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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki X Touka by TheSaltySea01
Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki X Toukaby Red_Robin
Once my life changed, I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know what to expect when I began working at Anteiku, but as long as she was there, I'd be happy...
Kaneki's Suffering by DreamerFae
Kaneki's Sufferingby Touken Hell
What happens when Kaneki returns to Anteiku after ending of Season 1? How will the relationship between Touka and Kaneki grow?
Night Terrors by HollyChapman6
Night Terrorsby Holly Chapman
Touka has a nightmare and wakes up screaming.
Bought [Kaneki x Touka] [Touken] by DreamerFae
Bought [Kaneki x Touka] [Touken]by Touken Hell
He met her at a club, bought her and their new lives begins! Kaneki x Touka AU love story!
tokyo ghoul bloody love  by redslashwriter
tokyo ghoul bloody love by redslashwriter
The story of two completely different ghouls who fell for each other. Hope ya like it ^^
Random Various Chars X Reader by Ayano39
Random Various Chars X Readerby Ayano39
Note: This was former Kamisama Hajimemashite X Reader book but since I wasn't able to keep up with it I am changing it to random book since I have more ideas for Other f...
Messed Up World by GinNeko74
Messed Up Worldby •Neko-Chan•
[Editing and adding final chapters! 21/01/18] Touka continues her job at Anteiku. Still filled with confusion and anger at Kaneki, her best friend, sudden disappearance...
Eremika & Touken One Shots [*Open For Request*] by random_guy_22
Eremika & Touken One Shots [* RdmGuy
A series of one shot of my favorite ships, Eremika (Eren X Mikasa) and Touken (Kaneki X Touka). *Open For Request* Hope you guys enjoy!!! All Attack On Titan/Shingeki N...
The Pirate & The Princess [KaneTou]  by DreamerFae
The Pirate & The Princess [ Touken Hell
Amongst the chaos at the castle, Captain Ken decides to kidnap Princess Touka and brings her to his pirate ship. What will happen to Touka, now that she's stranded in th...
Touken Ranbu x Reader  by Xiuying-Zhen
Touken Ranbu x Reader by Xiuying-Zhen
Reader inserts for Touken Ranbu. I haven't seen much around the internet so here. The characters, pictures, and everything that isn't the plot does not belong to me. [Re...
(Kaneki x touka) Forever in love(mostly one shots) by project5841
(Kaneki x touka) Forever in love( Satr x Ywn
This is a story of only fluff about Kaneki and Touka
A Budding Rose by IchikaKaneki1
A Budding Roseby Ichika Kaneki
It has been 5 months since the dragon war. Touka and Kaneki are raising there daughter, Ichika, while Japan is being rebuilt. However, with Kaneki's PTSD and anxiety and...
Young Love, Innocent Love [An Ayahina Fiction] by JoshuaHyuuga
Young Love, Innocent Love [An Joshua Ja
Hello~~ this's the second part of my Tokyo Ghoul series~~ if you haven't read the first fiction "Don't Ever Let Go [A Touken Fiction]" then you'd better go che...
What lies inbetween (Touka x Kaneki) by imiimi123
What lies inbetween (Touka x Imogen
Well, I wanted to try writing a fanfic... So I did:) Kaneki surprises the whole of Anteiku when he arrives. Touka likes him. Kaneki likes her.
Tokyo Ghoul:re WHATSAPP!!! by hayali_yazar1
Tokyo Ghoul:re WHATSAPP!!!by ⟡
Kapak için @bookaneki 'ye teşekkür ederim ❤ Kitapta Kaneki'nin Black Reaper hali olacak :> TouKen OlAcAk OnA gÖrE Genel olarak diğer whatsapp kitabına bölüm atacağım...
Regret by Doctilyth
Regretby Doctilyth
=TOKYO GHOUL FAN-FIC= I bit her. I had lost control. I bit her. I didn't know what to do. I bit her! My Touka-chan was wounded by my hand. No. I didn't have the right to...
Nothing Stays The Same |K.K/S.H x K.T| by SimplyZandea
Nothing Stays The Same |K.K/S.H forever hiatus
Being childhood friends, Kirishima Touka and Kaneki Ken has always been stuck together like glue.This all changed when the kidnapping happened. Kaneki was gone. Touka wa...
A Saniwa's Duty by voiDeity
A Saniwa's Dutyby Shira Nui
COMPLETED: 9-4-2020 'I never asked for this. Well, not directly anyways.' At least, that's what Chiaki keeps telling herself. This is the story of a young girl given a j...
Ảnh các nhân vật trong Touken Ranbu by YuukiAsaki
Ảnh các nhân vật trong Touken Yuuki Asaki
Ảnh các kiếm trai, cặp đôi, genderbend, phái, v.v..... trong Touken Ranbu
(Touka x Kaneki) One Shots by rhenz3
(Touka x Kaneki) One Shotsby Renz