Turnabout Stories

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Turnabout Enemies by Youngbountygirl
Turnabout Enemiesby Youngbountygirl
Gregory Edgeworth wakes up at Hotti Hospital to discover that Manfred Von Karma has become the defendant for the murder of Yanni Yogi of what everyone is calling the DL...
Turnabout Scholar Mystery (A Dai Gyakuten Saiban Fan case) by Rockstar_4567
Turnabout Scholar Mystery (A Dai G...by Kaya
Kazuma Asougi, a 23 year old Defense Attorney finds his best friend in danger. Naruhodo Ryunosuke got arrested for a crime he did not commit. The victim, Misaki Yoshida...
Turnabout Scholar Mystery: A Mystery Left Unsolved by Rockstar_4567
Turnabout Scholar Mystery: A Myste...by Kaya
(Sooooo yes this is a sequel to this thing, so here it is, people!) Kazuma Asougi, a 23 year old defense attorney finds his best friend in danger, again. Once again, Nar...
A Turnabout Tale {Ace Attorney Wattys 2016} by professor-blue
A Turnabout Tale {Ace Attorney Wat...by Electric Indigo
A retelling of a classic tale by Charles Dickens, featuring Miles Edgeworth ~Ace Attorney Fanfiction~
Turnabout Childhood by Lina_Hearts
Turnabout Childhoodby Lina Hearts
A girl named Aimi Amaterasu was murdered by a mysterious man. Aimi's childhood friend, Aya Chikako was arrested for the murder. Lina Hitomi takes the case, with the help...
After quite awhile of what Zack called the last cause on earth if they couldn't prove him guilty soon he would be free and he could end them all...
Head Over Heels by pmernee
Head Over Heelsby pmernee
Krissy is a typical girly girl. She is a cheerleader, social, outgoing, and has everything she wants. She has the perfect crush, and that's until she meets him.. Josh. J...
Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Mage by Iheartyugioh
Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Mageby Iheartyugioh
Phoenix and company return to Labarnythia, only to find the trials are back, and a mysterious new friend is accused of being a witch. Professor Layton's gentleman in tra...
Turnabout Doppelganger by Aquaticerry
Turnabout Doppelgangerby Aquaticerry
Phoenix Wright is an ace attorney, but even he can't defend two trials at once. What is he to do if both defendants are good friends of his? Channel some spirits of cour...
The Strip-o-Tron by RoderickYoung
The Strip-o-Tronby Roderick
14-year-old nerds are still as crude as ever, in spite of the apocalypse. Having solved the equations relating matter, time, and energy, what of all things do they deci...
Turnabout clouds by wolfspfote2015
Turnabout cloudsby Selma Ben Mahmoud
(Eine AA-FF, auch von Nicht-Fans lesbar) Er fand die Leiche. Er wurde des Mordes beschuldigt. Er bewies seine Unschuld. Er bewies ihre Unschuld. Er fand die S...
Turnabout Queens by shslsocialnetworker
Turnabout Queensby shslsocialnetworker
When tired of cleaning dishes for the past half hour, Trucy decides to call Apollo and give herself something to do. After finding out that he just started a case, the m...
Turnabout Arrival by Adorable_Sylveon
Turnabout Arrivalby Adorable Sylveon
Lily Adams, a new defense attorney, lands a job at the Wright Anything Agency. Will she be able to impress Phoenix and Athena?
THE TURNABOUT. by fathimanashwa1
THE TURNABOUT.by sheharbanu najeeb
The story of a teenager and the surprises life holds for her. Read the story to find out the life of Flora
Turnabout Airlines (Realistic Edition) From Ace Attorney Investigations by bigchungus878
Turnabout Airlines (Realistic Edit...by Chungus
In this short one part story, I will be recreating turnabout airlines but using real logic and realistic events and outcomes! Enjoy! P.S. Cammy Meele approves of this st...