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The story beneath the shirt (BoyXBoy) by MaxLHunter
The story beneath the shirt ( Max Leon Hunter
Max is a 17 year old trans male (FTM) and recently switched schools. He is straight and only likes woman; then the star quarter back Dakota catches his eye and he gets t...
  • conflict
  • binders
  • transmale
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Oumota Oneshots by kichikitty
Oumota Oneshotsby kichikitty
Some random Oumota oneshots, some may be connected and others not. Depends on if I can continue them eventually, and might make a separate thing for em.
  • trans
  • oneshots
  • kokichiouma
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Stuck in the closet (FtM guide and other things) by Skully4582
Stuck in the closet (FtM guide Skully
A little guide to help FtM guys who are still in the closet like me.
  • lgbt
  • transman
  • transmale
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My Love Is Beyond Gender *Slow Update* by pastel_yaoi_prince
My Love Is Beyond Gender *Slow Alex
Levi Ackerman moved to a new town years ago. Levi have secret that only his close friends know about and his parent. But when he met Eren Jaeger, the new kid in town wil...
  • shingekinokyojin
  • transmale
  • highschool
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FTM Journal: Volume 1 by twistedtay
FTM Journal: Volume 1by TwistedTay
This journal is pretty much my life. I write down my problems, thoughts and things that I struggle with hoping that somehow, I can help you with what you're going throug...
  • noh8
  • transguy
  • nonbinary
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Knots {Shance} by BloodthirstyMerc
Knots {Shance}by Merc’s on AO3
Shiro decides he's going to tie Lance up for being a tease... "You look delectable, Lance~" {{Cover art done by the beautiful Jaspurrlock on Tumblr}}
  • takashishirogane
  • oneshot
  • wattpride
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Life Of a Trans Guy by truscum_trash
Life Of a Trans Guyby Sam
➡Probably tips and helpful shit ➡Stuff about me ➡Trans related things (duh) ➡Shitposting and possible ranting eNtEr iF yOu DaRe ↙ Ps. Dear Haters. Fuck off. 😘
  • transgender
  • trans
  • ftm
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redtail's secret | a warriors tale by morningbl00m
redtail's secret | a warriors taleby ☁︎ m i t m a t t ☁︎
Redpaw feels alone. He has felt alone for most of his life- nobody knows who he truly is besides his sister, Spottedpaw. Swallowing one's identity is hard enough, but wh...
  • transgender
  • starclan
  • shadowclan
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Transaturated love by melissarenteria1
Transaturated loveby Thetransgalwriter
A unique love story between a deaf blind married transguy named kel and transgirl named Melissa This is their transgender deaf blind marriage story about love and accep...
  • femaletomale
  • lbgtpride
  • transromace
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Tranny (FtM Journal) by We_Are_All_Gems_
Tranny (FtM Journal)by James/Jem
This book will contain possibly triggering content, read at your own risk. This book is going to be filled with my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a transmale.
  • ftm
  • transmale
  • lgbt
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Everybody Scares Me But You | Kwite x trans!Bluesdank by pockybay
Everybody Scares Me But You | sebby
Sure, the commenters will joke about Henry being girl, but what if he's actually a trans dude? And what if being jokingly called a girl is starting to get to him? Well...
  • ftm
  • trans
  • transmale
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Journey to Joseph by rhymeswithfry
Journey to Josephby rhymeswithfry
Hildegund is always getting in trouble for acting too masculine. If it was up to her she would have been born a boy, but that's not how the world works. Or, at least th...
  • lgbtfiction
  • femaletomale
  • histfic
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say your name // vkook  by aer-on-soulmates
say your name // vkook by a e r o n
jungkook struggles to find his soulmate, taehyung. especially when the name tattooed on his wrist isn't the name taehyung was born with. nor is it the name taehyung wi...
  • gay
  • angst
  • transgender
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Supernatural X Trans Male Reader One shots by JackIsDeadInside
Supernatural X Trans Male Reader Jack IsDeadInside
So as you can see from the title this is a book of Supernatural One Shots. But not any type of one shots it's going to be from a Pansexual Transgender Males P.O.V. So re...
  • emo
  • pansexual
  • oneshot
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Hidden Places (revised)  by Tashasnow
Hidden Places (revised) by Tashasnow
Being gay in my town, fuck, even my school, is like a cardinal sin. So basically, my life is ripe for all kinds of shit to go down. I'm Charlie. In this world you will p...
  • suicideattempt
  • depression
  • transgender
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Pan transboy- my story by pantransboy15
Pan transboy- my storyby pantransboy15
This is my experience so far after coming out as trans etc. hope you enjoy it. I won't be naming people I will be giving fake names incase certain people don't wan to be...
  • trans
  • ftm
  • transmale
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The Mind of a Trans Man by AidanLecter
The Mind of a Trans Manby AidanLecter
The story of my gender and sexuality. And little hints of it as a child.
  • transmale
  • transgender
  • depression
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An ftm journal by chefcameronni
An ftm journalby Cameron
I've been reading a lot of these and they seem cool idk. my names Cameron, he/him, trans ftm, im 15, and bisexual woo #WattPride
  • diary
  • lifestyle
  • life
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loner // soudam oneshot by pockybay
loner // soudam oneshotby sebby
souda finds out something about his favorite overlord of ice // cover art by jupiterscent on instagram
  • soudakazuichi
  • tanakagundham
  • soudam
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The Rants of a Trans Male by StraytheWitch
The Rants of a Trans Maleby Stray heart
Sooooooo I got bored and decided to try something new. Be prepared for ranting.
  • transmale
  • wattpride
  • diary
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