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Sauron's Daughter (A lord of the rings / Aragorn story) by lollylom32111
Sauron's Daughter (A lord of the lollylom32111
Raina was the only daughter of the dark lord, Sauron. What will happen when she joins the fellowship? Will love blossom? Or will she live in the shadows, alone and forgo...
Legolas x Reader Imagines by LegolasMyPrince
Legolas x Reader Imaginesby r;
A collection of cute stories, scenarios, and moments involving our beautiful blonde prince (A.K.A. Legolas) Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy! ¬¬¬ Requests...
Thomas the train x reader by KittenSupanova
Thomas the train x readerby Brianna Roe
title, read it. dedicated to @brookiepotatotoast, the writer of the first part and @qt-clifford, a collaborator for this part.
Tekken Tag Tournament by AnimeDreama
Tekken Tag Tournamentby Moon Shea
Based on the famous, and highly popular series, Tekken, and the spin off, Tekken Tag Tournament.
You Know You're LOTR/TH Obsessed When by daughteroftheforest
You Know You're LOTR/TH Obsessed because it was real➳
You know you're Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit obsessed when...
Trouble in Terrorist's Town by IgirisuHetalia
Trouble in Terrorist's Townby Strangely
So many souls to destroy So many ways to break them So many ideas to put in motion But So Little Time
blue sky: a breaking bad fanfic by TheyAreNotGiants
blue sky: a breaking bad fanficby papichulo
aight what am i doing wit my life tbh
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Randomness  by staycoolfool
Randomness by staycoolfool
This is a collection of poems, stories, small paragraphs I have written and I would like to share it. These are very special tales and are related to all the emotions o...
Never kiss your best friend. by grammarlysucksass
Never kiss your best Owen
Ember loves to read. She always had felt out of place in this word, she never liked to play with any of the other kids growing up and she had a very wide vocabulary for...
Twin trouble by saadiyo035
Twin troubleby saadiyo035
This is a good book and i hope you enjoy it
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Terribly Tiny Tales by DayDreamer_Pro
Terribly Tiny Talesby Titanium
Dear Reader, This is a random collection of micro-fiction stories under 1400 characters. Love you all. Take care. Thank You. Sincerely, Protithi.
Wicked by Diallina
Wickedby Inactive
Bang One down Bang Two down Casualties at an all time high Complete the mission No rest for the Wicked
UPSIDE DOWN by khush_malawaliya
UPSIDE DOWNby Khush Malawaliya
Life is a shapeshifter. It swirls you into a mesmerizing myth so easily that you get trapped into it. This poem is about all the traumatising points of life where every...