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BuzzFeed by alletsarnott
BuzzFeedby alletsarnott
This is a cliche romance about Eugene Lee Yang. I just want to clarify that I wrote this book while I was still learning to wrote and I know it needs to be heavily edite...
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The Try Kid (Adopted by Eugene Lee Yang) by ice_giant_Loki
The Try Kid (Adopted by Eugene Esia Stark
Soal had spent most of her life in an orphanage. She's never had an actual family...untill now.
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Adopted By Eugene! Try Guys Fan Fic by princetongirl139
Adopted By Eugene! Try Guys Fan Ficby Tinydancer89
Eugene lee yang never thought he wanted kids until he came in to custody of his 6 year old daughter named Akiko. (Completed)
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Moving from the UK to LA was tough, but thanks to your new job at Buzzfeed, you managed to make some new friends. The Try Guys. [Number1 in the Try Guys tag: December 1s...
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Keugene by GraceMariacher
Keugeneby GraceMariacher
Try Guys Keith and Eugene love story
The Try Girl by Lakespirit123
The Try Girlby Mist Amanda Harper
Just picture it, four Try Guys and the...female one...and the youngest one.. NOTE: I KNOW there is already an honorary Try Girl (Jordan) but just pretend...calm yourse...
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Adapted by The Try Guys  by unknown1273
Adapted by The Try Guys by unknown1273
This is the story of a small girl named (Y/N). She had been put up for adaption since she was a baby. She's now five years old and has convinced herself that she will ne...
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Crying (Shawn mendes) by gameofmendes
Crying (Shawn mendes)by Game of Mendes
I hear a sobs from the bathroom stall next me and there he was.
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Try Guys Preferences by GreasersNYoutube
Try Guys Preferencesby crank 'dat nerdy boy
I love The Try Guys! Here's some fun preferences about them!
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Can't Stop Falling// Eugene Lee Yang x Reader by HanInBlack
Can't Stop Falling// Eugene Lee HanTheFan
(Y/N), Yes an unusual name. (Y/N) was born in America, but has a Korean family background. She finally finished college and called to work at Buzzfeed, which is her drea...
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Zagene ~ Friends? by Teendreamerr
Zagene ~ Friends?by Teendreamerr
Fanfic about Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang of The Try Guys. Eugene and Zach have always been good friends, but is there a chance they could be something more? Please...
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Sometimes It Just Is by phoenix_vixen
Sometimes It Just Isby phoenix_vixen
Eugene had been extra attentive to him for quite some time now, always asking if his back was aching, even rubbing his lower spine every now and then when he asked the q...
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Got Me Buzzed | Eugene Lee Yang X Male Reader by Yoyoanaria
Got Me Buzzed | Eugene Lee Yang Yoyoanaria
This is a Male!Reader, I've just fallen in love with male readers and I thought that you guys may like this one!
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Try Gay?  (Ned X Eugene) (Keith x Eugene) (Zach x Eugene) try guys by sad_blueberrysans
Try Gay? (Ned X Eugene) (Keith Fyn (Finn)
#TryGuysEatSandwiches #TryGuy I support all the IRL couples i shall put me in some of them just as a background character or an extra.
Just a Game | Eugene Lee Yang x Reader fanfic by Findtherightwords
Just a Game | Eugene Lee Yang x Emily
The beginning based on the video the Try Guys did with Smosh Games with an AU twist. (Read first "chapter" for full details.)
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Wonderment - zagene by quietlyolivia
Wonderment - zageneby ☆
Eugene finds himself slowly catching feelings towards one of his best friends, Zach, but how would the other guys react? Does Zach feel the same way?
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Try guys x reader {ONESHOTS} by AngeryDeerMom
Try guys x reader {ONESHOTS}by Deer
Hi! I have a spastic mind and I love music I hope this goes well!
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The Disturbing Case of Eugene Lee Yang by TryguysUnsolved
The Disturbing Case of Eugene TryguysUnsolved
A terrible tale of sandwiches, love, and best of all murder!
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As Days Go By (try guys x reader) by Ameboo20
As Days Go By (try guys x reader)by Ameboo20
A try guys x reader Y/N your name f/b favourite band
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Try Guys One Shot (Sandwich Smut) by ShaSha12342
Try Guys One Shot (Sandwich Smut)by ShaSha12342
Writing some Try Guys One Shots. If you don't understand why I'm writing sandwich smuts then you DON'T DESERVE to understand lmao.
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