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Their Assassin {Black Butler x Reader} by unknownauth0r_
Their Assassin {Black Butler x Intoxicating
[Y/N], an assassin with a demon butler, who is known for always being succesful. What could go wrong when you get the mission to kill two rich boys? ~ You took your gun...
Ciel's Little Sister by AriaLord
Ciel's Little Sisterby AriaLord
Rose Phantomhive is CIel's little sister, she is the only person he holds dear to him. Rose might seem sweet and innocent but she's just as cunning as Ciel, with a secre...
// "Don't make me your last hope..."\\ M! Reader! X Black Butler! 18+ by S70945_
// "Don't make me your last Dord
You are a street punk from New York, after a terrible accident with the mob you worked with for years, you decide to go in search for your uncle. Introduced to one Ciel...
🗡Yandere Black Butler Scenarios💕 by MadamKumo
🗡Yandere Black Butler Scenarios💕by Madame Kumo
Yandere Black Butler Scenarios. I haven't seen any of these so I thought I would make one. Also, I will be writing my other book(s) while also writing this one so there...
Debt || Ciel Phantomhive x Reader || by Creative__Writing
Debt || Ciel Phantomhive x jey
(Y/N) is an indigent 13 year old girl in the year 1889. Some unfortunate events happen and then she ends up meeting Ciel Phantomhive under not so great circumstances. As...
Black Butler Preferences and Oneshots {Complete} by insearchofthemuses
Black Butler Preferences and KateHP
This will have Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude, Undertaker, and William T. Spears. I have preferences, oneshots, and song-fics in this! Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: I don'...
I landed in the world of Black Butler (Black Butler fanfiction) by Lilystone3
I landed in the world of Black Lilystone3
Selene was walking home from an anime convention when she somehow ends up in the world of black butler. how will she survive living there and what will happen to her? wi...
Glass Princess by MeganeNeko98
Glass Princessby Erin Park
You are a mysterious woman, sleeping in a glass case like Sleeping Beauty. But what shall happen if Ciel and Sebastian themselves stumble upon you?
Mend my Broken Heart (Black Butler/ Ciel x OC fanfiction) by sirixs
Mend my Broken Heart (Black Sirius
"Don't you see what you're doing to me?" // When her highness calls for her Watch Dog to carry out an investigation at Weston College, what happens when Ciel f...
You are my rose (Alois Trancy)  by Penguinsarecutr
You are my rose (Alois Trancy) by Noneofyobuisnes
The fate of you cutting your self on a rose depends on how you are handling it. Careful and it shall act as a thing of beauty, reckless and it will cut deep until the p...
How I Got Stuck In Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) (1st Draft - Original!) by Anime_is_my_lyfe
How I Got Stuck In Black Butler ( Anime_is_my_lyfe
Note!!!: I don't own any of the characters in black butler (kuroshitsuji) or any of the original story in back butler (kuroshitsuji). I have my character (me). That's al...
Tangled Web (A Black Butler Fan Fiction) by ZKAngel18
Tangled Web (A Black Butler Fan Queen ElsAndi Vi Britannia
Selena Midford is Elizabeth's older twin sister. She's known Ciel Phantomhive since they were young. She even knows about Ciel's mysterious butler, Sebastian, who is one...
Stay by Hizashita
Stayby Yeehaw
When you catch the eye or a certain noble boy, you'd assume the love would blossom and you'd grow old together. If only it was that easy.
Ohshc x reader x Black Butler by PumaTigerScorpion
Ohshc x reader x Black Butlerby Pluto
You, the reader are the twin of the famous Ciel Phantomhive. You both work for the queen, but you do the traveling and paper work, while Ciel does the England cases and...
A Witch with Cats by HogwartsWriter2000
A Witch with Catsby Hufflepuff Student
A teenage girl who lives alone receives cats from a break in. Nothing was taken, so does she keep the cats or does she send them away? If she keeps them, what will she d...
I Need You; Alois Trancy x Reader by Cats_and_Anime_Lover
I Need You; Alois Trancy x Readerby Nyx
(Y/n) (M/n) Carter was a beautiful yet mysterious young lady. Nobody knows much about her, only that her mother died when she was at a young age leaving her father to ca...
The Better Infatuation | ✓ by starry-venus
The Better Infatuation | ✓by ˗ˏˋ venus ˎˊ˗
Living in a manor with eight other sisters, -most whom seem to hate you- a father wanting to force you into marriage, and new members arriving at peculiar times isn't ea...
Dont Fucking Touch My Baby by Lunathe_Wolf135
Dont Fucking Touch My Babyby Luna Moon
Modern AU (Y/n) is a college student in her early twenties. Life's been good, she's got a nice flat, nice car, nice lifestyle. Something changes all that when she finds...
my sweet kitten by neko-chan_666
my sweet kittenby neko-chan_666
Sebastian x male neko reader lemon My first try at writing something in English so please don't be to hard on me thanks ^^
You Are His ❦ Sebastian  by marnieed
You Are His ❦ Sebastian by ❦•Marniee•❦
You were captured by Alois and hidden in a room where he thought no one would find you. You were his and there was nothing you could do. That was until a certain demon c...