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Love Live! One-shots! [REQUESTS CLOSED] by VoteForLoona
Love Live! One-shots! [REQUESTS CL...by VoteForLoona
In this one-shot I'll include the voice actress' of Aqours and μ's and of course I'll also include the character xD anyway just a short warning I'm not good at making on...
~LOVE LIVE! ONESHOTS!~ by tryshieeee_19
~LOVE LIVE! ONESHOTS!~by tryshieeee_19
"Na,na,na,that's what I want to be." -Love Novels,BiBi. ...
30 days of Aqours  by OtakuAnimeGirl36
30 days of Aqours by OtakuAnimeGirl36
This was seen in Instagram so I decided to participate
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko  =3 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3by YuriDachi
There this book are full of YoshiRiko/YohaRiko's pictures =) For you who love this pairing,this is place where you can be crazy over their yuriness =D I also have speci...
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 4 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 4by YuriDachi
This is the last book of YoshiRiko/YohaRiko's random story. The book before this are: YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3, YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2, YishiRiko/YohaRiko 3, The final book...
Can I "Shine" with you? -A LoveLive! Sunshine!! Story by KanKanMikan808
Can I "Shine" with you? -A LoveLiv...by Kan Kan Mikan Ripqi
Kurokami Ryouta is a Vocalist also Leader of a Band named " φLOS " one of the most famous and popular band in Tokyo. But, one time Ryouta became depressed beca...
January Until December: Together, Me & You by YuriDachi
January Until December: Together...by YuriDachi
[YoshiRiko short story in each months] 12 chapters done! "We will be together, Yocchan" "I want to make you happy, Riri" "Thank you" Hope y...
I want to be with You [Youriko] by shuizu
I want to be with You [Youriko]by den
You is a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School, together with her best friend from childhood who loves idols, Takami Chika. Today is their first day of sch...
Catching a Fallen Angel [YohaRiko] by nozohalation
Catching a Fallen Angel [YohaRiko]by i am upset
Riko's gay ass crush on Yoshiko. Yup that's the entire story.
Demon's Lily (YohaRiko One-shots) by gannbaruby
Demon's Lily (YohaRiko One-shots)by Annwooby
YohaRiko was my first Aqours ship and will always be in my heart?? -Short One-shots -Will accept requests -Needed to write my fantasies lol -KyanRika ADDED! :33
Water vs. The World by uwucrysuwu
Water vs. The Worldby Crys
The cousins You Watanabe and Kanan Matsuura are delinquents in Uranohoshi. The school is infamous for its lack of students and many fights that occur. After the murder o...
RIVALRY! by SagaMasamune4
RIVALRY!by Saga Masamune
That words enough to make Riko's face redder than before. You only glanced at Riko while sipping the glass. "Hmmm...." Kanan looked at them with a big grin on...
CRACK Aqours Chatroom by RikakoTrashyFan
CRACK Aqours Chatroomby Fic ゆうツ
Chatroom with slightly jokes and inappropriate jokes inside. You have been warned... I'll might never update this fic..Well If I have ideas. Thanks to my friend who ga...
• Love Live! Dengeki G Scan Translations • by KananYou
• Love Live! Dengeki G Scan Transl...by Ela
Translations of Dengeki G scans that weren't translated by the wiki!! Feel free to request a scan, check the ll wiki first to see if it was done though.
Blue Feather! ~A Proposal for Yoshiko!~ by ratnapuspaa
Blue Feather! ~A Proposal for Yosh...by Ratna Puspa Merdika
Blue Feather? What does it has to do with a marriage proposal? Hanamaru just discovered a new, and weird thing to her knowledge!
I'll always love you, No matter what Happens  by VoteForLoona
I'll always love you, No matter wh...by VoteForLoona
This was supposed to be my friend's story but she was too damn lazy to update so this is why I'm the one finishing her story (-_-) anyways, Watanabe You and her best fri...
YohaMaru One-Shots and Drabbles by YMShipUser
YohaMaru One-Shots and Drabblesby YMShipUser
Just like the title says. You can read the Spanish version of these one shots in another story of mine. There may be side ships in some of the stories, such as KanaMari...
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2by YuriDachi
Read YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3 too,thanks.^^ I also have special book: [January Until December: Together, Me & You] YoshiRiko is Yoshiko and Riko from Love Live! Sunshine! Y...
Love Live Sunshine Crime Fanfic by OtakuAnimeGirl36
Love Live Sunshine Crime Fanficby OtakuAnimeGirl36
Takami Chika is a Detective in the Numazu district, with her team Watanabe You and Kurosawa Ruby were able to solve many cases. But then there is one case they had troub...