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Highschool DxD: Twisted Reality by PrinceNaro
Highschool DxD: Twisted Realityby Rjel/Lancer
Once, there was a man, a man born with a gift. Thanks to these gifts, he was able to do the unthinkable, the impossible and gravity-defying acts, to ignore laws, to igno...
Rimurus Journey by Lisabon234
Rimurus Journeyby Emi
Rimuru, we all know him and we all love him but what if I told you that he actually took on the form of a woman because he or better said she fell in love with Milim. No...
Minus brother of the red empress by MCPELuisTuican
Minus brother of the red empressby MCPELuis Tuican
Hyoudo Issei was the red dragon emperor. But, what about an alternative version. Where it's the red dragon emperess and her name it's Kumagawa Iseei. And her brother it'...
sekiryuutei contra el titan del apocalipsis by demiurges87
sekiryuutei contra el titan del wolf predator
el mundo a perecido, las facciones no pudieron sellar al trihexa a tiempo lo cual quedo con la muerte de todas las rasas del mundo humano y sobrenatural, sin embargo al...
El dios que se rompió by JuanEstebanLopezGcia
El dios que se rompióby :3estiven
-Despierta issei y huele las cenizas - by: Grankhan Fanfiction
God in Dxd by Chinaemeremvic2
God in Dxdby Chinaemeremvic2
After many years of watching his creations God decided to live amongst men.He saw the way that the three factions were abusing their power thinking that they were the mo...
Balance of DxD by Parodymaster
Balance of DxDby Parody master
What will happens when the creator of the universes cast his glance upon his garden and found out that DXD universes is threatened by countless extraterrestrial alien be...
The Almighty Dragon God Of Everything (OP Male Reader x High School DxD) by joelthnebeast
The Almighty Dragon God Of Joel Bland
Great Red, Ophis, Trihexa. Who are these beings to the Almighty Dragon God Of Everything? The Dragon God Of Everything, The one who beat Trihexa in one blink, The Creato...
The Unsealed Apocalypse (DxD Fanfic) by ToxicRhino
The Unsealed Apocalypse (DxD ToxicRhino
Issei Hyodou finds himself in a tough situation as the vessel of the apocalypse itself, Trihexa. As a hybrid of the supernatural entities he must pick and choose the sid...
DxD: Zero- All Character Moves/Skills by DragonNote
DxD: Zero- All Character Moves/ DragonNote
So I've always had a little spin-off series for Highschool DxD but with only certain characters. I have the whole story planned out and everything...but I most likely wi...