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COTE Year 2 Reimagined by Kiyonami
COTE Year 2 Reimaginedby Who Knows
This story is my own take on COTE year 2. Some volumes will remain similar to the original, while others will be completely different. Some events from Y1 are also diffe...
COTE: Married Couples, but not Lovers by derpycote
COTE: Married Couples, but not Lov...by derp
As we know was our protagonist, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, raised in a loveless environment named the white room. However, what if the concept of the Anime "More than a Ma...
Classroom of the Elite: Prepared by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Preparedby derp
After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, the second year. After dealing with Hosen and his plan to expel him, hi...
classroom of the elite oneshots by spaceishere
classroom of the elite oneshotsby Space
this is for experience, so advice and what my flaws are is what im looking for, but if you come to enjoy my writing i appreciate it. anyway, enjoy.
HighSchool DxD: The Fallen Red Eyed King (Original Story) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Fallen Red Eye...by Red
I grew up not knowing my parents. All I knew is that i grew up under cruel treatment from the yakuza I had to put up with and from the people on the streets for my red e...
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 2 ) by GiKaRa_
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 2 )by GiKaRa_
I can't believe i'm saying this. But this is the sequel of my fic 'Kiyotaka of Class B ( Year 1 )' and the second year book Highly recommended to read it before reading...
Twisting The Twisted by dreamerlegends
Twisting The Twistedby dreamerlegends
What if Classroom Of The Elite was just another universe in the multiverse? What if somebody who knows the past, the present, and the future of said universe suddenly ex...
kamen rider double x senki zesshou symphogear (male reader insert) by Dekaconvoy
kamen rider double x senki zesshou...by Deka convoy
Y/n wakes up on a bench with a strange suitcase next to him. He suddenly gets ttacked by strange creatures called noise. How will he survive in this strange looking worl...
Eternal Songs of Legend Riders and Symphogears by Fate-Turner72022
Eternal Songs of Legend Riders and...by MeisterRise
He was organizing his big shelf containing different Kamen Rider belts and tools and will now go to bed after his online class project is finished. But then, the next...
Tsubasa? by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Tsubasa?by Passing_Ghost_Friend
What would happen if Stain didn't save Izuku from the claws while Shigaraki was already gone? No Shigaraki to call back by and no Stain to save Izuku from the flying Nom...
Kamen Rider Build X Senki Zesshou Symphogear by SamSVS
Kamen Rider Build X Senki Zesshou...by SamSVS
Kagashi Yutaka and his childhood friend Tatsuya Ikari were just living a normal life until one day a portal out of nowhere transported them to another world where monste...
The Song Of The Heisei Era by JakTsu3
The Song Of The Heisei Eraby JakTsu3
(Y/N) have lost his family by the Noice the only family that he have left was his sister Snow. But sadly she died, before she die. She left something for (Y/N). She left...
What Happened To Me?  (Beyblade: Ryuga x Oc) by mooncat99123
What Happened To Me? (Beyblade: R...by mooncat99123
This is the story of how Ryuga come to be The Dragon Emperor, how he met Doji and His Partner in crime. A girl the same age as Ryuga, with long black hair and eyes. Peop...
Days of My Peaceful Life by AnimePhysicist
Days of My Peaceful Lifeby Anime Physicist
In this parallel universe, the White Room never existed, and ANHS is a normal high school. Ayanokoji Kiyotaka lives with his caring family. His father is a salaryman, a...
Beyblade: Tsubasa x Reader - Two Bladers! by McCree_
Beyblade: Tsubasa x Reader - Two B...by Wolf Blue_KP
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you had moved to Japan. You originally lived in the USA, with your best friends Masamune Kadoya, Zeo Abyss and Toby. You are 15 years old an...
The crossing Song( male reader x symphogear harem) by Arthurpendragon285
The crossing Song( male reader x s...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
After defeating killer spider, evolt says his goodbyes to banjo ryuga known as kamen rider cross z and when to different earth, upon arrival he saw a boy who was already...
•REVENGE• | Beyblade Metal Fight X OC Story| by yuitheblackx
•REVENGE• | Beyblade Metal Fight X...by yuitheblackx
"This is it!You're going down for good.Nobody else is going to suffer because of your bey!" "A bey?A bey can generate infinite energy?" "For age...
Kamen Rider Decade X Senki Zesshou Symphogear (male reader Insert) by datguyjax
Kamen Rider Decade X Senki Zesshou...by datguyjax
A new Decade is forced to go on a Journey within a new world, what types of people will he meet on it? Y/N will need to face new challenges in it. Will he destroy the wo...
Kamen Rider Zero-One x Symphogear: Songs of Dreams! by Tensei_Fanfic
Kamen Rider Zero-One x Symphogear:...by Ten_Fanfic
The story is about Hiden Haruto - Hiden Aruto's son and Amatsu Hana - Amatsu Gai's daughter. Haru arrives in a parallel world where a deadly alien race known as the Nois...
Apotelesma { Beyblade Metal Saga x  FEM!Reader } by lollipopsandpancakes
Apotelesma { Beyblade Metal Saga x...by Hiraeth
Apotelesma - Noun (Latin) | ~ The influence of stars on human destiny.