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First Children in the Sun by NathanPark
First Children in the Sunby Nathan Park
In 2025 rich, over protective parents send their children off to boarding schools called Nurture centers where safety and quality education is ensured. In the Richardson...
Redefining A New Normal by 101oBsEsSioNs
Redefining A New Normalby 101oBsEsSioNs
Poetry & Prose Collection #2 "The Things I Leave Unsaid" was overflowing with words most readers hadn't even gotten around to reading all of. Therefore, inste...
A Hill in Lancaster, PA by ashoka_the_tolerant
A Hill in Lancaster, PAby ashoka_the_tolerant
Nature's brutal apathy to man is propounded through a stream of conscious poem about Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Walden (h.s.) - Coming Soon by harlotharold
Walden (h.s.) - Coming Soonby kell
"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, w...
The Song of Life  by hxhmxy
The Song of Life by cou cou
A collection of poems that grow everyday.
The Sleeping Sky and I by Chaserwolf21148
The Sleeping Sky and Iby Chaserwolf21148
Some poem I wrote for Language Arts class, inspired by Transcendentalism and the poets of that time period.
Singularity Soon by Flaglandbase
Singularity Soonby Flaglandbase
I had the idea for a novel that would explore whether The Singularity could happen sooner than anyone expects. Like maybe RIGHT NOW? Obviously that's extremely unlikely...
[Insert Whimsically Deep Title Here] by CraigCarpenterII
[Insert Whimsically Deep Title Craig Carpenter II
This is my poetry with no theme obvious to me.
It's All YOU! by JourneyHolm
It's All YOU!by JourneyHolm
Wake up to the truth of life! Image:
Jade Hills by BunnBuraparat
Jade Hillsby Bunn Buraparat
A short story of a man in nature.
Transcendentalism on the NCR by ashoka_the_tolerant
Transcendentalism on the NCRby ashoka_the_tolerant
2 friends journey out onto the North central Railroad in the dead of winter. They go seeking resplendent sights, but find themselves thrown into an esoteric, spiritual w...
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The Afterlife by palak_r
The Afterlifeby Palak Randhawa
The story begins with a child that struggles through the hardships and darkness in the world. This book shows life's struggles and the survival that accompanies it. The...
The Lovers by Johannakristin
The Loversby Johanna Kristin Ellerup
the ethereal dance of Good and Evil, the light and the dark
24 Watts by tanyamoushi
24 Wattsby Tanya Moushi
Inspired by philosopher and lecturer Alan Watts, this compelling, thought-provoking short book brings together 24 ideas meant to stir the mind. Applied to the everyday h...
Pedals of Snow  by EmmittSimpson
Pedals of Snow by Emmitt Simpson
A short poem I wrote one night. I want to leave it up to the reader to find his or her own meaning. Of course, I know what it talks about. But when friends have read it...