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Seeking Solace by _TheDragoness_
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me.》 {Cover is c...
Tales of sisters by Charmed_Sunshine_22
Tales of sistersby Charms
There are different types of sisters...some love each other to bits, some just don't care or hate each other to the core! Cover credit goes @_littlebitcrazy_
Ninjago  TRUTH OR DARE by gramaye
Ninjago TRUTH OR DAREby Gra-MayeDIY
Hello Ninjago fangirls or boys!!! Have you wanted to asked or dare the six ninja's? Well this is the book for you!!! There will also be special guest such as Misako, Sky...
Bohemian Rhapsody  by adhara_potter
Bohemian Rhapsody by Adhara
A book of all my Queen Imagines (both the band and the bo-rhap cast) Series featured in this book so far are: False Truths : Roger Taylor x Reader You're My Best Friend...
p o e t r y by desp-erate
p o e t r yby rubes
A collection of poetry found under lovers nails or stained against your pillow case - highest ranking - #3 poems - #9 in poetry - All rights reserved - © Ruby Smith...
Scary Stories & Creepy Facts by httpjsmn02
Scary Stories & Creepy Factsby JASMIN
The title speak. Read at your own risk. Advisable to read before sleeping. Are you brave enough? #17 in Horror: 010518 #12 in Horror: 020818 #3 in Horror: 021018 #2 in H...
COLLUSION: The  Web🕸️ of  Coffined⚰️ Truths by PriyaJerusha1411
COLLUSION: The Web🕸️ of PriyaJerusha1411
COLLUSION: /kəˈl(j)uːʒ(ə)n/ noun secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others. ...
Truths and Rumours Behind the Scenes of "Kiralık Aşk" by NataliyaTrifonova
Truths and Rumours Behind the NataliyaTrifonova
This is an article that I read months ago and decided to translate it to English. The article that I read was translated from Arabic and Russian to Bulgarian and I have...
Inanimate Insanity Truth or dare! by FlatterMusic
Inanimate Insanity Truth or dare!by FlatterMusic X3
This story might be completely random.. You may ask the inanimateinsanity crew to do something or ask them something you can ask About me to! The characters doesn't b...
Percy Jackson's New Side (Book 2) - Destruction: The Dawn of the Forgotten by only_blue_tiger
Percy Jackson's New Side (Book 2) only_blue_tiger
-ORIGINAL WORK- The two are forgotten, bad deeds written all over their lives. They are replaced. Shunned. Mysterious. Unrecognizable. One is the supposed savior of Olym...
Paw Patrol Truth or Dare by Da297350
Paw Patrol Truth or Dareby DaWrath
This is my first story ever so enjoy and please follow!!! Also tell me how y'all think of the ending.
𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝑨𝒍𝒑𝒉𝒂 ~ A "Zombies 3" Story by tacosupremacy
𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝑨𝒍𝒑𝒉𝒂 ~ A " v
"One day, the curious pup ventured beyond the forest only to find a bear who scratched her face and left a scar forever. The pack soon discovered that the scar was...
Forbidden Passion by ShayPatterson1
Forbidden Passionby ShayPatterson1
A shy seventeen-year-old girl, her mama and her mamas' boyfriend go on a retreat for a family reunion where she falls in love with someone whose forbidden.
Undercover Love by nothinganynore
Undercover Loveby Quit
[COMPLETED] [60,000 - 70,000 WORDS] Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third, also known as Jughead Jones when at home or undercover. The 23 year old FBI agent is working wit...
Blissfully Ignorant by Failia_Baighaan
Blissfully Ignorantby Failia_Baighaan
*This is the sequel of Dominance and Subjugation.* When Desmond La Corte realized his mistakes and decided to not to hide his feelings anymore from his wife Ester La Cor...
Ninjago TRUTH OR DARE 2 by gramaye
Ninjago TRUTH OR DARE 2by Gra-MayeDIY
Coming back at it for a reunion show, it's GraMaye hitting back up with your favorite, lovable, ninjas!!! Dare even more crazier, truths even more deep and the guest are...
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Truth Or Dare 3 by Karishma357
Truth Or Dare 3by D.K Robert
3 ROUNDS DO THE DARE OR THE DARE DOES YOU! YOU LIE YOU DIE! A group of nine friends are going out for the weekend after there midterm exam. One of her friend David found...
Summer Love, Is True Love || COMING SOON by ImATaurusWhoWrites
Summer Love, Is True Love || Wattpad Fantasy Writter
Blair Monroe Winston, is a 19 year old who doesn't believe in love. It's not that she doesn't "love it" it's the fact that her older sister Skylar has put in h...
🌸The Alpha's Human Mate🌸 by Kemi-Harper
🌸The Alpha's Human Mate🌸by Kemi-Harper
©All Rights Reserved Mia Hunter as always lived her life as a normal girl but when she's thrown into the world she thought was only in fairy tales and books and the fact...