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I loved and I lost you: SPN Fanfic (Gabriel x oc) by Gingernut1314
I loved and I lost you: SPN thatGingernut
(I'm in the process of rewriting this book! The new version is called Halycon! But please feel free to still read this one! The plots are slightly different!) Even at a...
The Confectionary Chronicles || HP/SPN by Cheshire_Carroll
The Confectionary Chronicles || Girl in ฬ๏ภ๔єгℓคภ๔
~Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossover~ Hermione Granger is seven years old when she kneels in front of an altar she's made herself with an offering of the best sweets her...
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x Reader) by TheRealAnimeAddict
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x TheAnimeAddict
♡ The Trickster is quite new to the Entity's realm, when he's in a trial against you he is taken back by your angelic voice and beauty, becoming fixated with you. He wil...
Falling for the Mischievous Angel(Supernatural Gabriel Story) by violetrose123
Falling for the Mischievous Angel( violetrose123
Elizabeth is the middle Winchester. She grew with her Dad's friend Bobby Singer. After her father's death, she and her brothers grew apart. Until they are back together...
-Reapers Visit-(Dead by Daylight FF)- by -Shy-Moon-
-Reapers Visit-(Dead by Daylight -Shy-Moon-
Time has passed. The Survivors got better and better at surviving the deadly trials set by the Entity. It annoys her, so she tries to fix this... issue. Mika is 22 and...
The Captain - Garycato (Final Space AU)  by ChickenStripping
The Captain - Garycato (Final Blank Error
Gary Goodspeed is what you'd call a street rat. He steals in order to survive and in order to live freely. His freedom is put in risk when he is on the run from some gu...
A Trickster's Daughter by RoseOfMyHeart
A Trickster's Daughterby RoseOfMyHeart
Gabriel was screwed. Royally. He thought staying in a female vessel would be fun. No harm, no foul right? I mean, what's the worse that could happen? He really should kn...
A WILL ETERNAL    ( A Thought Through Eternity ) by savingtheGrace
A WILL ETERNAL ( A Thought savingtheGrace
Description : One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields. One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals. Onl...
Dead by daylight oneshots by wolfylove188
Dead by daylight oneshotsby Glitchy
Basically one of my friends talked about this this is only dead by daylight!! For other killers check out my other book
Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic)by KittyHazelnut
In here, Castiel is loved. Out there, Castiel is expendable. So why would he ever leave?
Sabriel Insanity by LaurenABlack
Sabriel Insanityby Feysand Trash
Sabriel oneshots based on OTP prompts Fluff. Love. Moose. Trickster. Sabriel. Honestly, what more do you need? All AU unless stated otherwise I do not own Supernatural...
Masked Wizard (Persona! Male Reader x Hermione Granger) (Persona x Harry Potter) by DarkForceWhis
Masked Wizard (Persona! Male Cunning God of Class
"This story is a work of fiction, Similarities between Characters or Events to persons living or dead in your world are purely coincidental, Only those who have ag...
Eager Wings (Destiel) by Irontallica666
Eager Wings (Destiel)by Luci
Now that Cas is human, some things are a lot harder to do, but it has is plus sides. Feelings, for one thing, are both pleasant and not pleasant, except when they involv...
 The Trickster   (now you see me fanfic) Daniel atlas by kurooswaifu00
The Trickster (now you see me kurooswaifu00
"You can't stop her, she's every where" She'll fool you, she'll fool everyone" ♠️♥️♣️♦️♠️♥️♣️♦️♠️♥️♣️♦️♠️♥️♣️ "She comes from the darkness" &quo...
The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Mortal Universe by JamieTully
The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Jamie Tully
In a world where at the age of 10, children are taken to Power Hall to be tested on whether they have Mana. There are 15 known powers: Strength, Speed, Stealth (Darkness...
The Fairy Boy's Grimm (Puckabrina OneShots) by bentoverbackwards_01
The Fairy Boy's Grimm ( bentoverbackwards_01
What happens when the beloved trickster king and Sabrina Grimm realize their love for each other? Will they last? Are they truly compatible? What obstacles come in their...
Justice | (Akira Kurusu x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Justice | (Akira Kurusu x Reader)by Weird
In a world we live in, everyone has some kind of desire. Hope or a Dream, A Family or Fame, Even Money or Sex, Desires as these is what make people strong... And Weak.
Sweet, Sugar, Candy Man by GoldenWingchester
Sweet, Sugar, Candy Manby Echo Win(g)chester
(Not really following the Supernatural storyline) Part 1 Sydney Winchester is the younger sister of the Winchester boys. All her life, her brothers have been hunters and...
I'll Come Back To You by LaurenABlack
I'll Come Back To Youby Feysand Trash
Cas has been taken to the Empty, and away from everyone he loves. But this angel is not going to go down without a fight. With the help of a few friends, and a few forme...