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Heart of a Berserker: Love (School of Dragons) by PedePaulie
Heart of a Berserker: Love ( Dani
"Maybe most people would choose the darker path after what I've been through, but it's not inevitable. Circumstances may push us in a certain direction, but we can...
Treasure Island  by lilyeteller
Treasure Island by Lily Teller
Ross Presley, a known archaeologist has made his living off finding historic artifacts. In his twenty five years of being a archaeologist he has made over 80 million dol...
Orion's Grid by ElleJNior
Orion's Gridby Elle J. Nior
(Coming soon 2020) ---- When Grid, a 'down on his luck' treasure hunter meets 'happy go lucky,' Orion, little do they know, The Gods have something dark and twisted plan...
The Southern Belles by Spumonii
The Southern Bellesby 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐑
The South is filled with charming girls who are destined to become housewives and mothers. But three sisters, Charlotte, Louisa, and Della might have a fate that's diffe...
Visionary From The Stars by VirginiaJennings
Visionary From The Starsby V.L. Jennings
For millenia, humans thought they were the only life in the galaxy-- Until the day an alien species claiming to have humanity's best interests in mind forces its way ont...
TREASURE TROPOLIS by Through-the-movies
TREASURE TROPOLISby Through-the-movies
Young rabbit doe Judy Hawkins is greatly troubled by her everyday problems both with the law and her troublesome attitude, until she gets in her paws a mysterious map wh...
The Sea Voyage by PotatoInnovation
The Sea Voyageby Potato Innovation
This is a story about a boy who looks for treasure. He makes a friend who turned out to be his enemy. They fight for the treasure, but the enemy died. Soon, the treasure...
Tunnels of Doom (Sky Islands #1) by quifutootoo
Tunnels of Doom (Sky Islands #1)by Rachel Schoenberger
An unknown world lies right beneath her feet. One day, she falls into it, meeting a mysterious boy. They both have the same goal but do they dare trust each other and wo...
Mysteries in Mountain Village by VLPBarbosa7
Mysteries in Mountain Villageby VLPBarbosa7
In the dark of night, the sound of a shot wakes everyone up, or almost everyone living in Mountain Village. Colonel Arthur is found dead in his lonely mansion. It had b...