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My Home is Where You Are: A Maedhros/OC Fanfiction by SheWhoArisesinBeauty
My Home is Where You Are: A Maedhr...by Lindorië
When the Noldorin heir crossed paths with a shy Vanyarin maiden amid a lush forest, their lives were altered forever. Shortly after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Maedhros has...
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Tales of Gondolin by Silrien45
Tales of Gondolinby Silrien45
Short storys set in Gondolin. Characters include Turgon, Idril, Ëarendil, Ecthelion and Glorfindel. Some humour and light-hearted scenes although the beginning is a bit...
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Years of Golden Flowers by EndellionHolly
Years of Golden Flowersby EndellionHolly
A side story to my fanfiction, "Vanafin: Fulfilling Feanor's Oath". This side story follows Vanafin, a.k.a Vano, my oc's time in Gondolin. The first chapter of...
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Another World Ago by Silentx13
Another World Agoby Silent
What if Eru did recreate the world and that's the one every knows. What if the world before there were a large group of people who got speared from the destruction. They...
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A Different Kind of Hell by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Hellby Silz
Third story in the Airequalmë Silmarillion series following A Different Kind of Heaven and A Different Kind of Purgatory. *** The Unlight covered Valinor in total darkne...
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A Different Kind of Purgatory by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Purgatoryby Silz
Sequel to "A Different Kind of Heaven," but takes place thirty-six Valian Years later (340+ Earth years). *** Eve and Findekáno are enjoying their courtship. T...
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A Different Kind of Heaven by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Heavenby Silz
#1 in Silmarillion May 23-24, October 27-November 9, November 27-December 13, 2018, June 10+, 2019 There are a MILLION Girl-Falls-Into-Middle-Earth stories out there. Al...
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Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale of the Fall of Gondolin) by SamPettus
Narn I Dant Gondolin (The Tale of...by Sam Pettus
This is a retelling of the story of Tuor and the fall of the legendary Elven city of Gondolin. It is based on the original 1918 version by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, but u...
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Silmarillion Chatrooms by mad_as_melkor
Silmarillion Chatroomsby crazy mellon
Well, I have never seen a silmarillion chatroom, so I will see how it turns out WARNING : may contain extreme randomness
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Airi Oronti by Ghevurah
Airi Orontiby Ghevurah
La Nirnaeth Arnoediad non è stata ancora battezzata così, quando Maedhros è costretto a confrontarsi con la morte di Fingon. "Si vede scostare la stoffa lentamente...
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