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A Soft Touch Far Away - (Stefanielle fanfic) by gabbyshott
A Soft Touch Far Away - ( gabrielle paulson
Station 19 fanfic based on the actors (and more specifically Danielle and Stefania) Charlotte is a young actress. After her 12th birthday, her parents sent her to Los An...
Whispers Of Destiny  by AzureIvory12
Whispers Of Destiny by Sparkle
In a world where darkness never seems to end, Alena's life starts as a really sad and lonely story. Her childhood was full of terrible things, making her into a cold and...
•Sicarius• by L3nn0Xx_
•Sicarius•by Aiden Lennox
a story about an abused child having to live the live he was afraid to live.
COMPLEXO || YEONBIN by bindimple
Soobin não estava sóbrio quando resolveu criar The Ecstasy, seus amigos muito menos, o que mais o chocou foi o fato da banda ter conseguido fazer um pequeno sucesso na p...
Colors  by DoctorOrgansTaken
Colors by Doctor Organs
Art by: Official art from "Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen." Guren is too coward to confess. Shinya is too busy with his family issues. Yu is trying to...
Sin poder ser libre. by AleaTorii0
Sin poder ser Alea Torio
Kenavy a estado ahorrando dinero trabajando sin descanso para salir del hoyo donde vive, su hermana a sido lo único que lo mantiene siguiendo adelante esperando tener pa...
ARRANGED LOVE by dream_critic
ARRANGED LOVEby dream_critic
A girl who lives by her morals and rule she is cold as ice allergic to male species AND she who hates love......, He is one of the top riche...
《depersonalization/derealization 》 by laynescorner
《depersonalization/derealization 》by layne
Not enough people are aware of depersonalization or even know it exists. I want to try to write about it, how to know you have it, information about it, what it feels li...
FREAKS | BTS/SVT AU by SanoManjirouisluv
FREAKS | BTS/SVT AUby (⁠ ⁠˘⁠ ⁠³⁠˘⁠)♡
A story where a group of losers named themselves as "FREAKS" Group has four founding members, who were joined by new members soon not as simple as it seems, t...
the game of betrayal [shigadeku] by keilly-san
the game of betrayal [shigadeku]by yuna hatsune
two destined by the beautiful red thread that binds them together two different sides two different missions but so equal at the same time betrayal will be part of this...
°|INFANCIA|° // Oneshot by Tsuki202
°|INFANCIA|° // Oneshotby ⪻★J͢͢͢R★⪼
"Quieres conocer mi infancia?" "Quieres saber el porque de mis problemas?" "El porque mi comportamiento?" Pues ven y lee este intento de h...
"Gentle" | Kokichi as Kotoko | Danganronpa V3 x Danganronpa UDG [ABANDONED] by mental_health_no
"Gentle" | Kokichi as Kotoko | With no mental health
The greatest and most terrible tragic event in human history has just ended, despair has been defeated. Few ultimates are left in the world, only class 77 (except Chiaki...
🍂; The Last Night || Hundric by -spwhere-
🍂; The Last Night || Hundricby 5mentarios
Hunter no cree que pueda llevar a cabo su relación con Edric a causa de sus traumas del pasado, y está dispuesto a hacer lo que sea para que él no resulte afectado negat...
✦ Triggered Route 666 [Revamping]✦ by BlueBlueAround
✦ Triggered Route 666 [Revamping]✦by BlueBlueAround
Yeah just read, lazy to make another description, Yandere theme, Gore, Mature language, BL, Etc,
Desire by i69kyoto
Desireby 𐑺᮫֗ 🐇 sakura   ֪͛݁ ଳ
-Quiero sentirte...lo quiero todo- ⚠️Advertencias⚠️ -Abuso sexual -Homosexualidad -Jisung Top -Hyunjin Bottom -Son solo personajes -Asi no te gusta este tipo de historia...
In the library of hearts by solsticeig
In the library of heartsby Solstice
In the quiet corners of suburbia, where dreams seem to fade before they take flight, resides Abigail Thompson resilient soul navigating the turbulent waters of high scho...
Trust issues  by isisderuiter
Trust issues by SiSi🥤🤍
"Te amaré por siempre." Those were the last words of my mother after that I never say her again. Since then I have live with Carlos and his family. We are best...
-重要でないトラウマ by lovemysh7t
-重要でないトラウマby kim clair.
fakegram. ©-charlie, matthew, clair.
NOT ALONE | Roland Orzabal by dre4mlover
NOT ALONE | Roland Orzabalby 𝗯𝗿𝘂𝗯𝘀.
[PT] Roland se sentia quebrado, mas Amelia estava sempre ali para dizer o quanto ele era especial. [ENG] Roland felt broken, but Amelia was always there to tell him how...