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Redamancy by indiffrntnewt
Redamancyby i write sometimes
[Redamancy; (n.) A love returned in full; an act of loving the one who loves you.] When Thomas finds himself catching feelings for his best friend, he does what he does...
About the boy | Thomesa AU by NandhuSK1217
About the boy | Thomesa AUby Nandhini
Sometimes, good friends may be too good to share.... Thomas, Teresa and Brenda have been friends since the first day they met in kindergarten. They've been inseparable s...
Dry Tears (After The Death Cure) by frypanem
Dry Tears (After The Death Cure)by frypanem
***DISCLAIMER*** This was written two years BEFORE "The Fever Code" was published. Even though the sky was rarely grey in Paradise, the appearance of a myste...
Trenda: After The Maze by Silverhawk32
Trenda: After The Mazeby Silverhawk32
Thomas and Brenda have escaped the clutches of WICKED and are beginning their new life with the other Gladers. But with an old friend coming back and seeming more and mo...
Random one-shots by gAy_oN_crAcK
Random one-shotsby bi_gorly
Probably mostly gonna be twxtmr but maybe some other stuff to idk
Not As Planned • thomesa au |COMPLETED| by AjPunkx
Not As Planned • thomesa au | AjPunkx
UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY! Thomas is Newt's best friend. Teresa is Brenda's best friend. Thomas like Brenda and Teresa likes Newt. What happens when Teresa and Thomas find...
The Baby Project |thomesa| by AjPunkx
The Baby Project |thomesa|by AjPunkx
UPDATED EVERY TUESDAY! Teresa Agnes is a A* student who wants nothing more than to become a successful pharmist owner. She loves maths, biology and sometimes her gym cla...
Perfume |thomesa au| by AjPunkx
Perfume |thomesa au|by AjPunkx
UPDATED EVERY THURSDAY! THIS STORY IS COMPLETE AU Teresa Agnes works for Thomas Murphy in a well known fashion business called 'Perfume'. But what Teresa doenst know is...
Our World Stage | The Death Cure {FANFIC} 3/3 SERIES COMPLETED• ✓ by llenora
Our World Stage | The Death Cure { lenora
Minho confessed. And so will Janson. The group of friends get tested for wicked things at the headquarters of their enemies, and barely make it out alive. Even when they...
Safe by obrienboi
Safeby Tee
"Thomas, what if I tell you that someone you know is alive?"
You're My Safe Haven (Post The Death Cure #Trenda Fan Fic) by mymomisbrenda
You're My Safe Haven (Post The emily ✨
What happens in the safe haven? Will Thomas finally find peace and love within himself? · · Author's note: I'm a Trenda trash baby so I'm inspired to make a fan fiction...
Trenda -A New World by 5sos200211
Trenda -A New Worldby 5sos200211
Ever wonder what life was like for Thomas and Brenda after The Death Cure.
forgiveness is the key ≫ thomesa by defiantlyparker
forgiveness is the key ≫ thomesaby anna
"i...forgive you" ( au ending of tdc )
maze runner pictures and memes by cupcakes833
maze runner pictures and memesby phoebe
daily pics on ur fav maze runner fam <3
Closed |Thomesa/Trenda| by AjPunkx
Closed |Thomesa/Trenda|by AjPunkx
UPDARED EVERY WEDNESDAY! "It wasn't supposed to happen like it did, but Thomas will always be mine." |Thomesa| |Trenda| |COMPLETE au|
Why? Bloody why?!  by Aewtie
Why? Bloody why?! by SILVER
"Proč jsi to udělala?!" řve. "A co jiného jsem asi měla dělat...." šeptá. Oh, jak obsáhlý popis, co? Příběh obsahuje spoilery k celé serii Labyrint...
Slender Sisters Characters by DudayDenisePenamora
Slender Sisters Charactersby Denise Cubar Penamora
This book is only characters of slender sisters
YOUR NOT HER ~ trenda fan-fic by ChandlerBing8
YOUR NOT HER ~ trenda fan-ficby Chandler Bing
kiss me Thomas just kiss me no why your not her
TMR - Trenda - The Hidden Oracle by Constellenia
TMR - Trenda - The Hidden Oracleby Constellenia
Ever wonder what happens after 'The Death Cure'? Well, this is just a fanfiction, but it gives you a nice idea. I do not own The Maze Runner series, but I own this story...
Always My Hero by Writing_Waffle_2000
Always My Heroby Rachel Cribbs
So, yeah, I'm not over my Thomesa shipping yet. This is a post Death Cure one shot so if you haven't seen it, don't read it. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!! Also, I'm still in dee...