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THE SECOND MINDREADER, wings of fi...by North
Y/n, a NightWing-IceWing hybrid, is a mindreader and seer, just like her best friend Moonwatcher. This is the story of how they attended Jade Mountain Academy, saved th...
The Lost Boy and the Starseed ✓ (tronnor) by nutellatronnor
The Lost Boy and the Starseed ✓ (t...by nutellatronnor
"I don't fall in love. I stumble, tumble and while I try to regain my balance I trip face-flat on the ground "
Ishqana Dil  by theimpossiblegal
Ishqana Dil by theimpossiblegal
Ishqana Dil takes up the story of Tere Sheher Mein (Star Plus) from a little after Mantu realises he loves Amaya. For those of you who have not watched the show, I'll ad...
ManYa - Dheere Dheere se... (Continuing) by facficloverr
ManYa - Dheere Dheere se... (Conti...by Kanak
3 NEW CHAPTERS EVERY WEEK Mantu was dejected when Amaya returned his belongings back, which he thought she cared about the most. Meanwhile, Amaya has to fly back to Mumb...
When Love Conquers [COMPLETED] by facficloverr
When Love Conquers [COMPLETED]by Kanak
Based on an Indian Television Show that aired on 2nd March 2015. I was obsessed with this show as a teenager but towards the end, makers ruined the story and a 15 year o...
north's miscellaneous book by 1-800-NORTHWIND
north's miscellaneous bookby North
Misc info on my stories, scrapped drafts/scenarios, teasers, opinions on things, etc. multifandom
Lcs oneshots and imagine shenanigans by FreezerLolipop
Lcs oneshots and imagine shenaniga...by FreezerLolipop
I write reader inserts of pro League of Legends players and stuff. Yeah, so no oc's here my guy. Also, Leave something positive or vote if you enjoy cause it helps a lot...
The Sister ( NA LCS ) by AlysaLoL
The Sister ( NA LCS )by Emi :P
My name is Alyssa Scuderi. My brother is known for being a professional gamer which means he plays video games for a living. His real name is Zach Scuderi but he's calle...
invocando al héroe de la nación. by JaquelineAlejandra30
invocando al héroe de la nación.by Jaqueline Alejandra
It is a story of Carlos Acevedo winning the independence of Mexico
Various x Reader oneshots  by Bad_Advice
Various x Reader oneshots by Y
I'm a slut for anime guys One shots lolol if you have a special wish just tell me :) Writing one shots is a lot easier for me then whole storys. It can be from a manga...
League of Legends One Shots <3 by BetterThanBjerg
League of Legends One Shots <3by Bjergsen's Bitches
One shots for all your LoL needs! Request ships of LCS players to maybe even champions. We can write most genres (probably not smut tho. actually definitely not smut.) [...
Living the Dream by SupportGoddess
Living the Dreamby GOÐÐESS
I've wanted to read a Svenskeren fan fiction but I couldn't find one. So I'll just write one. SvenskerenXreader. I use my name, so sorry bout that.
Twisted Fate ¥ (tsm bjergsen) • SLOW UPDATES by jbbarnes
Twisted Fate ¥ (tsm bjergsen) • SL...by ya girl Amber
In which a mid lane sub for G2 has to go against the long reigning, fan adored TSM Bjergsen. Who will win, who will lose? Join Alistair Clark, better known as G2 Allysta...
Let's Take This to the LCS by BetterThanBjerg
Let's Take This to the LCSby Bjergsen's Bitches
All the duo needed was League and Korean BBQ. What happens when they meet someone who has the offer of a life time? What about when they meet people who will make or bre...
The Hamtons motel by Tess_Bradley_
The Hamtons motelby Tess_Bradley_
The Hamtons Motel (Niall Horan) The Hamtons motel is an old rundown place, that gets almost zero business, zero on the health inspections, but surprisingly enough...
Lustboy Love by TRSWinters1302
Lustboy Loveby Kimime Art
TSM Lustboy in the support in TSM. He is a quiet person, only talks when he needs to. But, that is about to change. When, Lustboy meets the love of his life. Read to fin...
one date ( Bjergsen ) by yagirlanya
one date ( Bjergsen )by Anya :)
(these chapters were all written way before actually released. sorry if there were any mistakes) Cassidy and Søren were best friends through out their life. they were fa...
Rise Of Runeterra (TSM Fanfiction) by LuxDeG
Rise Of Runeterra (TSM Fanfiction)by LuxDeG
In a world where everyone playing the Game called League of Legends, but what they dont know that the game is not just a game but a world itself Follow the Pov of Lukz a...