle Riley
What happens when 16 year old Alexandria Manor is transported back in time, to the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. Will her heart learn of the love that the young monarch, Tutank...
Cindy's Adventures in Egypt by PerkyGoth14
Cindy's Adventures in Egyptby PerkyGoth14
Tutenstein remembers the day of his death, but mostly, also the disappearance of his suitor at the time called Princess Lotus who was taken away from Eris, the Goddess o...
The Golden King by huffl3puff1ng
The Golden Kingby Emery M. Jacobson
King Tut who is he? Why is he so famous when his reign was so unhistorical? This short biography dives into the life of the elusive king and shows the personal and natio...
The Pharaoh's Fate  by purplearmyheart
The Pharaoh's Fate by charli
Sage Amari has been tasked to save Tutankhamun from a terrible fate
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Egypt: The Tales Of Two by shadowcat01
Egypt: The Tales Of Twoby Lyric Freak
Ashlyn or 'Ash' as she preferred to be called by most thought she was just going on a field trip to the ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Egypt but when she digs up a familia...
Daughter of Re by Lunaofthebluemoon1
Daughter of Reby Lunaofthebluemoon1
Among the sands of the desert, a white shining city emerged. A palace filled with so much promise and so much blood. The oldest daughter of Pharaoh must navigate her way...
Si Tut by unicas_pxxch
Si Tutby Yannie x Ching
This is an Edited Version and maraming changes. Enjoy reading!
lovely peaches x trisha paytas x king tut by urnanswilly
lovely peaches x trisha paytas x k...by ★
Who do you want Trisha to end up with? ORIGINAL STORY BY ME, TSUKISHIMASTOENAIL!
The Girl Who Survived by boobooaddison
The Girl Who Survivedby boobooaddison
Aadi Aralynn Jakson in 1922 fall into the undicovered king Tuts tomb.