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The tales of Drago (Dc Superhero girls Teen Power x Male Dragon reader) by CQuinn309
The tales of Drago (Dc Superhero CQuinn309
Y/N aka Drago and the Superhero girls were doing some hero work then some villain is destroying Hob's Bay so the heroes and villains most work together to stop this vill...
childhood friend  ( top senju X Mikey X Takemichi) by SokLeap845
childhood friend ( top senju X Mikey-harem
so Mikey he hate senju since he was little because she broke his plane that Shinichirou made for him and he start to forget who senju is and he dating the Brahman prin...
Supergirl - Quinn Edison by Preston200210
Supergirl - Quinn Edisonby Preston Logan
Kara Zor-el wasn't the only person to escape the destruction of Krypton. In another part of the planet that was tearing apart. The council members of Krypton were trying...
The Adventure Of Superwoman [Complete] by Sasha4446
The Adventure Of Superwoman [ Sasha4446
Unlike the CW Supergirl, the AU brings an alternative version of Kara that manages to be powerful, confident, and mischievous.
Action Comics Vol. 1: Wrath of Brainiac by TobiasChristopher
Action Comics Vol. 1: Wrath of Tobias Christopher
The evil AI Brainiac has returned, and he's giving the Man of Steel a sadistic choice: Save his son, or save his city! Brainiac has armed many of Superman's rogues with...
Legacy by Camphalfblood4evr
Legacyby Carmen Jackson
A punch landed itself on the mans face, followed by three more. "Tell me where he is. The one who looks like me." Another swift punch landed on the mans face a...
{Changing} by gryan_73
{Changing}by gryan_73
*so I wrote the description before I wrote the first chapter. Today the description and the title were deleted. Anyone know how to fix this?* This takes place after 3x14...
The uninvited guest - Joker Fan Fiction by johntporter
The uninvited guest - Joker Fan
In an effort to join the newly founded Legion of Doom. The Joker regales the legion with daring tales of how he took out the Justice League.
Live | Winn Schott x Female! OC by The_Fanfic_Prince
Live | Winn Schott x Female! OCby THE FANFIC PRINCE
COMING SOON "C'mon. Breathe. Just breathe for me, Jura." Jura Kahn is an alien. Winn Schott is a human. Winn is precious, Jura is fierce. He is love and hope...
Catch Me Im Falling by EmiCreeper
Catch Me Im Fallingby EmiCreeper
Emily King was 19 when Cat Grant stormed into lecture at Oxford University, turned directly to Emily and simply said "You, with me, now!" and demanded that she...
Family is Complicated by madameweb
Family is Complicatedby madameweb
Did you ever want to see more of Winn Schott's family? Give Winn more well deserved screen time? Well so did I. Set after season 2 in place of season 3's opening episode...
The Cape crusaders. by monkmas
The Cape Kevin Turner JR
This is a collection of my Batman work. poems, short stories, etc. this is all fan based and the pictures aren't my own. I might end up posting my dad's awesome drawing...