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NBA ONE SHOTS by raptorsnorth
NBA ONE SHOTSby jasmin
This story is completed! Part 2 is up though, so go read and comment there :) ------ A place for you to request one shots for you and an NBA player and I'll write it for...
Sketch (Austin Abrams) by papertownsaustin
Sketch (Austin Abrams)by kellen
"You're heaven for me, as cheesy as that sounds."
His Moon by markergal_9
His Moonby markergal_9
As soon as Human 1479's life shifts for the worse, it seems like the whole world changes along with her. Torn from her family and best friend after a huge misunderstandi...
Looking for Alaska by Flooo07
Looking for Alaskaby Flooo07
just some quotes I can't seem to erase off my mind. I loved Looking for Alaska and I hope you love the quotes as much as I do. Kinda a sequel to my Paper Towns quote bo...
Secrets of a Tomboy by TaraLDeclan
Secrets of a Tomboyby Tara L. Declan
Who ever said being a tomboy was easy, they were so wrong. Especailly when you face the struggles of growing up and dating. Andie is a seventeen year old farm girl a.k.a...
Paper Towns~ A Continuation by unsalted_saltine
Paper Towns~ A Continuationby holly
Q never thought that he would go on another adventure with Margo Roth Speigelman again. She was supposedly happy traveling around America, taking jobs as they came and w...
Cara Delevingne Imagines by mgcliffo
Cara Delevingne Imaginesby ♚
thanks cara for making me realize that i'm not as straight as i thought i was
Dear June, by LindseyRobison_
Dear June,by Lindsey Robison
How can you ever be happy again when the one you love dies? How can you move on from that pain? Am I fading away, just like you did slowly everyday? Or worse, am I hea...
Ben Starling imagines by HelloItsLucifer
Ben Starling imaginesby Red wishes
Read the intro to tell me what you're looking for! I don't do any Oc's btw- keeping it as a Fill-in name for the viewers. I tend to write longer chapters so it takes a...
Cam x Italian!Reader .Bouquet of Flowers. by Chibichibiichigo
Cam x Italian!Reader .Bouquet of Chibichibiichigo
Alright, the start of a new series! Bouquet of Flowers is a series of one shots where it's theme is based on flower language. No, it won't be in order or related to the...
names for characters & places by anoirtac_dance
names for characters & placesby anoirtac_dance
Names sorted by aesthetic, location, time period etc ~ First names, surnames, towns & cities, pets... I hoard names basically lol ~ For OCs, worldbuilding, roleplaying a...
The Creature in the Woods  by Syrax7
The Creature in the Woods by Syrax7
It's a mix of the show The Birch but instead of the Monster as a Tree she's a dragon all alone and Evie the man Character finds her and the both cause trouble.
-ᴢᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ sɪɢɴs ɢᴀʟᴏʀᴇ- by fandomstuffandall
-ᴢᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ sɪɢɴs ɢᴀʟᴏʀᴇ-by hi
The 12 Zodiac Signs were directed by guards to go to the Castle of Lundezin Zuagoai. A isolated, foreign place in which theres villages, towns, but alas the Castle. Al...
Mankind's Betrayal by RowlingReport1306
Mankind's Betrayalby Elle
"The walls protect us, but they are also a prison."
Therianthropes by LeAnneRivers
Therianthropesby LeAnne Rivers
My name is Morgan and when I was 13 my dad and I moved to Evilin, a town isn't on any of the maps. We moved down here because my dads company work got shut down. There's...
roman godfrey // locations by goodsideofthings
roman godfrey // locationsby savannah
in which I give you locations to use in your books
im a nightmare// jack skellington by m_walion11
im a nightmare// jack skellingtonby m_walion11
hi I'm Maya the daughter of the mayor. I don't have both faces though. I am actually a mermaid. nobody knows about it. I have brown silly hair and I'm the only one that...
16-year-old Brin Skar hates everything to do with being scared, so she isn't happy when she discovers that her junior year Film class at Grisly High is devoted to the ho...
The Good Girl's Blackmail (coming soon) by crackheadbitches
The Good Girl's Blackmail ( zuzanna & naika
Have you ever stolen somebody's diary? Worse yet, have you ever stolen the bad boy's diary? Lindsay did. Some secrets are light and innocent. Some secrets are dark and t...
John Green quotes by MissEline
John Green quotesby Eline
Some of my favorite John Green quotes.