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He Had it Coming (fem!Daltrick) by MyChemicalSuckmates
He Had it Coming (fem!Daltrick)by k e v i n
"He took a flower in its prime, and then he used it and he abused it? It was a murder but not a crime." TW: domestic abuse, murder, mentioned sexual abuse, sui...
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Skittles
"A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly." Doctor!Gerard Companion!Frank A fun concept I wanted to explore :) I also love...
unholy pictures of pete wentz by notwentz
unholy pictures of pete wentzby Pete x
inspired by unholy pictures of josh dun lowercase intended
Songs about Mikey by Dunacceptable
Songs about Mikeyby Dunacceptable
( A Petekey AU , side Trohley, Brallon, Ryden) "He was doing the almost-smile thing again. I liked it when he did that, it was cute. As much as I hated the word 'c...
|PETERICK STORIES| by giraffedallon
A collection of Peterick stories that my bored mind came up with. CONTENT WARNINGS: A lot of sex/sexual acts, mentions of mental illnesses/portrayal of mental illnesses...
ONE SHOTS , [multiship] by TumblrJishwa
ONE SHOTS , [multiship]by 🥀ᴮʰᵃᵇʸ_ⁱᵗˢ_ᵐʰᵉ🥀
This is a load of one shots! Joshler, Brallon, Bryllon, Halsenie, Jelanie, Jysh, Ryden, Ferard, Peterick and more! -cover made by me
Kik 》 Trohley AU by hiiraetth
Kik 》 Trohley AUby Dad
Andy and Pete are great friends. Pete is constantly harasses Andy to get this app called 'kik'. Pete thinks it's the greatest thing ever, but Andy doesn't understand why...
Two Quarters and a Heart Down by bulletthewords
Two Quarters and a Heart Downby kb
Patrick is the new kid at Winona High, and he doesn't quite know how to fit in. Dropping by a dance party held by the "in crowd" (as the popular kids call them...
Dear Stranger (Peterick) by faithisfound
Dear Stranger (Peterick)by Faith
Patrick is another freshman that deals with Pete Wentz and his friends. During his time in 9th grade, Patrick writes a series of letters.
the chat, of course (an emo band group chat, kik ig?) by leophobia4
the chat, of course (an emo band mikey way’s inhaler
THERE'S SOME (terrible) DRAMA! it's like kik or something? idrk, but it's an emo band group chat type thing. i did this forever ago, before i was in 23985846 bandoms. it...
he's my winona ♕ by ultchangki
he's my winona ♕by changki <3
peterick fic~ Patrick is the new kid at the school. Everyone thinks Pete the average bad boy. He has tattoos and a bad reputation making him seem more fierce than he rea...
Peterick One Shots by considerme
Peterick One Shotsby considering oximoronics
Just lots'a Peterick mah bois
Fandom RP Book  by Fyre_Hazaard
Fandom RP Book by Philza Minecraft~
Different RP scenarios from different ships from different fandoms I'm in. Ships (I might try others that I don't quite ship if you want): ZeRoyalChaos Petekey Peterick ...
sneeze (trohley) | ✔️ by baeleywilliams
sneeze (trohley) | ✔️by CLARE.
in their high school classes together, andy hurley has a cold. joe trohman never says 'bless you' after he sneezes. (april 12 2018 - april 19 2018)
Requested One-Shots (Multiship!!) by panictranscan
Requested One-Shots (Multiship!!)by Adien :)
Request One Shots Too Me #1 in brencer !!
Coffee shop boy |Trohley| (completed) by skeleton_dad
Coffee shop boy |Trohley| ( Move i'm gay
Joe works at a coffee shop and everyday a heavily tattooed man comes in at the exact same time... This is the first fic I ever wrote so it's not the best.
The Bandom Book Of One-Shots (Emo-Quartet and more) [ON HOLD] by ComicallyAJ
The Bandom Book Of One-Shots ( alexpresso
Note from the author: I'm pretty sure I won't be updating the book anymore. If you want to read my better stuff, my week[e]man book is where it's at! - I wanted to pract...
30 days of Trohley smut by alienfeels
30 days of Trohley smutby Alien feels
1. Cuddles naked 2. Frist kiss 3. First time 4. Masturbation 5. Blow job 6. Clothed getting off 7. Half dressed 8. Skype sex 9. Against the wall 10. Doggy style 11. Dom...
Miserable  by PeterickPhan
Miserable by PeterickPhan
This is what can happen when you hurt someone. short collab fic w @sunshinesriptide
EMO GROUP CHAT by radioroger_
Just some trash book featuring our favs:fob,tøp,p!atd and mcr