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Silver Lining by MyrianCarydark
Silver Liningby The Great Devourer
「雪はげし 抱かれて息の つまりしこと」 - "It snows violently - I was hugged - and choked." ~ Hashimoto Takako. It is snowing. It is so cold. So... very cold... I am being embr...
Forever be Fate [COMPLETE] by Ayano4515
Forever be Fate [COMPLETE]by Aya
|| COMPLETE || An Okikagu fanfic Kagura leaving her second home, earth, for some alien-hunting!! After some months later, she got an unexpected surprise! Now, what will...
Gintoki x Tsukuyo by MerisaRo
Gintoki x Tsukuyoby MerisaRo
2 years after the war and all Tsukuyo wants is to see him again. That man with crimson eyes and unnaturally wavy hair. Enjoyxx
Gintama Would You Rather!  by KaraZuki28
Gintama Would You Rather! by Mizu_Teas
This book is where you decide choices that is under the anime, Gintama :D Gintama is an anime/manga made by Sorachi Hideaki, all characters mentioned are made by the Gor...
Never Let You Go (completed) by rimmie_
Never Let You Go (completed)by silvermoon (Hiatus)
Selagi dia bernafas pasti ada harapan kan? cepat atau lambat Tsukuyo yakin shiroyasha akan bangkit dari tidur lamanya, hanya itu yang ia yakini sekarang all characters m...
After New Year's: A Gintama Fanfic by Si1verSou1
After New Year's: A Gintama Fanficby SilverSoul
After a hectic New Year's Party leaves Otose's Snack Bar in ruins, the Yorozuya, Otose, Catherine, and Tama end up staying with the Shinsengumi. Now, unless they manage...
[ENG] Stay With me by Kayomiii
[ENG] Stay With meby Kayomii ÓwÒ
It was supposed to be just an ordinary New Year's Eve party, only things took a different turn... You know that you need to have this person by your side? Funny, I have...
G.P | Gintama by Sho-todo
G.P | Gintamaby *Ribbit*
Some prompts for me to share with you... *Made with Original Ideas* *Be warned*
Valentine's Day at Gintama High School by Si1verSou1
Valentine's Day at Gintama High Sc...by SilverSoul
At Gintama High School, love is in the air on this holiday. Chocolates made with love, bought with love, and stole- I mean borrowed with love are given with confessions...
Whatsername by LaraLink00
Whatsernameby LaraLink00
Gintoki left Edo. It has been almost two years and it hurts. Non Canon GinTsu Pining, Romance and Angst. Eventual Happy Ending.
[ENG] Marry me, Tsukuyo! by Kayomiii
[ENG] Marry me, Tsukuyo!by Kayomii ÓwÒ
What does it mean to you to get married? Is it just the celebration of the union? the building of a future? Tsukuyo receives an unusual marriage proposal to help him fin...
Crimson tangles. by tamagito-aru
Crimson tangles.by tamagito-aru
(...) ¿No se puede detener el tiempo? ¿O volver a aquellos días sin preocupaciones? Dios, ¿por qué permites que esas personas hagan esto? Como deseo ayudarlo a que sean...
To Reach The Silver Lining - Gintoki X Tsukuyo Fanfiction by Ceurcentevile
To Reach The Silver Lining - Ginto...by Ceurcentevile
She had enough with all the bottled feelings for him, even the deepest ones. 《GinTsu》
Something OUT of CHARACTER by Yujee146
Something OUT of CHARACTERby Yujee146
"After the events of the huge battle with Utsuro, Edo was slowly returning to its former glory. I thought everything will be back to normal, or so I thought. "...
Let Me Love You by rimmie_
Let Me Love Youby silvermoon (Hiatus)
Sakata Gintoki : "mampukah aku mencairkan hatinya yang dingin" Hijikata Toushiro: "aku ingin membuatnya tersenyum" Tsukuyo: "dua lelaki ini sang...
Gintamowe One-Shoty by KuroKamisa
Gintamowe One-Shotyby Kara/Kamisa/Głowa Karpia
Zbiór one-shotów napisanych dawno temu, a które musiałam przenieść w inne miejsce w internecie. Być może pojawią się kolejne, jeśli kiedyś zachce mi się wrócić do pisan...
Días tranquilos. (One Shot) by NidalaeYato
Días tranquilos. (One Shot)by Nidalae
Por que a veces las situaciones de Edo hacen que uno pueda ser un poco más sincero con uno mismo y con la persona que te gusta. Leve HijiMitsu Leve GinTsuki Todos los d...
Dar un chocolate en el día de San Valentín puede convertirse en una guerra. by tamagito-aru
Dar un chocolate en el día de San...by tamagito-aru
Era el día de san valentín en Edo, como todos los años Gintoki pedía chocolates. Sin saber que dos mujeres bastante peligrosa pelearían para ser las primeras en dárselo...
Agridulce by yoxitha94
Agridulceby yoxitha94
Cada capítulo se centra en la vida de los adolescentes de la clase 3 Z. Siguiendo sus vivencias, amores, problemas y sueños. No todo se limita a tomar decisiones, el pre...