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𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘮𝘴 💃 by anellisemay
𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘮𝘴 💃by a n e l i s e m a y
Just tryna make things a bit easier for fellow wattpad writers 🥰 Still in progress 🦋
thoughts by minifreecss
thoughtsby 🗡
•still hear you in the breeze, see your shadow in the trees• dove Harry James Potter e Draco Lucius Malfoy sono due ragazzi normali, capitati in una classe di sole donn...
Faceclaims by WritingBeAurora
Faceclaimsby aurora nicole
This is a gathering of my discoveries as an artist for faceclaims. I have a tremendous diversity for you to glance through. Get ready to scroll. I wish to be able to aid...
Van's Poems and such by vanvalencia
Van's Poems and suchby vanvalencia
A collection of poems from the deepest part of my mind, heart, and soul. I share these to enlighten in my perspective.
Bee 'n' Jay by BeenJay
Bee 'n' Jayby BeenJay
Two boys living together that have a YouTube called Bee'n'Jay. Outside of their YouTube life, Bradley (Blue-Haired Boy), tries to get a blonde-haired model named Taylor...
tumblr boy // nouis au by _louis_centric_
tumblr boy // nouis auby Carli
Louis is a Tumblr Boy. He's pretty famous, girls, and even some guys, drooling over the adorable sixteen year old. Then there's Niall. Famous YouTuber along with his b...
24 Hours by lolteenfictions
24 Hoursby lolteenfictions
A fanfiction about the youtuber Connor Franta. You two are traveling the world together until you find out that you only have 24 hours to live. Read to find out what Con...
My Tumblr Camp Love (Discontinued For Now) by JazalinStarz
My Tumblr Camp Love (Discontinued...by Jaz
On the internet there are many different social media websites. One of the more popular ones is Tumblr. My name is SlytherinPrincess013.. I go by The Slytherin Princess...
Running Again by crazies4ever
Running Againby Kenna
Joe is a small town girl who has a terrible family home. Her father drinks himself away at night while her mother leaves constantly for business trips. On a journey to...
Fangirl Imagines by jessthefangirl247
Fangirl Imaginesby Jess
As it's my first book I'm not jumping straight into a full story. For requests; - Follow me - Message me what you want - celeb, rating, plot I will do as many as I can
The Episodic Adventure Of Gregory And Darius by CamiHanna
The Episodic Adventure Of Gregory...by CamiHanna
Gregory and Darius set out a life remembered documentary as they venture through the past and present generational traits that have been passed on by each earlier time.
Mr. Bad Boy And Me by gabbsss321
Mr. Bad Boy And Meby gabbsss321
will Sunny's crush finally notice her or will he step on her heart
Tumblr Cenneti by zzuzumell
Tumblr Cennetiby ♡
İnstagramdaki tumblr sayfaları için gönderiler...
Game Recovery by augustusthought
Game Recoveryby augustus waters
Its about a boy who fall in love with a girl who love to play video games. (p/s: not finish yet.)
pretty boys don't cry by hemmoxxkayla
pretty boys don't cryby kayla
I was just a pretty boy With a sad personality. They did things to me That I hope will never Happen to you. The end was near.
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet Geeks by xVintageBearx
Hipsters Don't Mix with Internet G...by xVintageBearx
In school, I’m part of the outcast. Well, I’m probably outer than the outcast seeing as I don’t even hang out with my outcast friends. To be honest, I’m the loner of hig...
Old Friends Become Friends Again by magconwhyy
Old Friends Become Friends Againby magconwhyy
Zoe, a 13 year old girl, starts thinking about her old friend Trey, a 16 year old boy, and misses him a little more everyday but is afraid to ask him to be friends again...
Falling for the Tumblr Boy by yalittlenasty
Falling for the Tumblr Boyby yalittlenasty
Ever since her father cheated on her mother, Cassie James swore to herself that she will never fall in love with a boy. In Cassie's world, boys are just arrogant fools w...
Paper or plastic? by cupcakezrule101
Paper or plastic?by cupcakezrule101
There he was. Scanning away, one by one all my items. Lost in his beautiful eyes I didn't realize, "paper or plastic ?" He said. "Plastic." I replied...