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Her And Their Rose by SloaneCalista
Her And Their Roseby SloaneCalista
Dahlia Rose Romano, lived with her maniac of a stepfather when her mother was supposedly claimed dead after finding her in there hometown Lake. She lived with the "...
Lust  - Dramione by bluewrites11
Lust - Dramioneby anonymous
DRAMIONE - Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny are back at school for their final year at Hogwarts after the battle. Hermione is hoping to stay clear of drama and focus on...
I Saved the CEO(SLOW UPDATES) by wolf158
I Saved the CEO(SLOW UPDATES)by Wolfy
Jade Holt is 25 years old and a former Military soldier. She has over to a new city trying to find a new job. After getting kicked out. One day a man sits across from he...
Lost And Found by Fanficreaderbnha
Lost And Foundby MoreExpressoLessDepresso
Izuku Midoriya has had a rough past, his mom died giving birth to him. And his father is no where to be seen. But with the help of others will he be able to move past th...
A Bad Influence. (Fitz) by sometimes_epic
A Bad Influence. (Fitz)by heyo bitch
ohhh another book. cause I can. Fitz maybe. I'm feeling a fitz love story. Quinn Cook Uncle Raz James and Mary
Emotionless Eyes by ShadowDraws
Emotionless Eyesby 🥀Raspberry🥀
A story where The Pro hero Eraserhead and Present Mic adopt and raise Izuku, who has multiple quirks because of some experiment that scientists forced on him, he goes to...
Demons (Mha x OC) by just_here_ig
Demons (Mha x OC)by just_here_ig
She veiwed every scar in discust. She remembered vividly how she received every one. But she knew she deserved them. 'After all the lives of taken.' She thought. 'I dese...
The Heart That Wanted More (ongoing) by luvrayn
The Heart That Wanted More ( Rhea Ambrose
Growing up stella held on to the memories of her old family for as long as she could. Her only wish was to someday be reunited with her long lost family. ...
Dating The Villian  by TobiTEA969
Dating The Villian by eren
When on a rainy night Marinette invites in the infamous villian Chat Blanc into her home she signed over her normal everyday life. The more she leans into him, the more...
Gabriel (Ultimo Fanfic Nuevas Especies #16) by Borrego-chan
Gabriel (Ultimo Fanfic Nuevas Borrego-chan
Seguro lo conoces, has estado junto a él en muchas ocasiones y le has visto ser fuerte, liderar un grupo de ataque, luchar por su familia y por lo que creyó justo, le vi...
The Adopted Weasley by AnnaIreneB
The Adopted Weasleyby Anna Irene
Philosopher's stone-Deathly Hallows Grace Gansta Weasley was adopted into the Weasley family after her own was killed by remaining death eaters after Voldermort was kill...
M-Mr. Stark? Help m-me! by GabrielleShort6
M-Mr. Stark? Help m-me!by Angel_Bee
Peter always wanted to make his idol and father figure proud and happy. He loved to see the happy smile from his dad. Though Peter wants to show through superhero ways...
his daddy [Up For Adoption] by Taylor_tigger
his daddy [Up For Adoption]by Stressed_depressed_band_obses...
The last thing i remember of my mom before i was sold was her reminding me of what a failure i was to her, and then a large man handing her a yellow envelope. Now i'm in...
Variety System Log by ShadowMan4543
Variety System Logby ShadowMan
This is the Log book for the system. A follow up from the profiles. I decided to keep them separate just in case anyone wanted to go head first without any context. The...
My Little Big Accident (Lumity)  by MamaEdafan
My Little Big Accident (Lumity) by Marco
Luz, accidentally cursing her self, hides from everyone until a "special" someone finds her on accident. This is my first story so tell me if something is wro...
[UNDER EDITING]    Forgotten (Uma x fem!reader) by BigS0fti3
[UNDER EDITING] Forgotten ( BigS0fti3
[UNDER EDITING] Y/n is the daughter of The Queen of Hearts/The Red Queen. She was left on The Isle of The Lost along with Uma. Y/n was best friends with Evie before she...
A lost soul by Hollow_shadow_
A lost soulby
Ranboo got attention from the wrong people Dadnoblade Big brother dream?..... And angst fluff mix
MaAn - The Respect ! MaAn Story by Angel Goldie by NehaRai0
MaAn - The Respect ! MaAn Story Neha Rai
MaAn - The Respect ! A story about Anupama who faced a traumatic situation on her 25th Marriage Anniversary. A Story of Anuj Kapadia who spent his entire 25 Years all a...
𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝟮™ by exquisiteworld
𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝟮™by 🧚🏾
Keantae and Melani and their fucked up love story with now three year old Na'von
I accidentally fart in the bad boys face(edited) by aalexandria12
I accidentally fart in the bad aalexandria12
Let fart be free, huh? Most people coats that sentence, not knowing what it means. And to tell you the truth, I literally hates those words. Why, because if I didn't lis...