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The Legend of Percy Jackson by Poseidons_Wife
The Legend of Percy Jacksonby Amphitrite
10 years after Percy's disappearing, Triton gets dreams about his little brother. He didn't know why he gets this dreams and digs for the truth, when he finds the truth...
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Animal Instincts: Infected Humanity *Book 1* (Ultimate Spider-Man *Cartoon*) by OfficialUSMWriter
Animal Instincts: Infected Mystery_Name
Then he slowly turned around to face the horrified heroes. His bandages were bleeding through, leaving his wrists dripping with crimson red; staining the floor at his fe...
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Trickster's Tail ~ Loki Laufeyson [COMPLETED] ✓ by TheRandomRhia
Trickster's Tail ~ Loki 𝔘𝔫𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔫𝔱
Ariel has grown bored with her life in Atlantis. Daughter to King Triton, Poesidon's only son, she's got big boots to fill - well, a tail to fill - but it's simply not t...
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lost battles → THE HUNGER GAMES ✓ by dprandall21
lost battles → THE HUNGER GAMES ✓by 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐬
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leyendo el guerrero by alanicobandokitsune
leyendo el guerreroby alan david obando vargas
todos los derechos reservados
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Poseidon's Daughter by Marykerose
Poseidon's Daughterby Peaches
I woke up to the face of my new mother, reborn into the world of Percy Jackson. First born daughter of Poseidon. And this world, this life is just the beginning, and a l...
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Melody and Harmony by BiancaEvans2
Melody and Harmonyby LegolasG5*
Harmony and Melody are the twin daughters of Eric & Ariel. The granddaughters of King Triton. They always played together and always snuck into the others crib. But some...
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Amado by Choi_Lee
Amadoby Choi_Lee
Una noche oscura y tempestuosa, el aspirante a hombre de negocios Choi MinHo, es rescatado de la muerte segura por un muchacho hermoso con la cola de una sirena. Mientra...
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The Mermaid Beginning by PerkyGoth14
The Mermaid Beginningby PerkyGoth14
It's summer vacation, Atticus has been having unusual dreams about being in the water, but not exactly drowning. His family seems to wonder about this, but his mother re...
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A New start (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Xx_Crescent_moon_xX
A New start (A Percy Jackson Xx_Crescent_moon_xX
Poseidon goes to camp one night, to find Percy crying. The war has taken it's toll on the young hero, and the guilt is eating him alive. His father wants to help him and...
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Percy Jackson and Triton's Revenge by LilyLunaJackson
Percy Jackson and Triton's Revengeby Bharathi
Percy has long forgotten his stepbrother, Triton, who never interfered in his life in anyway. But, Triton hasn't forgotten Perseus Jackson, the puny mortal who is his da...
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Perseus Triton Grant Jackson  by Tyrus4life
Perseus Triton Grant Jackson by HannahGrace
Overprotective Poseidon and Triton
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SIRENAS by maraokumura
SIRENASby Mara Okumura
La familia Quaqmire se ve obligada a salir de las profundidades del océano cuando al padre, quién es el director del Concejo Supremo de Seres Acuáticos, le es encargada...
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Family Poseidon- Back in her arms (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RockChick13Baby
Family Poseidon- Back in her RockChick13Baby
Amphitrite is thinking of Percy and her family on the way to the festivity.
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One Last Time- Percy Jackson by VanillaChat
One Last Time- Percy Jacksonby VanillaChat
Warning: this is a torture fic. Expect what is to be expected from a torture fic. ---------- Everything changed for Percy when his half-brother came to camp. Rumours sta...
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The Little Merman by Switchedisney2
The Little Mermanby Switchedisney2
A tale of forbidden love and going after what you want and taking the risk that comes with it
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Poisoned by UsernameisTaken416
Poisonedby Katherine Brown
Percy is hopelessly in love with Luke. Luke is hopelessly in love with Percy. Simple, right? Guess again. Apparently, miscommunication and planned assassinations can pu...
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Amado ~ kv by LaTienditaDelChino
Amado ~ kvby 24/7
Una noche oscura y tempestuosa, el aspirante a hombre de negocios, Jeon Jungkook, es rescatado de la muerte segura por un muchacho hermoso con la cola de una sirena. Mi...
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The Little Merman | h.s. by mendestylesides
The Little Merman | 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐚
"Human life up on the land, spending my days in the sun and running on the warm beaches has been calling my name for quite a while. And it's about time I answer.&qu...
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princess || paul lahote by olethrus
princess || paul lahoteby πόρνη
❝ does this mean i have to call you princess now? ❞ [twilight/percy jackson and the olympians] [the twilight saga: new moon] [female oc x paul lahote]
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