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Rocky The Werepuppy by Hudson11dab
Rocky The Werepuppyby Rocky
When Ryder and the pups go camping. Something strange happens to rocky and he is converted to a we're puppy. how will rider and the pups react and will rocky be able to...
from devil king to hero by tientq123123
from devil king to heroby tientq123123
câu truyện kể về một chàng trai oni, sau khi chứng kiến toàn bộ gia tộc và người mình yêu bị giết ngay trước mắt cậu đã quyết định sẽ hủy diệt thế giới và...... mấy bác...
My Guardian Angel by TheGothicBeauty101
My Guardian Angelby Edith Elizabeth Evermore
Edith was always a stubborn Child, but will her addiction prove to be her down fall? Will she listen to reason and understand to how its gonna affect her when someone sh...
Nick Wayde~Jack Of All Trades by DominatorOfRome
Nick Wayde~Jack Of All Tradesby Sassy cassy
Nick is seventeen with a "refreshing" attitude and a wall of steel around his heart. Letting no one in but his best friend Russell and not even he is trusted w...
Til Death Brought Us Together  by QueenNanaSama
Til Death Brought Us Together by Nana
Riley Richardson is a hard working woman who has just lost her parents to a fatal car accident. The next day, right after she lost two people, she gains a new fiancé due...
Baby blues  by HannahMai2000
Baby blues by HannahMai
My friend, TheHumanoidPrime, and I wrote this story, hope you enjoy!
Horse Therapy by Nuggets343
Horse Therapyby Nuggets343
One bullets all it took to kill a man, the man who tried to kill your new found soul mate, your companion, your beloved horse
Eternal Witch by minteaessence
Eternal Witchby eternaldarkessence
Tala is an eternal witch who has the ability to save lives, at a cost. Her decision has an irreversible affect on Nathan who is stuck with an unwelcomed soul inside of...
Ninety-Nine Tragedies Why by michelangelodarling
Ninety-Nine Tragedies Whyby Michelangelo
"How do you know another tragedy when you see it?" He asked. "She'll have the eyes of a lost soul."
Together we fall (Sans love story) by nerdyshipper22
Together we fall (Sans love story)by Outsiders trash
Undertale is one of those magical games. It may seem boring at first, but once you begin playing the game, it manages to capture you into its amazing story and forces yo...
Our Caffeinated Love by GCatzz
Our Caffeinated Loveby Kevin And Danielle
Love was always in his prayers. He opened the familiar doors with the urge of filling his consistent routine with caffeine, having no intention of looking for a partner...
Afraid of the End by LarrySpagghetti
Afraid of the Endby Siddhi Sharma
The story of Harry and Louis' life. What has happened, what should happen, and most importantly, what will happen?
Sakura (Censored) by Eggsarepog
Sakura (Censored)by IshimaruFan36
A story about a group of men who end up in a problem when a fight breaks out. Will this Korean boy band group recover? A story of three gay men who just happen to end up...
We will always be together..forever. by leahonline
We will always be leahonline
This is a story about a girl called Elizabeth and a boy called Tom. Elizabeth had just moved into the neighbourhood and is delighted to know that the family next door to...
you found me   by pelicancy
you found me by pelicancy
I was running so hard, and fast, barely catching my breath as I placed one foot in front of the other. We were playing hide and seek. We? Yes! I had friends. It was Henr...
Fall by afishpanic
Fallby afishpanic
The rapid downfall of a young boys life, I really haven't worked out much to be entirely honest. This story, yeah it's about me. I'm not very much to talk about so if yo...
Yandere Wars - Yandere Vs Love by crim_sin_lace
Yandere Wars - Yandere Vs Loveby ✟Nikki Dolli✟
Book 3 As if there's hasn't been enough pain. (Y/n) finds herself in a difficult situation. Between two men she loves can she come to a final decision? Yamauchi's secre...
Danganronpa: Fate falls by ChromaReader
Danganronpa: Fate fallsby ChromaReader
A classical retelling of the events of DR Trigger Happy Havoc and DR V3 Hope arc, except Naegi is replaced with a more taller, rough and secretive who you will soon come...