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Married to my GAY Best Friend |Troye Sivan| by KIzume_berrybun
Married to my GAY Best Friend | ¦Lee Jooheon's Waifu¦
BOOK 1 of The Gay Love Trilogy HIGHEST RANK: #134 in Comedy, #125 in troye sivan, #6 in troyler, #3 in Sivan Story Details: It wasn't too magical as you think... I marri...
Silent Treatment (boyxboy) by HerSweetPrince
Silent Treatment (boyxboy)by Jean-Axel
He ignores me. It's okay though. I don't talk to him either. We have never said a word to each other, ever since we laid eyes on each other. We're giving each other the...
DISABILITY // larry [✔️] by louisftshiall
DISABILITY // larry [✔️]by juniper.
(this book is so cringey please don't hate me for it i'm so sorry ugh) where louis has adhd, dyslexia, disfluency, social anxiety, and panic disorder, and harry just wan...
Poison { Bradley Simpson Fanfic ) by AdristiAmandaa
Poison { Bradley Simpson Fanfic )by Amanda
Too bad life is just too messy for romance to appear
Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐ by DYoongiT
Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐by MinJinx
"You know what I find interesting?" I looked up at him and shook my head. "Human hands." I gave him a confused look. "Why?" "Because...
Tronnor One-shots by Moonpasta
Tronnor One-shotsby Bambi
Tronnor one-shots ~ 1
illusive 👑 by sensualtronnor
illusive 👑by inactive
completed 9/19/16 written by @onethousandwishes
vinyls - tracob  by miserableroses
vinyls - tracob by malia♡
where jacob works in a music store and troye gets abused sometimes. dom!jacob fem!troye
You And I by Stalia_Tronnor
You And Iby Stalia_Tronnor
Troye Mellet...High School Student. Global Superstar. Connor Franta...High School Student. Class Weirdo. Can two completely different worlds become one fantastical life?
Introverts by -spookyy
Introvertsby bayleemarie
Introvert: noun A shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person. The bad part about being an introvert is that you feel like you get left out of everything but at th...
Hidden Love (Tronnor fanfiction) by marlieseke
Hidden Love (Tronnor fanfiction)by Marlies
What if you fall in love with one of your best friends and don't even accept that you're gay? This is what happens to Connor Franta. He always knew that he was differen...
together again // tronnor au by -silvermoons
together again // tronnor auby ・°☆.*。
the one where troye forgets the one person who was always there for him.
Tronnor : Hostage by o2lcloudylove123
Tronnor : Hostageby Rebecca
The gang was dark and violent, a patronising group of teenagers that took it too far. The task was an easy one. A simple robbery that went wrong. Troye Mellet couldn't...
training wheels  by -honeybix
training wheels by ʀɪᴀ 🍯
*sequel to Alphabet boy* !! contains cg/l relationship dynamic !!
Fools // Tronnor AU  by bluetroyee
Fools // Tronnor AU by blurryface
Connor Joel Franta - high school badass and player. Everyone knew that you shouldn't fall in love with him -- you'd be a fool to do that. He is a player. He reels you in...
fuck boy - tracob  by miserableroses
fuck boy - tracob by malia♡
"it's dangerous to fall for the fuck boy," jacob says referring to himself in third person, a sly smirk upon his stupid face (troye mentally noted to himself h...
It's Understandable: A Tronnor AU by gentlerways
It's Understandable: A Tronnor AUby Sydney KS
Troye Mellet is not popular. He's middle class in the teenage hierarchy and the head of the bitter kids. Cocky "populars" and superficial teens are his enemies...
internet; tronnor  by oddityhowell
internet; tronnor by elyssa
it started on the internet.
The Vamps Night and Day one shots by YesWeCanDance
The Vamps Night and Day one shotsby VampsFan49
The Vamps boyxboy one shots based on the songs from their 3rd album 'night and day'