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Tronnor : Hostage by o2lcloudylove123
Tronnor : Hostageby Rebecca
The gang was dark and violent, a patronising group of teenagers that took it too far. The task was an easy one. A simple robbery that went wrong. Troye Mellet couldn't...
Sounds and Senses (Tronner) by atrimea
Sounds and Senses (Tronner)by atrimea
Tronner fluff and smut and really cute stuff idk just read it ok it's beautiful I promise
Black sweater boy (Tronnor) by tronnors_jumpers
Black sweater boy (Tronnor)by Ruby
For the one Connor see's but too shy to interact with.
Euphoria || tronnor || by burymyIove
Euphoria || tronnor ||by h
Finding bliss was hard for Connor, he was troubled by unknown thoughts and ideas that terrified him. To him bliss was ignorance because it was better leaving it alone th...
Life Saver (A Tronnor Fanfic) by tronnors-cat
Life Saver (A Tronnor Fanfic)by Andrea & Aurora
What if the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed to your wrist until you meet them. Well for Troye the word "help" has been on his wrist since he...
My flower (tronnor) by Okmiau
My flower (tronnor)by Sara Marín
This is the story about how Troye starts working at a tattoo studio, right next to a beautiful florist. What will happen when he meets a Connor, the flower boy with a da...
Falling In Love With You (TRONNOR) by facefromthemirror
Falling In Love With You (TRONNOR)by facefromthemirror
Tronnor AU fanfiction where Troye is a shy musician and Connor goes through a hard period in his life. How will their love blossom?
When You Look Like That ~ A Tronnor AU (discontinued) by tronnorwaffles
When You Look Like That ~ A Mary
Troye has a bad reputation. Connor has a good one. Troye is popular. Connor is not. But when Troye looks like that, Connor's never ever wanted to be so bad.
Tronnor One shots  by gottalovetroye
Tronnor One shots by gottalovetroye
This is a few short stories about Tronnor (Troye Sivan and Connor Franta). Hopefully there are going to be 16 parts that are each based on a song from Blue Neighbourhood...
Maybe It Was A Spark. by 20tomlinson02
Maybe It Was A Gucci Suits & Tracksuits
A short story/poem based upon evenings sitting watching the sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge, cuddling by the fire, and looking back on the memories that they had shared...
Tronnor Oneshots by ticklingtronnor
Tronnor Oneshotsby sofa
Tronnor Oneshots / Short Stories
Tronnor: The Swan And His Lover by swanfranta
Tronnor: The Swan And His Loverby idk.
Connor's a swan, Troye's his savior, Tyler's a sorcerer.
Hidden From View by shadowpoet
Hidden From Viewby shadowpoet
okay so this is a fictional story based on the ship of TRONNOR... okay just wanna say I have no tolerance for haters so if your here for that this may not be a book for...
Mellifluous - Tronnor by goodcliche
Mellifluous - Tronnorby leonie
mellifluous [muh-lif-loo-uh s] adjective 1. sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones. 2. flowing with honey; sweetened with...
Fall - A Tronnor Fanfic by tronnorandburitos
Fall - A Tronnor Fanficby tronnorandburitos
Troye Sivan is scared to fall in love. Connor Franta is determined to change that.
《ON HOLD》Numb My Skin ( a Tronnor Fanfic) by CatchmebySurprise
《ON HOLD》Numb My Skin ( a CatchmebySurprise
What events did happen before 'A new chapter' video of Connor? Why is it so hard for Troye to focus on the things that are happening in his life? Troye and Connor are b...