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The LGBTQA+ Guide by Dancingberrie
The LGBTQA+ Guideby Berrie
The perfect guide for the allies and/or LGBT+ members out there who wants to learn more about the other genders, sexes, romantic orientations and sexualities. Anyone fro...
LGBTQ+ Pictures by peachiettea
LGBTQ+ Picturesby bug🪱
A collection of lgbtq+ posts and pictures. Disclaimer: none of these pictures are mine (if they are, i will say) and credit to original owner.
Zora by JacksonTerrance
Zoraby Jackson Terrance
Growing up is difficult. The body goes through changes. Hormones mess with you. Everyone gets bullied at one point by someone. For Zora, it was worse. Not only was she b...
Male Character X Male!Reader by narukamiss
Male Character X Male!Readerby Scottie
REQUESTS ARE OPEN /(・ × ・)\ This is a male character/male!reader book as the title says because i think there needs to be more of these. You can request on the first pag...
The Lesbian Gene (Lesbian, Gay, GirlxGirl) by YurikoHime
The Lesbian Gene (Lesbian, Gay, YurikoHime
17-year old Pax Leighton has a problem, and it has everything to do with being lesbian. First are the mysterious men who came to her school and rounded her class. Second...
Transgender Help Book! (FtM) by sickboysoldier
Transgender Help Book! (FtM)by rian
In here I will be giving advice and such to fellow trans people, or giving information to those who are otherwise just curious. Feel free to ask questions about anything...
The LGBTQ+ Handbook by KatieTheRainbow
The LGBTQ+ Handbookby Katie
Did you just find out that you are gay? Are you secretly a bisexual? Feeling awkward because you are transgender? Do you not have any idea about what you are? Or are you...
Alastor x FTM! Reader by ThatOneMapleBoi
Alastor x FTM! Readerby S n a i l
You saw on the news a new hotel that opened up, and decided to go see... Heyo, I haven't made things in a long time so sorry if this is bad. It's also kind of with my ch...
I Love A Girl... Right? {REVAMPED} by IAmImmortality
I Love A Girl... Right? {REVAMPED}by Ian
An idiot falls for a transgender girl. Very short story.
Becoming Me by TonyNathan24
Becoming Meby Tony Nathan Lawes
This is really documentry of my Journey Medically Transitioning while living in Jamaica
A Glass Slipper by JacksonTerrance
A Glass Slipperby Jackson Terrance
Part of the Reimagined Stories Series: Being forced to live a life you do not want to live is nothing shy of cruelty. What's worse is when you identify as female but are...
Gay shit by Friendly_gay
Gay shitby Ash
Just some random gay stuff that's useless but wonderful.
He Is. [Hiatus] by Purple_Ghost_1782
He Is. [Hiatus]by Masters in Clownery
Alexis has a nice life. She has nice friends, a loving family, pets that haven't died, a worthy education. She feels like she should be happy, after all, why wouldn't sh...
The Billionaire's Trans-girl by averystrangegirl
The Billionaire's Trans-girlby A Very Strange Girl
Rachel Price is an uncomplicated young girl from the projects. During a training exercise, she's pulled before the hotel Billionaire Douglas Levant who becomes transfixe...
LGBTQ+ Advice  by lgbtSkye
LGBTQ+ Advice by Skye
LGBT Advice book for all the peeps who like girls. Also a little bit about the non-binary community. Funny stories, advice and general chit chat! Enjoy *No Hate*
I'm Not A Girl, I Swear by matt-w-books
I'm Not A Girl, I Swearby Matt W.
"It is a girl's shirt! I'm not letting our little boy be some- some cross-dressing freak!" A shirt. A simple shirt. He hadn't cried in... well, he had forgotte...
FtM Survival Guide by saga_feminist_dreams
FtM Survival Guideby Leo
This is the ultimate guide to being Female to Male transgender. It will include tips on passing, coming out, lowering testosterone levels, building muscle, and many othe...
Transgender FtM Journal by liamwritesbadbooks
Transgender FtM Journalby Liam
My life as a transgender man. Just some journal about one man's journey into manhood, or just my rants about life. Probably the latter. This journal is in no way org...
Drugs and Candy by Temmie-Official
Drugs and Candyby Smash That Bad Movie
Spencer has a secret, one he hasn't even told the team. (Fives times Spencer told a team member he is trans, one time he told someone outside his team)
Marriage Saved By Fire (transgender/gender fluid story) by mazimai
Marriage Saved By Fire ( MJ Thompson
Ariel is a gender confused, pre-op female to male trans and Paris, a pre-op male to female trans. The pair have been happily married for two years or at least it seems...