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Hiding In The Shadows (a Full Metal Alchemist FanFic) by saturnthehero
Hiding In The Shadows (a Full Lila Greenwood
Alchemy. A science formed around the laws of equivalent exchange. Edward and Alphonse Elric learned the hard way that nothing can be exchanged for a human soul. Shortly...
  • transmutation
  • edward
  • rockbell
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Missing Days (Alphonse Elric x Reader) by charming_artist
Missing Days (Alphonse Elric x Laura
You had known Edward and Alphonse throughout your childhood. But will the hardships of being a State Alchemist tear the two of you apart? The title of Shadow Alchemist h...
  • edward
  • transmutation
  • fullmetalalchemist
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arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou  (continuing from ISIVAPON) by DavidKnight1994
arifureta shokugyou de sekai David Knight
Among the class transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didn't have ambition nor aspiration in life, and thus called "Incompeten...
  • harem
  • strong
  • strong-female-character
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A Wizard's Guide to Potent Spells, Magic, and Alchemy by dewmann
A Wizard's Guide to Potent Riku Shadows
All magic takes skill, but where does skill come from, what are some spells one can cast? This is a book to teach all about magic, rare and common, potent or not.
  • demonic
  • magic
  • spell
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Full Metal Alchemist rp roleplay! by Whiteout_101
Full Metal Alchemist rp roleplay!by The CardBoard Alchemist
open! comment if interested! ED IS TAKEN OWO
  • transmutation
  • fma
  • alphonse
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The Elemental Alchemist (Edward Elric's Twin Sister) by OXLeviXo
The Elemental Alchemist (Edward Levi-Senpai<3
Leeanna Elric is the twin sister of the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric and older sister to Alphonse. After the tragic death of their mother, they couldn't wait to see...
  • alchemists
  • rizahawkeye
  • maes
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-The spark that starts the flame- by Setokaibalover
-The spark that starts the flame-by Rocket
Ed returns after two year long mission to only to find out that everything at central, and at home has changed. His quest to find the stone for those two long years ju...
  • loveislove
  • flamealchemy
  • war
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Feline Demons by Luna_Write
Feline Demonsby Luna
Based on the Fullmetal Alchemist anime setting, Kateira, Styra, and Ruby go on an adventure, involving action and romance. It all starts with a certain father abusing hi...
  • ruby
  • luna
  • fullmetalalchemist
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The alchemist's game (RP) by King_Diety
The alchemist's game (RP)by King
Take a step in, ladies and gents! Let's see if you can find your way out...
  • transmutation
  • alchemist
  • roleplay
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Heinoustuck - Dream by JoinedShenanigans
Heinoustuck - Dreamby Gray & Desu
"Every child on their thirteenth year Will finally know the true meaning of fear. The first was a girl, quite eloquent in word But when she was taken, her pleas wen...
  • lalonde
  • egbert
  • nightmare
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Seven - Book 2: Transmutation by AmplifiedDreamer
Seven - Book 2: Transmutationby AMP
I know I'm doing something wrong, but I will let this cold consume me. Second book of the Seven series. Take a look at Jin's side of the story.
  • teenfiction
  • princess
  • prophecy
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Just a Piece of the Puzzle (Edward Elric x OC) by BurningDesperation
Just a Piece of the Puzzle ( BurningDesperation
Human transmutation cannot be accomplished. This fact had been proven the only explanation on the matter, and therefore, human transmutation was then on outlawed by tho...
  • fullmetalchemist
  • edwardelric
  • alchemy
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The Legend of Saironelloistya [COMPLETED] by IsaiahLeIstya
The Legend of Saironelloistya [ Isaiah Le Istya
This story is an attempt by me to blend Science Fiction and Fantasy, while teaching basic elvish and Dungeons and Dragons mechanics of Wizardry, in a created world follo...
  • logic
  • avocation
  • abjuration
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Call of Shadows **On Hold** by Elainey94
Call of Shadows **On Hold**by Elainey
Years have passed since they were forgotten, the evil that once ruled the now peaceful lands. But could all that be about to change? The king has received an interesting...
  • wraith
  • action
  • ablities
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Kevin's Time by StephenResar
Kevin's Timeby StephenResar
A futuristic, flash fiction tale.
  • science
  • fiction
  • flash
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Lord of Transmutation (Issue 2) by PlatinumSoulElite
Lord of Transmutation (Issue 2)by PlatinumSoulElite
Viktor returns to his normal life after being kicked out of school, and gets a mundane job and lives in the suburbs. However, he is taken out of his boring lifestyle whe...
  • transmutation
  • immortal
  • school
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REVIEWS 101 by purpleismymiddlename
REVIEWS 101by Sarah Elric
Hello, I do Reviews here! I take Requests. *Books *Movies *Video Games *Anime *TV shows *Youtube Channels/Videos *Bands
  • book
  • music
  • olympian
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