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Sugar Daddy-Yuzuru x Reader Fanfic by cillathenerdyunicorn
Sugar Daddy-Yuzuru x Reader Fanficby .I:I P1GG1ES I:I.
Just a short fanfiction I volunteered to make for someone. What's it about? You'll have to read it to find out. I hope you enjoy.
flowers(fem reader) by miiiikoooo
flowers(fem reader)by Miko
y/n x tubbo THIS BOOK IS A JOKE I, MYSELF DONT KNOW WHAT IM WRITING ANYMORE lots and lots of swears and random things!!!! . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . follow me on t...
You Must Be A Malfoy //Draco X Reader by MangoWaffles_582
You Must Be A Malfoy //Draco X madsxjj
Your life before Hogwarts wasn't all that special. You watched your siblings practice magic and watched them go off to Hogwarts. Now, Ron Weasly, your twin, and you are...
Weird Gacha Life stuff by Vperder
Weird Gacha Life stuffby Everyone is welcomed!
Hey! This book is just random Gacha Life stuff that I decided to put together. I thank TsukinoYurin for introducing me to Gacha Life! This book is dedicated to her in a...
Camille's TRASHY STORIES Monika & Canika
This is a result of me existing. Have fun dying from my existence, anyways. Having your brain become the size of a peanut? We're up for that, right?
Undertale : Ghost (UndertalexReader) by Sarahlatte
Undertale : Ghost ( Dorkestra4Life
What do you do when no one can see you?
I Think I Love You ( Yuzuru Hanyu x Reader fanfic ) by cillathenerdyunicorn
I Think I Love You ( Yuzuru .I:I P1GG1ES I:I.
He looked deep into your eyes with a rather earnest look on his face. "(Y/n)," He called your name to commence his sentence. "Yes, Yuzuru?" You were...
⁘ Hacked | Cover Shop ⟫ by Sunny_BangtanX
⁘ Hacked | Cover Shop ⟫by ☀ 𝚂 𝚞 𝚗 𝚗 𝚢 ┊
In which programmer Sunny hacks sites for you.
Eddsworld x Teen reader! by LaylaBugByfar
Eddsworld x Teen reader!by Friendly asshole
Y/n was a little shy. I mean, like, Didn't ever really talk to strangers. (Bitch. Are you supposed to?) Y/n went out one Day and seen a wonderful shop! Then she got lost...
The Nymphomaniac BBW by alnile1208
The Nymphomaniac BBWby Allie Nicole
River, the sexiest big lady in the city of Atlanta, has a major issue. Her addiction to sex. Her issue stops once she comes into contact someone and something.
My art! by The_Feirce_sisters
My art!by Squirt
Eddsworld x Reader by FearlessKP5
Eddsworld x Readerby LoloScribblz
All information in "Introduction"
Welp, I Messed Up.. (Art Book) by That_One_Chip
Welp, I Messed Up.. (Art Book)by Chippie
The title is obviously about my art. Funny. Here's my bad art thrown into a book. I seriously can't draw anything without it turning into a cartoon.
 Ame x Reader fanfiction by CrimsonFall
Ame x Reader fanfictionby Crimson Fall
uhm...yeah... so basically...this is my first Wattpad story and I am warning you now.....I am such a trashy writer so yeah~
A Helping Hand by goobgobrr
A Helping Handby Gooby
I'm testing this out. It's trashy.. let's see how this goes..... anyways.... Frisk had just completed the pacifist route and freed Asriel and chara (female and not evil)...
||The OutCast Club|| CountryHumans x Reader (Sorry, Dead Book) by zennxdrtrt
||The OutCast Club|| ZenpaiiKuu
ART BY MY CRUS- UHH BESTFRIEND! lol thanjs for drawing this Mittens- I mean Thea! anyways, I knew that i will pROBABLY LOSE INSPIRATION making this, but eh. In the cover...