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[Love by Chance] A Collection of My Work on LBC by OmegaTrojan
[Love by Chance] A Collection of M...by Omega Trojan
A collection of LBC related one-shots, comics, memes, fan fictions... whatever you call it... Because I'm just madly in love with the series ❤❤
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Frozen Heart (TinCan centric) by raisinggays
Frozen Heart (TinCan centric)by singto's bitch
Transferred student Can managed to annoy the school's Ice Prince Tin at his first day. Can realized he shouldn't have went near the so called Ice Prince at the very firs...
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magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD]  by mintyuchan
magnetized • lbc [ONHOLD] by 『 มีนท์ 』
Net idols and actual celebrities? In one space? Love by chance? Or That YouTuberxBoyband!AU no one asked for - A cross-over fic of Kiss Boys' Mean and Saint and the memb...
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Love By Chance Memes  by Ocean_Oasis
Love By Chance Memes by AQUA♪
Mostly incorrect quotes that I once saw that reminds me of LBC !some of these are mine but I don't take credit for some of them so yea! Warning: It's a crackbook
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Look into Your Heart by LiaMan0
Look into Your Heartby LiaMan
Is it hurt to love someone? If love have consequences, are you willing to sacrifice everything for the happiness of the one you love? At first, it all looks like a perfe...
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Spoiler series các CP phụ trong LBC by caosarin98
Spoiler series các CP phụ trong LBCby Cáo Sarin
Vtrans: Cáo Sarin Các bạn có thể coi đây là một funfact. Chúng ta đều biết bộ phim Love by chance được làm dựa trên tiểu thuyết BL Thái. Nhưng không phải ai cũng biết s...
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My Boy Toy by lexiedenzy
My Boy Toyby 𝑳𝒆𝒙𝒊𝒆
My name is Can Rathavit. I wondered WHY ME? All he did was let out a small snicker, showing his stunningly white teeth through a side smile and said, "Be my boy toy...
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Once Upon A BL World by Kcymmi
Once Upon A BL Worldby Kcymmi
Once Upon A Time, we had the classic fairytales, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and more No this isn't a classic Disney story, th...
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Give me a chance! by omisab_
Give me a chance!by Omi
aku terlalu bodoh karna tidak menyadarinya dari awal. aku terlalu naif untuk tidak mengakuinya. aku terlalu munafik untuk menerimanya. sekarang aku merasa sangat sakit ...
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Love Behind the Limelights (TitleCooheart)  by buchiloves
Love Behind the Limelights (TitleC...by BuchiLoves
Title and Cooheart is a REEL couple turn to REAL couple.The worse relationship could a lover can have. Just to stay in limelight, they need to hid their relationship. Th...
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"LBC" OneShot Fanfic Compilations by Keijoshie
"LBC" OneShot Fanfic Compilationsby LAZY EGG 🍳
Oneshot fanfic Compilation of your favourite LBC ships. ●TINCAN/MEANPLAN ●MARKGUN/KLANO ●AEPETE/PERTHSAINT ●TUMTAR/TITLEEARTH ◌⑅●♡⋆♡ STORIES ♡⋆♡●⑅◌ ☆Met My Love at Work...
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Hey, Mr. Photographer by hatemenutt
Hey, Mr. Photographerby hatemenutt
What if a drop dead gorgeous photographer travels all the way from France to Bangkok just to capture an adorable and irresistible model?
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pete es un chico timido en cambio AE es mas abierto asia las persona .. si ellos dos se junta que pasaria ? -HISTORIA PROPIA -HISTORIA BL (BXB) -PAREJAS : AE Y PETE ...
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Even if it's the apocalypse, we'll make it through..... together by Jcfdo12
Even if it's the apocalypse, we'll...by JcFdo
A normal day turns disastrous and the normal world is no more ..... Can they survive while they take refuge in each other's love and in each other's arms? No sad endings...
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one shoot! MEANPLAN by omisab_
one shoot! MEANPLANby Omi
ini one shoot nya meanplan, dan ini update jika omi gabut. MeanPlan is Real!
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If Love by Chance was a..... by AEle03
If Love by Chance was a.....by AEle03
This is a crack fiction about Love by Chance written under the influence. Should not be taken seriously...Ever. It's basically a 'what if' fiction as in for example what...
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Stories Of Pinson by babypumpkinbunny
Stories Of Pinsonby babypumpkinbunny
Basically very short stories/ Entertainment purpose/ Request accepted Warning ⚠ Boyslove
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INSTALOVERS 💚💙 by kookietaesthetic
INSTALOVERS 💚💙by ehtaereal
Plan Rathavit is a famous lifestyle vlogger. Mean Phiravich is a rising fashion model. Instagram? Instalove. MeanPlan ff. Instagram au 😉
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[Love By Chance] [TumTar] Ngược về quá khứ để yêu em by mychii_nn
[Love By Chance] [TumTar] Ngược về...by mychii_nn
"Nếu thời gian có quay trở lại, anh sẽ ôm chặt em vào lòng, bao bọc em trong đôi cánh của riêng anh, mãi mãi không để cho ai cướp em đi mất."
Love By Chance (Thai BL overview & opinions) by Lori_Yu_9
Love By Chance (Thai BL overview...by Zee
Love By Chance is a Thai BL aired by LineTV. It focuses on 4 different yet interconnected plot lines of people who fell in love "by chance" (another translatio...
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