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The Flame Chosen by NurnasyidahNatasha
The Flame Chosenby Fallfeather
When Reborn came to tutor Sawada Tsunayoshi, he didn't expect to find himself to learn about his secret and dangerous predator watches with silent eyes. Life wasn't fair...
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From Another World by ArcaneFury
From Another Worldby Khellie
[Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic] You live, and you die; it's as simple as that, right? Then why did I find myself living a life in another world after my death? *** (Updat...
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Mafia and Assassin by rinn45
Mafia and Assassinby rinn45
khr x ac Just the all known Crossover. Tsuna is sent to the E class to kill their sensei
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(KHR x AC) (all27) Nhiệm vụ của Vongola Decimo_Phần II by Tieu_Tuyet_Tuyet
(KHR x AC) (all27) Nhiệm vụ của...by TieuTuyetTuyet
Đây là phần 2 của phần 1: (KHR) (all27) Vongola Decimo_Sawada Tsunayoshi nèk~ ^o^ Mong mọi người tiếp tục ủng hộ mình nhiều nhiều nhak~ ^O^ *Và LƯU Ý mộ...
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A new universe by joanna19957
A new universeby joanna19957
Tsuna and Reborn had died in their previous life, and now they have woken up in a new universe. In this were Quirks and both of their universe self hadn't had any Quirks...
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A sky within the night -KHR by BerryBerryBlitz
A sky within the night -KHRby BerryBerryBlitz
When Reborn, the world's greatest hitman, came all the way to Namimori from Italy, he was expecting a model student with a silent older twin... Unfortunately, that isn't...
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Vongola Pearls by Oshien59
Vongola Pearlsby Dame_Oshien
لـئـالـئ الفونغولا تختفي وتظهر لتكون المحارة حزينة لعدم ظهور لـؤلـؤةٍ كَـ لـؤلـؤتها الاولى بمرور الوقت .. ظهرت لـؤلـؤةٌ في المحارة فكيف ومالذي حدث بينها مالذي حدث...
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Principesse della Morte [KHR FANFIC] by LalSiang3
Principesse della Morte [KHR FANFI...by R.I.P Sulli
There is a new rising Famiglia and is only second to the Vongola, the strongest mafia Famiglia. 'Principesse della Morte' Everyone is confused on how they became the se...
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What It Takes (KHR Fanfic)  by SoaringKuroba
What It Takes (KHR Fanfic) by Kuroba
"Giotto-san...what does it mean..no, exactly what does it take to become a boss? Vongola's boss?" "..." "...Would you like me to teach you, Tsun...
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Green Eyes (KHR - Gen) by ArrysaC80
Green Eyes (KHR - Gen)by Arrysa Clair
What Tsuna didn't expect in the afterlife was to be stuck in the body of Lambo, his Lightning Guardian, and apparently he was in the past too. Even after death, his noto...
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A New Change (KHR + AssClass Crossover) by Kittensrcute1494
A New Change (KHR + AssClass Cross...by EmM
A New Change (KHR + AssClass Crossover) Sawada Tsunayoshi always had a fuzzy feeling in his head when he was around his friends, his family, but he never thought it was...
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Por siempre R27 by Kisaki_Yazmin_Motou
Por siempre R27by Kisaki Yazmin Motou
Diversos fics centrados en la pareja Reborn x Tsuna, cada capitulo con un tema en especifico. Todo esto gracias al evento mas grande del grupo de Facebook "R27 fan...
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Baby Love?! KHR Reborn x Reader by MelodyLunairEclipse
Baby Love?! KHR Reborn x Readerby MelodyLunairEclipse
Follow Reader-Chan as she embarked on one strange ride as she finds herself in the world of KHR, see how she adapts to this world while trying to keep her appearance a s...
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Little Devil Of Namimori(KHR fanfic) by TheRandomSilverette
Little Devil Of Namimori(KHR fanfi...by Random-chan
The name 'Little Devil' was well known by all of the delinquents. Normal students and teachers as well. He went around beating up bullies in Namimori. And because of his...
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Log On: KHR Reality by KHRFanCrew
Log On: KHR Realityby KHRFanCrew
"Where am I...? Who am I...? Didn't I die? So why am I alive again?" Thrown into the Katekyo Hitman Reborn world as a newborn, their lives would never be the s...
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Twin Reflections by 21penmanships
Twin Reflectionsby 21penmanships
(short humor story) Who knew Dame-Tsuna has a twin ? Wha-- wait... There are two Tsuna's ?! Oh shit! They're both pranksters! How would everyone handle this ? Who is wh...
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My remake of Implausible Childhood Lovers change title to Affectionate Brothers. Change of plans __________________________________________ A story on how they became go...
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CRYPTIC SKY [KHR FANFIC](SLOW UPDATE)  by goldenseagull1997
I died, they died. I lived, they lived. We've send through another world together. We are who we are, yet never the same. (ALL27) (SLOW UPDATE) I DON'T OWN KATEKYO HITM...
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Numinous | KHR Fanfiction by Junny3458
Numinous | KHR Fanfictionby JUNE
Saikawa Jun, a lazy 18-year-old girl, who just graduated from high school. The school organised a trip for a celebration party before everyone split up. All she wanted w...
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Tsuna, Izuku and Goku meet by joanna19957
Tsuna, Izuku and Goku meetby joanna19957
What will happen when the three will meet. The three which are from a different universe meet? And how had they meet, let's find out in this story.
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