They Belonged to the Wicked (The Teenage Rebellion Series #1) by rosepetalblunts
They Belonged to the Wicked (The rosepetalblunts
Based on true events. This is not your average story about runaways. This story will go into every small detail about choices young adults, including myself, make and th...
  • inspiration
  • mylife
  • youngadult
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Cracked By Him (#Wattys2018) by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Cracked By Him (#Wattys2018)by Scarlett Daisy
A bet that Hayden can't fall in love. A miracle that he does. All he wants is to protect her from trouble. But how can he? When he 'is' trouble! ...... Based on a tru...
  • featured
  • burningpassionawards2018
  • maleprotagonist
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A nerd and their bully by Luke_Powers
A nerd and their bullyby Luke_Powers
True stories about my bullying experiences (wedgies , swirlies etc.)
  • drama
  • briefs
  • conflict
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Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid (completed) by WeirderMum
Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Marian Onukwufor
Highest Rank #1 in Non Fiction 14/12/17 A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 20/10/2017 Based on a true life story. Have you ever struggled to survive? Faced with constant sexual...
  • abuse
  • love
  • childabuse
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My paranormal experiences by Beautiful-lunatic
My paranormal experiencesby ✥ Isabella ✥
This is the book where I put all my paranormal experiences and events that have no proper explanation to them. Everything in this book is real, but you can choose if yo...
  • haunting
  • paranormal
  • creepy
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Heartbreak Diary |  FREQUENT UPDATES ✎ by trinitystories_xo
Heartbreak Diary | FREQUENT trinity sunalee
If you got your heart broken by your best friend, what would you do? In which a heartbroken girl writes a series of letters in her own personal diary to the only boy she...
  • heartbroken
  • romance
  • breakup
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Real Life Paranormal Experiences Part 1 by Paranormal
Real Life Paranormal Experiences Paranormal and Supernatural
Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community. Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
  • supernatural
  • haunted
  • ufo
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Just For Fun Re-uploaded  by jazzy1618
Just For Fun Re-uploaded by Jasmine
I walked up to his car, wearing my little dress. He told me to wear something with easy access. I got into his car and sat down, I knew what I was supposed to do now...
  • naive
  • sexy
  • curvy
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My So Called Friend's Husband  by DarkRoyallty
My So Called Friend's Husband by DarkRoyalty
I.B.A.T.S Lumerica... strong, independent, smart and one of a kind. She has always admired her friend's husband from the first time she laid eyes on him... but she alw...
  • forbidden
  • wife
  • life
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When My Husband Is My Brother by Tashasya
When My Husband Is My Brotherby Tashasya
WARNING!!! •••18+ Yui Bellvania Gremory yang tidak menyangka akan dinikahi oleh abangnya sendiri. Banyak kejadian yang Ia alami sebelum itu terjadi. Mengingat Ia ada...
  • love
  • story
  • kiss
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This is Us by jessisbaby
This is Usby Riley Jade
The story of us through random conversations. Some funny, some weird, some cute, some sad, some crazy, and a lot of love. This one is very special to me because it is 1...
  • gxg
  • relationship
  • truestory
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Scary Facts  by Secretly_Insane
Scary Facts by Erika Gunnerson
Scary facts. Saw many of these and decided to make my own book of them. Credits go to the internet.
  • horror
  • true
  • facts
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You Can't Break Her  by TSTurcotte
You Can't Break Her by T. S. Turcotte
Nonfiction spotlight for August 2018 #1 in Autobiography, my-life, true-story and Memoir / First place in the Chaos Awards/ Second place in the Golden awards 2k18/ Secon...
  • featured
  • autobiography
  • wattys2018
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do u trust me???? by arhilover
do u trust me????by arhilover
itz based on ipkknd
  • arnavkhushi
  • arnav
  • trust
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Moreyna's Compilation of One shots story [completed] by Moreyna_
Moreyna's Compilation of One Moreyna WP
Random One shots [rated PG and SPG]
  • modernstory
  • action
  • bts
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Coffee Talk by mestrin
Coffee Talkby Michael Estrin
Coffee Talk is a collection of super short, totally true stories from coffeehouses in Los Angeles. Think of these stories as espresso narratives - a quick jolt of someth...
  • coffee
  • funny
  • barista
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Haven't Found Anyone Like You by ayesha0106
Haven't Found Anyone Like Youby Ayesha Ibnath
Hey guys,it's my first story...So give me feedbacks.. It's the story about a girl,Avni who hates boys...And a boy named,Neil who removed her thought...Will they be frien...
  • avni
  • enemiestolovers
  • friendship
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NURSE McSEXY by MarilynAHepburn
NURSE McSEXYby Marilyn A Hepburn
**2016 WATTYS WINNER FOR VISUAL STORYTELLING** Letting her appearance fall to the wayside and desperate to find a reason for her life, Marilyn sits half naked in an Urge...
  • adultfiction
  • chicklit
  • featured
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Junior and Me (Season 2) [Completed] by yeyint1913
Junior and Me (Season 2) [ Ye’ Yint Thway
The story of my unrequited love continues... Or wait, was it really unrequited? ?
  • sweet
  • boylove
  • love
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The Nursing Home Crime Texts by CeciandJack
The Nursing Home Crime Textsby CeciandJack
#1 True Crime. The secrets of life, sex, and powder skiing, including modestly arousing photos of prostitutes, a search for buried women, and a nursing home romance. Eve...
  • peachbasedlifeform
  • romance
  • non-fiction
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